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TO cheating pro players !!
France nolimit900 
i just read villiG's letter where he admitted cheating , and you can tell he's telling the truth and that so sad , because now you will be banned and treated as a cheater all your life !! i'm french and i always support french players , but i also hate cheaters , and i strongly agree that players like KQLY or others should never deserve a second chance ! you may think they look sad now , but remember when they where killing clean player on matches who dedicated as many hours as them or maybe even more.. i actually one of the people who think if you use any kind of cheat in any game at any point ( and get caught ) in time you should never be allowed to be a pro player in any game ... so please to all pro players , but also anybody who think of cheating , dont do it , you will gain nothing from it , appart a bit of fun , but in the end , you always get caught , you dont get any pride to be a good player as you were using cheats ect...
2015-09-05 20:00
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s1mple | 
Russia Sample_ 
omg he is just a nonamer who knows nothing, just increasing hype about himself
2015-09-05 20:03
increase hype ? he now has never any chance to play pro , he will forever branded as a cheater , probably wont have any chance to stream the game either and make some money out of it ( because not many people watch ex-cheaters ) ... he basicaly fucked his life ( cs wise ) for 1 hour cheat ..
2015-09-05 20:05
Poland Redrumowy 
he never achieved anything and if you believe that he cheated only in this match then you're really naive
2015-09-05 20:11
well actually you could be suspicious if he actually archived something , but i believe he's saying the truth .. but anyway , doesnt change the fact that somedays , you ALWAYS get caught , then what ? you forget about cs and you go clean dishes in a restaurant ..
2015-09-05 20:13
I am 87,9610234324151% sure this is not the first map he has cheated on
2015-09-05 20:39
he never was clean, if you dont know him just let it be. I heard he cheated in Source aswell.
2015-09-05 20:17
you heard ? nice sources ..
2015-09-05 20:19
He did cheat in source, twice... and was banned Why you're giving this piece of filth any attention is beyond me... The guys been cheating in GO for ages, just blind idiots like yourself who seem to think otherwise, reminds me of bloody reddit.
2015-09-05 20:40
alright , anyway , the fact that he cheated before or not is not the point of my post , what im talking about is the repêrcussion , i dont understand why pro players dont take that into account before acting , since , in the end , you ALWAYS get caught ..
2015-09-05 20:45
Well for starters he wasn't a pro player and secondly he's been cheating for a long time... He doesn't give a shit about your opinion or anyones. He's the same shady little cunt he's always been since source. People see how much money is in GO and they can't make pro without cheating their way up. Same with kqly and sf... same guys cheated in source and weren't very known and they continued to do the same in GO.
2015-09-05 20:47
btw "PRO" Players who cheat they dont give a f**k if they get caught, you need to think like them for a second "CS is a Game where you can win money, but when you get 30YEARS OR Older have kids (family) do you really think you can buy them everything? or you gota introduce yourself to a JOB will you say them I was a professional csgo player? with cs you wouldnt be able to get them something to drink/eat if you dont win a major, so fuck off I will win some money by buying a private cheat for 1000€ after 1month you will get the money back by wining cups such as for example EPS GERMANY CUPS (regards to smn) where you can CHEAT ON LAN without anyproblem and so win then everything. KQLY won with TITAN around 174'015€ means 34'803€ each.
2015-09-05 21:40
s1mple | 
Russia Sample_ 
kqly streams and has like 200-300 viewers
2015-09-05 20:25
He started cheating on source back in 2008 so please get a fucking clue
2015-09-05 20:42
Canada theSWBFman 
Well he could still stream. KQLY has a sub button and usually around 1000 viewers on twitch. He also has 56k followers.
2015-09-06 09:34
Honestly, how many people lost skinz because of his cheating? Do you know that he cost some teams money from online cups because they lost matches due his cheating?
2015-09-05 21:43
s1mple | 
Russia Sample_ 
You misunderstood my point, I just said that he has no clues how many pros are cheating or not, surely what he did is a terrible thing which cost money to someone
2015-09-05 21:48
Finland Karppanator 
Well if you don't get caught doing a crime, you never did any crime to begin with
2015-09-05 20:06
thats the mentality of most young people nowdays , what about pride , self esteem ect.. ?
2015-09-05 20:08
Finland Karppanator 
Well I'm a person who gets really nervous if I'm doing anything to compromise laws so I don't really break the law But this (#4) is the reality
2015-09-05 20:12
update your brain, we are no longer in XX century
2015-09-05 20:34
watching you name , i dont think you were even born in the xx century ...
2015-09-05 20:40
France Orcoh 
stfu kqly is the real csgo legend, respect the king lil fucker
2015-09-05 20:12
first i didnt insult anybody in my post , so i will ask you to do the same , you dont impress me one bit .. second , i am entitled to my opinion and you can have yours ..btw i never direspected KQLY
2015-09-05 20:15
Flusha should take and example from him. Freaking coward....
2015-09-05 20:13
"You can tell he's telling the truth" Well he lied about only cheating once.
2015-09-05 20:14
Germany Herp 
2015-09-05 20:22
cheater dont get hard enough punishment at all. apart from lifetime bans they need to pay fines and/or get physical punishment
2015-09-05 20:23
Not in Korea. For throwing they got there case in court and sentenced fines, social works hours and even jail time for masterminds.
2015-09-05 20:36
"anybody who think of cheating , dont do it , you will gain nothing from it" except dollers when u win xD
2015-09-05 20:24
and more free time since u dont need to practice 24/7
2015-09-05 20:39
KQLY can agree
2015-09-06 10:05
Happy | 
Brazil Kurtt 
valve will not ban flusha or olof valve fantic fan boys sad.... for this
2015-09-05 20:34
shut up please, i guess you don't even know where Sweden is.
2015-09-05 20:38
Bulgaria ComBoro 
I used for a long time and still no bans for me.
2015-09-05 20:36
villiG's letter ? waht letter ? i want a link or something ...
2015-09-05 20:36
"you will gain nothing from it , appart a bit of fun , but in the end , you always get caught" i cringed on this one :D
2015-09-05 20:38
nobody is cheating they lie
2015-09-05 20:41
Slovakia mshh 
Fnatic Players is Cheaters too !!!!
2015-09-05 20:41
Happy | 
Brazil Kurtt 
+1 but valve fanboy
2015-09-05 22:44
Slovakia mshh 
no man seroiusly no .. VALVE is a ONE BIG JOKE
2015-09-05 23:16
NiKo | 
Poland Jaruzel 
Hey, flusha here, I will stop cheating from now. Thanks for this thread, bye.
2015-09-05 20:41
just waiting for flusha to come clean now :D since he admitted that he cheats
2015-09-05 22:53
2015-09-05 22:55
Happy | 
Brazil Kurtt 
2015-09-06 03:42
This thread will change the world. Thanks!
2015-09-06 03:43
As much as I wish it wasn't the case, many (if not the majority) of pro players became recognized by pro teams by cheating. MG Roca, SLP Hiko, pcx n0thing, xquizit valens, 2g0d mOE, fugly, etc. A lot of pro players also state that cheating (with wallhacks) made them a much better player without hacks.
2015-09-06 10:23
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