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Germany CS:GO>1.6 
so who is dosia gonna replace on navi? i predict zeus that guy is such a brick head for an igl, his strats not so good think seized did it better and can do it again so -zeus +dosia
2015-09-11 21:19
World vZoTT 
-zeus -edward -guardian -flamie -seized +dosia +fox +ed1k +xek +romjke
2015-09-11 21:21
Russia jobs! 
orgasm ;__;
2015-09-11 21:27
I always thought Guardian is the IGL xD
2015-09-11 21:22
no he sniper =) can not igl when not speaking ukraine or russia language good =)
2015-09-11 21:23
Spain b1sS 
I think that he shares tactic opinions with Zeus(a part from starix) as many other not igls but really good players at reading the game as cajunb with fetish CPHW, dignitas or now TSM with karrigan. NBK/with Ex6tenZ Verygames/Titan now Envyus, Shox with all his teams, Nothing in C9 with sgares, dennis with Legija in G2.Kinguin etc etc. My opinion is that almost every topteam has a player that has an amazing reading level and knowledge of the game which helps his ingl/coach.
2015-09-11 21:46
I think he replaces Guardian or zeus. Also he can go to fnatic to replace flusha. Seriously this post is retarded. /close
2015-09-11 21:22
Kyrgyzstan Devilr0ck 
Romjke amazing skill!
2015-09-11 21:26
I think S1mple will replace him and he will not go to the Na'Vi. In my point of view he will build someone team together with Fox.
2015-09-11 21:31
please Dosia and s1mple pick Na`Vi - Zeus (coach) and flamie
2015-09-11 21:32
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