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nV will win next major
Poland what we talking about my frend 
Now they're the strongest team ever, ok they lost last major because new lineup, but from now they will start dominating They have the most skilled lineup of all-time in CS:GO kennyS on A game is the best AWPer in the world without a fucking doubt NBK is the most complete player out there Happy is the best lurker these times and mastermind of current CS:GO scene, insane fragging IGL kioshima is kioking is clutch king, underrated player with sick aim and game sense apEX is entry-beast, he's outaiming you even before you start to think
2015-08-31 21:42
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probably another 2-0 for fnatic in grand final
2015-08-31 21:43
this, when u compare players envy should destroy them but then fnatic happens
2015-08-31 21:44
No...fnatic have some of the strongest players in the world :P
2015-08-31 22:13
fox | 
World WEZZyx 
the thing with fnatic is, even if the usual player that steps ups is playing bad there will always be someone else stepping up.
2015-08-31 23:27
this. If olof sucks krimz go ahead and so on :)
2015-08-31 23:53
Envy will sug my c0x
2015-09-01 06:47
they do a coin toss before every match at tournaments :>
2015-09-01 20:05
wtf? olof>apex flusha=happy krimz>kio kenny=JW pronax<NBK
2015-08-31 23:30
you can't compare like this
2015-08-31 23:41
why? entry lurk support awp skinny
2015-08-31 23:41
support is nbk, so krimz=nbk pronax>happy (igl skills) pronax<kio (because happy is lurker)
2015-08-31 23:44
krimz>nbk all the day
2015-08-31 23:52
Not really. KRIMZ is at best slightly better, it's not as easy as you make it to be. It's not september 2014 where KRIMZ drops 30/ct side.
2015-08-31 23:56
Are you fucking kidding me, Krimz is the all round motherfucking god, i'd even pick him over olof couse theres just such a small amount of players solid like him.
2015-09-01 06:45
Olof is the all rounder, krimz is a role/support player playing as anchor on ct side. What are you talking about? Typical hltv analyst that dont know shit. Its annoying.
2015-09-01 13:04
You are obv a newfag if you dont know anything about krimz.
2015-09-01 13:49
I literally wrote down his role when you said he's "the all round motherfucking god" which is not even true. Pretty weak comeback from your side, but since you have no flag I might be arguing with some polish guy or something, which is why it's boring and pointless. Done&out
2015-09-01 13:53
First of all, i'm not Polish and you really seem to not know anything about the csgo scene. Krimz wasn't always a support player and it's pretty known that the guy can play pretty much any role, you want him to hold a site down by himself, easy. You want him to lurk, he'd be doing amazing. For fuck sake i'm pretty sure the guy can even call in-game if he wants to. Where the fuck is Kyrgygistan isn't it that ex-soviet country that's poor as hell right now or are you a fake flagger? Oh yea enjoy getting owned peasant.
2015-09-01 14:50
krimz is better still, but nbk is so underrated
2015-09-01 22:23
Lol'd at skinny.
2015-09-01 13:22
did you just say kenny = jw . These comparisons are stupid but like really man
2015-08-31 23:42
also a support with an entry killer
2015-08-31 23:44
kio isn't enty anymore tardy
2015-08-31 23:45
not about k1o retard 'pronax<NBK'
2015-08-31 23:48
NBK as an entry, nice no comments anymore
2015-08-31 23:48
nbk was never entry Kioshima and apex are wayyy better entry fraggers
2015-09-01 00:03
And? Still doesn't make him the entry fraggers PLUS that counts CT frags. Your point is?
2015-09-02 00:50
My point is watch TSM vs NV at ESL Cologne and watch how much roles are overrated. NBK went first everytime and always got 1 frags.
2015-09-02 01:07
well i think kennyS is almost as good as JW but maybe a little bit worse if you say so
2015-08-31 23:44
+1 :DDD
2015-09-01 15:31
Uruguay GW 
it would be: olof>apex fucking obvious no explaination needed flusha>happy flushas impact over a game is incredible when he is onform and he is more clutch than happy, happy is also not a very good IGL so i consider him to be more of a star fragger rather than igl because if we compare pronax to happy only on IGL pronax is better KRIMZ>kio obvious no explaination needed JW>KennyS this is not the kennyS who played in titan he is much weaker and we barely see him on top form anymore... if kennyS goes godmode which he never does anymore he is better than JW pronax>nbk i agree but we dont realy know how much pronax influences fnatic ingame... where as nbk skillwise is better than him, pronax could give an advantage to fnatic over envyus with good mid round calling. EnVyUs have very skilled players but some of them are known to choke in big game situations (look at LDLC lineup/envyus before they lost so many times to fnatic in finals)(also old titan was know for choking when they had the lead) Fnatic never seem to bothered or pressured except when they play against TSM. otherwise they as a unit are a stolecold kill machine
2015-09-01 03:19
jw=kenny? xD let me laugh a little bit xD HAHAHAHAH
2015-09-01 13:06
2015-09-01 15:42
flusha=happy??? flusha>nV
2015-09-01 20:28
2015-09-01 20:35
In what world jw=kenny?
2015-09-02 10:48
I know, i just realized jw>kenny
2015-09-02 10:54
Pronax < Happy Olof > Apex JW = Kenny KrimZ > Kio Flusha > NBK
2015-09-03 01:00
fnatic have stronger players. otherwise they wouldn't win m8
2015-09-01 06:27
the pause happens :)
2015-09-01 06:33
wait what.. fnatic is better in all aspects of the game.. Player by Player too...
2015-09-01 17:47
lets take a look, kenny > jw ( not just awp) kio < olof happy > pronax apex < flusher nbk > krimz (nbk one of the most complete players out there, he can play any weapon any where and be effective with it)
2015-09-01 18:18
2015-08-31 21:53
for sure, fnatic is fnatic, i hate them, but they are the best
2015-08-31 21:59
yeah if flusha keeps lifting that mouse to the sky.
2015-08-31 22:16
2015-08-31 23:28
2015-08-31 23:29
fnatic has pronax, they dont need to outaim because they have brain
2015-09-01 17:32
apEX is entry-beast, he's outaiming you even before you start to think lmao he is the worst aimer in pro scene XDDDD
2015-09-01 20:18
expected nV win
2015-08-31 21:43
2015-08-31 21:43
"kennyS on A game is the best AWPer in the world without a fucking doubt" since the awp nerf he rarely is on his A game. not only his skill ceiling counts but his consistency as well, remember that "Happy is (...) an insane fragging IGL" absolutely true but while he's an IGL that frags excellently, he's not per se an excellent IGL, EnVy Us game still lacks structure which will make them lose to fnatic again and again
2015-09-01 17:24
Bulgaria ComBoro 
GTR best lurk
2015-08-31 21:44
this time is already gone, mate... not anymore, not anymore.
2015-08-31 21:51
are you suck in 2013? lol
2015-08-31 23:29
Bulgaria ComBoro 
nice english fakeflagger
2015-08-31 23:40
*stuck And also stfu 3rd worlder...
2015-09-01 00:43
Bulgaria ComBoro 
Drink your tea quietly pls
2015-09-01 17:32
gl wit dat france being better than the Swedes? dont think so haha
2015-08-31 21:45
gl wit dat sweden faggot better than the Great France? I aren't think that
2015-08-31 21:47
if nV meets fnatic or VP before finals, they wont even get to the finals.
2015-08-31 23:30
nV>vp polakboy
2015-09-01 01:21
everything> t2 team mouz, naziboy
2015-09-01 01:27
And how is this related to nv being better than vp? Never forget
2015-09-01 01:41
still t2. will u cry?
2015-09-01 02:59
Enough to beat
2015-09-01 03:06
nV didnt even win a map against fnatic but VP smashed fnatic on mirage
2015-09-01 13:41
NBK- | 
France Peliking 
I love this kind of post. Like cause they took a map to fnc they are better. This doesn't make sense. Well it's hltv polskis can't ask too much like thinking or being objective.
2015-09-01 17:14
<3 NBK, thinks nV is better. You think that you're objective? Then tell me why do you think that nV is better. New lineup of nV didn't even play against VP so how can I judge who is better? The fact is that VP smashed fnatic on mirage and barely lost on inferno (14-16). nV tied dd2 15-15 but lost in overtime and they were smashed on overpass by fnatic like VP earlier. VP guys were playing more solid in Cologne - that's a fact. Tell me what's wrong in my way of thinking and don't talk to me like fucking nazi uberhuman.
2015-09-01 18:06
NBK- | 
France Peliking 
I never said Nv was better. Just said that thinking like that is retarded as fucking hell. "New lineup of nV didn't even play against VP so how can I judge who is better?" THAT'S EXACTLY IT !!! Don't judge before they play against each other. But if you want to judge on performance : VP lost to NaVi just after the tournament and only won 3-2 against TSM when before Cologne Nv won 3-0 against TSM and won 2-0 against NaVi during Cologne so Nv is better. You can't judge like that man. This is biased. Now go back to school. At 12 yo you shouldn't be on hltv
2015-09-02 10:38
"I never said Nv was better" - I didn't say that VP is better you know? I just wrote that their game looked better than nV's on Cologne and they played more solid. I wrote only about Cologne because matches on major are the most authoritative. And this "12 yo" is pathetic. You had to wrote it because you didn't have anything more substantive to say. And as I can see you are only 22 yo boy, you think that you're mature? :)
2015-09-02 20:29
NBK- | 
France Peliking 
"You had to wrote it because you didn't have anything more substantive to say" ===> "fucking nazi uberhuman." I can't be on your level for sure. "nV didnt even win a map against fnatic but VP smashed fnatic on mirage" If this doesn't mean that you think VP is better than Nv then I don't even know ..
2015-09-03 00:34
Btw. Today is nV vs. VP. It's only online match and personally I think that nV will win. I hope that they will play on some semifinal/final in the next major then it all will be clear and it will be interesting to watch probably.
2015-09-02 20:33
Serbia whoa!! 
i dont think so,VP looked more solid than nv at previous major
2015-09-01 06:54
shroud | 
United States HowToK 
I like how you say VP just because you're polish, but nah. VP vs nV today on train, VP was up 14-3, ended up going into double overtime with nV winning 22-20
2015-09-03 00:43
Lol, I am not saying it bcos I am polish, VP isnt even my favourite team. Its just because I think they are better than nV. Today they lost, but VP is a weird team that plays so shitty when a game isnt very important to them. I think they will be able to beat nV on lan, we'll see.
2015-09-03 01:02
THE GREAT FRANCE HAHAHAHAHAHAH france are dog shit, only great britan.
2015-09-01 14:57
your name fits very well with your personality, top_cunt
2015-09-01 17:00
Envy > Fnatic Titan > NiP LDLC White > Property
2015-08-31 21:47
ZywOo | 
France Foryon 
Dreamhack winter 2014 never forget we fucked swedes ON THEIR land and dont reply with that fnatic forfeit lol, without that shitty gamebreaking boost they would have lost overpass 100%. BTW if u think fnatic wont ever fall you're wrong, look at what happened to NiP the same will happen to fnatic even if they are monsters a champion cannot stay a champion for ever especially on CS, the gods will bleed and i think it will happen sooner than expected.
2015-08-31 21:52
baguette salt my favorite
2015-08-31 22:07
if fnatic become bad they wil just change lineup swedish shuffle and boom 2 swedish top teams oh god DHW14? you lost in quarters lmao remember ESWC? DH tours?
2015-08-31 22:08
DhW was won by ldlc bro they didn't lost in quarter final
2015-09-01 13:31
fnatic beat ldlc with 2-1 16-13 on overpass last map
2015-09-01 17:29
with exploiting bug --'
2015-09-01 17:50
no just a good boost
2015-09-01 22:17
Poland FX eXpected 
pennyS tier2 awper NBK scout jumping feggot, can't even aim Happy one of shittest lurkers of 1 tiers and worst awp kioshima bot brains silver aim apex toxic baguette entry-BOT only raging
2015-08-31 21:46
NIce b8 m8.
2015-09-01 05:21
"They have the most skilled lineup of all-time in CS:GO" not really, they will not as good as old NiP was, also how could they be the "most skilled lineup" ? kennyS sucks with rifles, happy is really inconsistent "kennyS on A game is the best AWPer in the world without a fucking doubt" i seriously loled. GuardiaN, JW and Skaadoodle are fucking way better than him "NBK is the most complete player out there" that's olofmeister actually "Happy is the best lurker these times and mastermind of current CS:GO scene, insane fragging IGL" flusha is the best lurker these times, also he is a better fragger than Happy fanboy faggot
2015-08-31 21:51
Germany -RazzoR- 
I dont think the old NiP lineup would beat fnatic's atm, but at their time, they were the most dominant team and I dont think fnatic will ever be as dominant because the other teams are stronger now.
2015-08-31 21:59
Russia r4jkkYNWA 
stop reading after ,,kennyS on A game is the best AWPer in the world without a fucking doubt"
2015-08-31 21:52
Can't make a thread, anyone know about those bad email errors, can't seem to get into my old account, I know the password, it just says that it's incorrect.
2015-08-31 21:53
FNATIC or VP, no other serious threats
2015-08-31 21:54
I would agree...VP seem to be on fire now. They could beat all but fnatic....Well, if they want to win a major again, DH Cluj would be the time. VP players arent exactly young anymore... Give or take 1 or 2 years and they will retire already.
2015-09-01 05:49
fallen > pennys FNATIC>>>>>>>>>NV
2015-08-31 21:54
2 weeks not enough. TSM should win in dubai or disband
2015-08-31 21:56
They will not have the same lineup in the next major. #baguetteshuffleafter2weeks
2015-08-31 21:59
french faggots will be VAC banned before next major. :)
2015-08-31 22:05
420IYOLO | 
United Kingdom Adzy 
next major fnatic dont lose a single map ez pz lmn sqz bingo bango bongo bish bash bosh!
2015-08-31 22:12
Maybe but then flushas trigger happens ull see
2015-08-31 22:14
Poland deif 
there's no fat player, they won't win any majors sori
2015-08-31 22:15
Next major is the 4th major for fnatic, ez predictions..
2015-08-31 22:15
Agree with you!
2015-08-31 22:16
Nooo.... next major final will be Vp - fnatic if they not play again in semi
2015-08-31 22:17
I dont think its possible tho :/ as much as I want to see it. If Im not mistaken, teams will be seeded according to the previous major so if everything goes right ( VP and fnatic wins groups 2-0 ) and win their QFs they should meet in the semis again. nV and fnatic will be placed at opposite ends of the draw such that if they win all, they will meet in the final. That is how seeding works I think. I may be wrong tho :/
2015-09-01 05:53
Just hahahahahahahaha
2015-08-31 23:28
Yea, honestly. EnVyUs doesn't have a fat person on their team and everyone knows that in order to win majors, you need to have at least one fat person. Fnatic - This is a really good team, because they have 2 fat people. JW and Flusha and without them what would Fnatic be. It would be Olof carrying and then in a few years, his back will break. VP - Snax. A devil when he wants to be, Insane. NIP - Back in their old days that 87-0. Back then. Friberg. What a god he was. Could actually Entry back then. TSM - Karrigan and Dupreeh, both of them are sort of chubby. This is why they can manage to beat Fnatic some times. 2v2 Karrigan and Dupreeh vs Flusha and JW. Navi - Guardian and he is arguably the best awper right now. Flamie too, can really make some great plays happen. But sadly, they aren't using them to the full potential. You see and now here is a story, a story where you read most of this and realized that most of this is pointless and I spent my time writing this while you spent your time reading. Have a nice day!
2015-08-31 23:38
2015-08-31 23:42
Honeymoon period. They didn't beat Fnatic on Cologne, they won't in Cluj. Also, Happy a "mastermind"? LOOOOOOOOOL
2015-08-31 23:50
shroud | 
United States HowToK 
honestly they shouldve won dust2, but they got over aggressive. cobblestone probably wouldve went towards fnatic anyway, but kennys and apex underperformed so rip. shouldve been 1-1 at that point and go into third map, which was inferno, which probably wouldve been a really good game.
2015-09-03 00:50
If it'd have happened the other way, I highly doubt you'd say Fnatic should've won it.
2015-09-03 03:20
shroud | 
United States HowToK 
No, I won't be biased and say that, but if that really did happen the other way around...well it wouldn't happen because Fnatic isn't the type of team to choke like this. They'd most likely either call a time out or just close it out as soon as nV was starting to make a comeback. Similarly, VP was winning 14-3 on train against nV, and considering how train is VP's best map, they should've really taken that map.
2015-09-03 18:37
Forgot about: olofm- best player in world Krimz- mr. Holding sites solo Jw- best agressive awper can win game solo when on his day Flusha- so good that people call him hacker Pronax- best IGL no doubt, not bad fragger Not fanboy just saying facts
2015-08-31 23:56
olofm - best player in the world krimz - most obscure player on fnatic jw - was never his day during the major Flusha - so good because he lifts his mouse Pronax - IGL but average at the role (among top teams), ok fragger.
2015-09-01 00:03
Well it wasnt really needed to have jw beast mode normal jw was enough... And flusha migth be susipcious but he has no suspcious clips recently... And he was mvp of major anyway... And pronax is deffinetly best igl (whos better for u?)
2015-09-01 00:26
igl is a hard role to be distinguishably good at. sure pronax is good but most igls are "good."
2015-09-01 01:44
Pronax is best igl becouse he can make good mid round calls consistently...
2015-09-01 13:16
the only team who can win a major against fnatic is nip (with good perfomance ofc)
2015-09-01 00:01
2015-09-01 00:03
This is old and forgotten times, wont happen again. NIP is shit nowadays, they are on the skids.
2015-09-01 00:48
u know nothing about cs if u claim that.
2015-09-01 00:57
I can't remember nip's good performance for a looong time. Anyway, remind me last scores in Cologne if you may ;> thats all
2015-09-01 01:14
You know nothing about cs if you deny what he said
2015-09-01 01:26
shroud | 
United States HowToK 
What are you, a NiP fanboy? Do you really expect them to be able to beat fnatic when they were out in the quarterfinals? "With good performance" you say? Well, Luminosity could've beaten fnatic with "good performance". VP could've beaten fnatic with "good performance". nV could've beaten fnatic with "good performance".
2015-09-03 00:55
NV bad team kennys is a fucking noob kid
2015-09-01 00:31
Netherlands EJVN 
olofmeister is the most complete player ever - deadly with both awp and rifles. happy mastermind? k.
2015-09-01 01:24
jw >>>>> kenny cuz kenny becomes is without awp
2015-09-01 01:49
2015-09-01 04:09
fnt vs nv are always the best games to watch
2015-09-01 04:11
+1 :)
2015-09-01 05:41
I have a feeling that NiP magic will happen or a underdog will surprise, someone as LG or Mouz.
2015-09-01 05:51
shroud | 
United States HowToK 
mouz might since they have niko now. still doubt they will beat fnatic, but they might upset teams like navi
2015-09-03 00:56
nt c9>nv
2015-09-01 12:47
so many bullcraps in one post but the biggest one is probably "happy mastermind" :DD
2015-09-01 12:49
Envy is gonna go out in the groups
2015-09-01 13:06
You could say that about any team my friend
2015-09-01 13:07
envyus might have better players statswise but let´s face it, fnatic is the best team teamwork wise. Envyus was leading like 15-10 and they still couldn´t win the game. Fnatic is alot better team overall.
2015-09-01 13:07
2015-09-01 13:09
Finland hltv_b8r 
inb4 kennys chokes in grand final again and loses the major for his team Kappa
2015-09-01 13:17
nylon | 
Greenland Kaizy 
If i remember, Kennys is boosted, major was the proof.
2015-09-01 13:30
Let's look at the numbers instead of mindless comparisons head-to-head. Major rating in 2015: Olofmeister: 1.28 Flusha: 1.25 KRiMZ: 1.14 JW: 0.99 pronax: 0.95 and KennyS: 0.94 NBK: 1.02 Happy: 1.01 apEX: 1.01 kioShiMa: 0.95 in other words Olofmeister: 1.28 > 0.94: KennyS Flusha: 1.25 > 1.02: NBK KRiMZ > 1.01: Happy JW: 0.99 < 1.01: apEX Pronax 0.95 = 0.95
2015-09-01 15:07
NBK best complete player? Lmao
2015-09-01 15:14
Yes they will.
2015-09-01 16:13
am i wrong or your so called god kennys choked on the last map? ohh im not wrong? so how do you plan to win a major with chokeS? the rest cant carry him on the big stage with the big bois like vp fnatic tsm they hawe no chance my friend and you better believe that baguete boy
2015-09-01 17:02
olof choked too vs tsm , all players chokes at times
2015-09-01 17:38
take it back before its too late
2015-09-01 17:04
Bulgaria _Jonathan_e 
envuys fangay HLTV CONFIRMED!111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2015-09-01 17:15
to much cancer in one thread
2015-09-01 17:22
fnatic will win the next one, as per usual <3
2015-09-01 17:35
Olofm > NBK Flusha > Kioshima Krimz > Apex KennyS (actually) = JW Pronax < Happy (In skills happy is better but as an IGL Pronax > Happy) So... HAHAHAHAHA EZ.
2015-09-01 17:57
-kio +shox, and then they would be the best french lineup ever, im not saying kio is bad, its just that shox is better... but nevermind, they work really fine with kio too
2015-09-01 18:04
NOPE - Fnatic for sure or Virtus.Pro....:D
2015-09-01 18:22
United States SaberVizion 
depends if Kenny gets his game together
2015-09-01 18:27
only possible winners are VP/fnatic and envyus
2015-09-01 18:44
shroud | 
United States HowToK 
and tsm
2015-09-03 01:01
2015-09-01 20:01
Turkey Bamfitz 
NiP will win
2015-09-01 20:30
nice try fake flag
2015-09-01 20:30
quem é envyus na fila do pao NiP best
2015-09-01 20:32
We all saw Olof playing bad, but then Flusha and Krimz is playing out of their mind
2015-09-01 20:38
They can be countered though. I feel like Kioshima either needs to be an entry frag player, or not. Yes, he can entry frag and also clutch, but to be brutually honest the top players in France by position are: Lurker: Happy Support: Smithzz Fast Lurk: NBK AWP: KennyS Playmaker: Shox so who is the top entry fragger? And if EnVyUs is satisfied with KennyS as their support awp and being a support player from the AWP, then they can continue having this sort of a duality and presence with both players. I might make a video about this later. But, basically, if Shox could find it in himself to divorce of Smithzz and join EnVyUs he would either need to do so in lieu of Apex or Kioshima. So, do you prefer a Kioshima entry frag or an Apex entry frag? Happy KennyS NBK Shox Apex or Happy KennyS NBK Shox KioShima which is more dominant?
2015-09-01 22:45
United Kingdom MantleKek 
Nt Dignitas Will Win It All Not Even Dropping A Map
2015-09-02 10:43
what we talking about my frend
2015-09-02 10:45
NiKo | 
Poland Jaruzel 
Yaya, fnatic is better and you know it.
2015-09-03 01:01
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