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CS:GO freezes for 0,5-1 second randomly
Norway hoyland 
Hola, i have had some problems with CS:GO for quite a long time now. My problem is similar to this : Quite often the game freezes, as u probably can guess its quite fucking annoying and if it happens at the wrong time you're pretty much dead in-game because of it Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4590 CPU @3.30GHz 4,00GB DDR3 RAM Nvidia GeForce 550 Ti 100mb down/30-40 up. Ty for the help ^^
2015-09-08 23:32
Me too bro, me too. Nice job volvo
2015-09-08 23:34
First of all, make sure there isn't any process in process manager, that eats much CPU resources. Turn off your anti-virus and firewall. Then make sure your Windows and your drivers (including GPU driver) are up-to-date. You can use Driver Genius to check it and to download the newest drivers. Then make sure your PC components aren't overheating, use HWMonitor. You can try to unpark your CPU cores also. If nothing helps - may be you will feel better after getting to know, that you're not the only one, that experiences that stupid problem. Ask Steam Support for more info, it's their job to fix their broken stuff.
2015-09-08 23:37
Sweden qgh 
2016-08-09 02:54
United Kingdom Xgton 
I'm also getting that shitty lag always at the worse times.
2015-09-08 23:38
Norway apEZ 
SAME, idek what to do about it :/ it's so fucking annoying
2015-09-08 23:39
Germany pa$co 
had the same... It has turned out that it was my hard drive causing this freezes. It didn't have any bad sectors or anything. It was a Western Digital Green Drive (very slow with stand by features and stuff) I installed CSGO on my SSD and everything is fine now.
2015-09-08 23:48
Did you solve the problem?
2015-12-18 07:06
move ur steam to your SSD drive.say drive C: ; it will be fixed
2016-08-09 02:29
u need to wait for aimware to update their software to match the last update, they have been having problems with the injector after this last update
2016-08-09 02:33
put butter on your motherboard and microwave it for 15 minutes
2016-08-09 02:45
This happens to me in MM only at the very start of the round about 99% of the time. Lasts about 1 second or so. Any other people encounter similar issues that have fixed it?
2017-09-10 05:43
prius | 
United States MX3 
yes i am too, just started for me.......... doesnt happen when im in a private server but when online this happens... did you solve it??
2017-12-03 21:50
de/reinstall anti virus. helped me
2017-12-03 21:52
It happens to me while I have netflix open, with it closed it is fine. Maybe that helps? :)
2017-12-03 21:55
I don't hahaha :D
2017-12-03 21:57
might be overheated cpu
2017-12-03 22:03
dude i had that problem too,just disable your steam overlay and thats all you dont even have to restart
2017-12-03 22:07
United Kingdom AlywOw 
It's overloading your HDD.
2017-12-03 22:08
RpK | 
France Hoodk1ngz 
is it working fine with only 4GBs of RAM ? Try buying a BeQuiet PureRock cooler if you don't have one, the default processor cooler is quite bad, and gets worse over time. It's definitely not a waste of money as you will be able to use it on future CPUs
2017-12-03 22:10
RpK | 
France Hoodk1ngz 
Make sure you don't have too much dust in your computer and fans aswell, that shit is really bad for your computer ! :)
2017-12-03 22:11
Canada adizelo 
2017-12-04 09:38
Germany LE_N3RD 
Did anyone solve this problem? I haven‘t changed anything but suddenly I suffer this random freezes which last like 0,5-1 second and always when someone is shooting. I just bought a new computer so the hardware shouldn‘t be the Problem. Using following hardware: MSI 1080 Gaming X i7-7770K Corsair Vengence LPX 16 GB DDR4 3000MHz 2x Samsung SSD EVO 500GB (checked both already, they are fine)
2018-04-20 20:27
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