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Top 10 awpers
World shield123 
1:JW verry consistent,best awper 2:GuardiaN 3:Skadoodle/Fallen I dont know..i want to say more competitions with fallen he's tier 1 player and verry good with awp,same skadoodle but im not sure 4:Skadoodle/Fallen 5:KennyS When he's on fire,nbk + envy=win easy 6:Maikelele Verry agressive player with awp,verry good 7:s1mple he deserve play in a better team like navi,i want to see him in navi,but idk £news1mple,but he's a god with awp 8:Allu 9:chrisJ best scout ever 10:mou CIS GOD awp mini-s1mple
2015-09-06 20:52
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mou is so much better then tox1k k1d s1mple... kenny more like on 8th place and chris on third ty.
2015-09-06 20:56
Australia BCP 
you need to be delusional and heavily biased against s1mple to think that mou is better with the awp than him. you have to learn to appreciate talent when you see it, even if you dislike the person. s1mple is a jw on the rise, the persona fits him too which is what makes it all the greater. navi s1mple 2016 im calling it, safest bet of my life.
2015-09-06 21:07
United States TheReelMVP 
you must be delusional to think that jw is even close to s1mple in skill. s1mple has proven that when he is doing his best, he is better than jw at awping and rifling than olofmeister
2015-09-06 23:22
Australia BCP 
im talking about jws style as well as his effectiveness at his career peek. at this point in time i do rank s1mple above jw in skill with awp - or at least i did before he decided to take the break. he has a similar style to jw and is much younger than him, so you could mistaken him to be his student or something :p jw also got to a certain point in his career that s1mple hasnt reached yet, but i think his future holds a similar picture if navi make the right move which i really hope they do.
2015-09-07 03:10
s1mple better with ak then awp pls stfu
2015-09-08 16:39
Australia BCP 
jw consistent? as much as i love him - sorry but not in 2016 hes not
2015-09-06 20:58
Belgium wH1TEcs 
"Top 10 awpers" 9:chrisJ best "scout" ever I loll'd
2015-09-06 20:58
Germany 1criT 
same here
2015-09-06 21:14
Macau fAKEs2j 
Guardian* Skadoddle* JW* Kennys.*
2015-09-06 20:59
2015-09-06 21:00
*sniff sniff* smell fnatic fanboi... jw consistent?!? he even said that he doesnt play at his level but getting better and better.. like 3 months ago id say jw ez number 1 awper. id say ATM 1.Guardian/kennyS 2.kennyS/Guardian 3.Skadoodle 4.JW 5.Simple
2015-09-06 21:05
Gux | 
Sweden EczeL  
*sniff sniff* smell troll and a baited boy.
2015-09-07 01:27
*sniff sniff* i see " <3 KRIMZ " smell some fnatic fanboi bs again
2015-09-07 15:56
Gux | 
Sweden EczeL  
krimz best site holder
2015-09-07 16:10
thats true. but that doesnt mean jw is number 1 awper atm
2015-09-08 16:28
Gux | 
Sweden EczeL  
didnt say that
2015-09-08 17:12
Kennys Guardian JW Allu S1mple Skadoodle mou chrisJ Maikelele jdm64
2015-09-06 21:05
All these kids putting KennyS as #1 AWPer when he's been trash for the past 5+ months
2015-09-06 21:11
Haha, what's your definition of trash? He's just hasn't been as good as he was. HLTV kids are funny.
2015-09-06 23:27
Actually, if you looked at the stats, he consistently dropped only about 15 kills a game And he's always been overrated, even when he was the best AWPer
2015-09-07 00:52
2015-09-07 01:12
When he was the best he was overrated. You might want to elaborate on that one
2015-09-07 01:31
People would call him the best player in the world as well
2015-09-07 01:41
very true he is also a fucking newbie with rifles
2015-09-08 16:53
lol jw #1
2015-09-06 21:12
stopped reading right here 1.jw
2015-09-06 21:14
lueg | 
Czech Republic Lueg 
JW consistent .... ok
2015-09-06 21:15
nice list, somebody actually gave justification for once
2015-09-06 23:05
I'd leave only jw, guardian and ska. others are whether not good after nerf or just don't use awp more than assault rifle. or new to the scene like mou. otherwise you should add much more people, like neo, olof, device etc, because they all also very good by various criteria
2015-09-06 23:14
Love all the people putting kennyS so high just cause he's on nV, LOL. It's most definitely Guardian then Ska, after that it's probably JW, a bit below both the top 2.
2015-09-06 23:26
NEO | 
Poland cm[G] 
must not fall for the b8...
2015-09-06 23:29
-chrisJ +jdm64
2015-09-07 01:16
nt swedistan
2015-09-07 01:20
stop reading at fallen #3 XD jajajaja
2015-09-07 01:23
fallen one good tournament and everyone says he's top3 ok
2015-09-07 01:29
#jw top 1 and you consider him CONSISTENT gg he is the most inconsistent awp
2015-09-07 01:32
just no
2015-09-07 01:32
stopped with read on jw #1 typical fanboy, say goodbye swedistan
2015-09-07 01:34
2015-09-07 01:35
These are top 10 -not in order though because too hard to decide- JW KennyS Guardian S1mple Allu Skadoodle JDM64 ChrisJ Mou Neo
2015-09-07 01:35
1 jw 2 kennys 3 guardian
2015-09-07 05:04
B8 is strong in this one...
2015-09-07 05:07
f0rest | 
Belgium Qker 
jw first? is that bait? even he is saying that he plays like shit these days. the ammount of easy shots u can see him missing is quite huge. i'm not hating on the guy but he's really far from his peak. he's not even top five these days.
2015-09-07 05:10
Best awpers atm 1. Guardian 2. Skadoodle 3. JW 4. KennyS 5. S1mple 6. Olof 7. ChrisJ 8. Neo 9. Fallen 10. Device
2015-09-07 05:12
1. Guardian 2. JW 3. S1mple 4. KennyS 5. Skadoodle 6. ChrisJ 7. Fallen 8. Maikelele 9. JDM64 10. Neo
2015-09-07 05:25
1 - KennyS 2 - s1mple 3 - JW 4 - GuardiaN 5 - Maikelele 6 - Skadoodle 7 - Fallen 8 - allu 9 - ChrisJ 10 - jdm64*
2015-09-07 05:31
CIS sai_ 
cogu top1
2015-09-08 16:40
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