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ex6 best igl? nooooooooo
Finland kIoMsU 
Why is everyone saying that Ex6tenz is the best igl but he can`t make a good tactics with players like Shox, Apex, KennyS? For me he`s shit noKappa
2015-09-15 15:43
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Hes not the best. Hes the 2nd best after pronax
2015-09-15 15:45
lol not even top5..
2015-09-15 15:46
Its your opinion
2015-09-15 15:49
And pretty accurate
2015-09-15 16:11
retards backing up retards. another accurate statement.
2015-09-15 16:17
I dont say you are not right. I just say it`s your opinion. You may not being agreed with others. But no one cares
2015-09-15 17:21
Romania aSuSstar 
maybe in top 10... 1. pronax 2. happy 3. taz 4. karrigan 5. zeus 6. xzit 7. dennis 8. gob b 9. msl 10.ex6
2015-09-15 16:27
Happy MSL and xizt better than ex6tenz LOL
2015-09-15 16:32
Romania aSuSstar 
why not ? lel
2015-09-15 16:39
wtf have ex6tenz achieved with his super tactics the last 1 1/2 year? can't really see him getting anything apart from 1 lan win with a vac banned cheater :)
2015-09-15 16:40
2015-09-15 16:51
2015-09-15 16:41
well. its not hard to be igl when u play with flusha krimz and olof
2015-09-15 16:29
just have to take pause for win ;p
2015-09-15 16:36
Russia jobs! 
yes (no)
2015-09-15 15:46
Poland tentego 
rush b, best igl
2015-09-15 15:46
you mean gob b right?
2015-09-15 16:10
Yep, he's the best. His individual performance has been getting better lately. "Can't make good tactics" have you even watched their games? They get like 6-10 rounds on T-side ffs :D nt. flagger
2015-09-15 15:46
United Kingdom Dird 
titan don't get 6 rounds total? envy/VP Tside > Titan
2015-09-15 16:08
Ugh. Don't even get me started. But NT Kappa
2015-09-15 16:09
United Kingdom Dird 
your fantasy football team is garbage m8
2015-09-15 16:14
Why are you so butt hurt?
2015-09-15 16:18
United Kingdom Dird 
my fantasy football team is beasting = I know best
2015-09-15 16:21
There's a reason it's called fantasy I see.
2015-09-15 16:25
kiomsu you didnt watch his game or i dont know ? Look match from dubai titan-navi on cobblestone and look how titan play in tt and his tactis :) and after say about ex6
2015-09-15 15:46
vs na`vi who were in shit form.
2015-09-15 15:49
2015-09-15 16:11
well maybe hes not the best but u cant expect more from 5 bots includinx shox
2015-09-15 15:47
he had apex + kenny but even with them he can`t even get out of the group stage
2015-09-15 15:48
never forget EMS katowice he had Shox,Scream&Nbk still a big fail.
2015-09-15 16:14
and with the same lineup they lost to nip in the semi finals in DHW 2013
2015-09-15 17:45
ex6 is overrated by the sauce kids
2015-09-15 16:11
he used to be the best, which means he has the potential to be there once again. but right now, not even close.
2015-09-15 16:11
Brazil Collee 
lol ofc not He's overrated af, he's like #6 Pronax, happy, karrigan, xizt, zeus > ex6 Also whoever igls VP, since they switched between taz and neo. So he's #7
2015-09-15 16:16
United Kingdom Dird 
dont forget taz
2015-09-15 16:15
Brazil Collee 
Yeah ty
2015-09-15 16:16
xizt over ex6tenz ? their calls when they were the best: fribbe get entry, gtr kill rotation, forest kill everyone else, fiffy plant the bomb and pls no tk calls now: the same except allu pls no sexual harassment instead of fiffy but it isnt working anymore
2015-09-15 16:22
x2. ive listned to those vods of him calling. cant consider it calling tbh. same with pronax. olof "ill go pick b guys" and jw : "ill jump 360 one in apps" over and over again
2015-09-15 16:33
Fiffy been better caller. :(
2015-09-15 17:47
TaZ is so underrated IMO. He never comes up in the best IGL talks but he's up there with the best i think.
2015-09-15 17:56
United Kingdom Dird 
last 2 big money tournies = close semi vs fnatic & 1st place...that's despite bot pasha
2015-09-15 18:19
2015-09-15 16:16
1. pronax 2. happy 3. ex6
2015-09-15 16:21
Happy ahahaha Best strat caller "Go B and headshot everyone"
2015-09-15 16:36
United Kingdom Dird 
sometimes it's about taking the game by the scruff of the neck & getting it done you can have the best strats in football but if you're 10v11 it's a struggle. happy can actually shoot so can have winning moments like steven gerrard
2015-09-15 18:23
ex6 is great, but..
2015-09-15 16:23
ex6 good but not the best (ex6 best)
2015-09-15 16:29
1-2 Pronax/Ex6tenz
2015-09-15 16:38
Ex6TenZ is best IGL ever CS had. He won most turnaments, dragged VG conistently to finals in CSGO. Main problem is new setups, because they gotta check what does it work for them. inb4 pronax, happy, karrigan, xizt, zeus have best players in front of them. All these teams made important desicions, to cut their worst players. Looks like these teams could play without IGL's, so. :)
2015-09-15 17:28
ex6 to NiP = ez6 major wins in a row
2015-09-15 17:27
Canada smoo 
Seang@res is the best IGL to date
2015-09-15 17:31
mir | 
Serbia Krimzynn 
2015-09-15 17:51
Canada smoo 
To go on a date with.... Not "to this very day" Dumbass
2015-09-15 19:04
Obviously a great anti-stratter but the whole team is lost if their opponents don't play the way they expect them to.
2015-09-15 17:54
France blackhawkiva 
not a great maybe one of the best anti-stratter but yeah if the team in front go in yolo style he ain't do shit
2015-09-15 18:41
Happy | 
Brazil Kurtt 
Ex6tenZ is sucks rpkk and maniac too shox and smithzz need better teammates
2015-09-15 17:39
ex6 is a shit igl
2015-09-15 17:40
pronax, seang@res, Thorin, steel, DaZeD, pretty much every pro/analyst agrees that Ex6 is the GOAT in game leader. Players pronax regularly admit to getting antistratted the fuck out by Ex6 and seang@res and DaZeD note that they studied Ex6 and drew inspiration from him in their own leading tldr no one cares about your dumb opinion when professionals are saying otherwise
2015-09-15 17:43
Who is Thorin? One of saltiest analytics in whole CS/LoL history.
2015-09-15 17:46
2015-09-15 17:47
To be fair I think Ex6tenZ only lacks of aiming skills, his strategies since the beginning of CSGO have been pretty good. Also, It's truely magic the level he gave kenny and shox (2013/2014). I haven't seen any other IGL boosting one his players to this kind of peak.
2015-09-15 17:56
France blackhawkiva 
And don't forget NBK :p
2015-09-15 18:43
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
cause they are saucenoobs
2015-09-15 17:56
HE was the IGL of the most domninant CSS team, so plz stfu, its just that CSGO is harder for his team, but he is improving, just see that, for eg, they lost to dignitas in PGL and then won in CEVO,lost to mouz in PGl and then won in DELAY PARADISE, things are working out for them, ex6 is not the best ik, but he is surely on that way
2015-09-15 17:57
ex6 is shit.. overrated af.. I dont understand why ppl call him one of the best igls if he cant win a single LAN even with t1 players.
2015-09-15 18:00
Best Zeus or Happy...
2015-09-15 18:01
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