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i5-4460 + r9 380 how much fps?
Turkey braheem 
I plan on buying this and also a 144hz monitor. How much fps do you guys think I can get on 1024x all low?
2015-09-19 23:14
5fps in a 1v1 dropping below 0 when smokes and a lot of shit going on
2015-09-19 23:19
Denmark urm0m 
300 stable, but with the new update maybe less, but your specs are fine.
2015-09-19 23:21
I've got a non related question for you, why would you play on such a low resolution? it doesn't make any sense, especially with that kind of hardware, there's no advantage to playing on 4:3. Only because pros do it means nothing.
2015-09-19 23:25
Mainly fps reasons. My current pc wouldn't get over 40 fps on 1080p. It gets barely over 70 on 1024x and everything on low. And with the new pc and monitor I just want to get stable 250+ to take advantage of the 144hz. I don't want any drops that are noticable. So basically I want to get as much fps as possible. If with the new pc on 16:9 I don't notice any difference to 4:3 I might change maybe.
2015-09-19 23:30
well, I 've got following specs: i5 2500k, 8 gb ram, amd 6870 and I get stable 170+ fps on full hd with 4xAA and your specs are far better than mine. so Im pretty sure you'll get more than 250 fps even on 1920x1080
2015-09-19 23:32
snatchie | 
Poland Vissi 
i5 2500k without OC is a very little bit more powerful in games than i5-4460 so u can compare this (i5 2500K = i5 4460 approximately) (Wiedzmin 3 = The Witcher 3) If you want to know, I will get i5 4590 and gtx 970, but this is more expensive than i5 4460 + r9 380, some days ago I thought about i5 4460 and r9 380/gtx 960 and I gave up from this, better for me is getting 60% more better computer for games by 150$ more (? in PL about 500PLN)
2015-09-19 23:49
that's really surprising, I thought Haswell i5s are better than sandy bridge ones
2015-09-20 00:37
There haven't been huge improvements performance-wise since Sandy to Skylake, other than desktop applications and multi-tasking. While gaming, the biggest difference you're gonna get between the 2 generations is at best 10%. The i7 2500k is an absolute monster, and when OC'd to ~4.3GHz, it reks. Same goes for the i7 2600k and the rare i7 2700k.
2015-09-20 08:30
I have a i7 2600k OC to 4 pretty sure I can get more from it. I get on 1280x960 a stable 250 plus.
2015-09-20 08:46
You need liquid cooling, or if you REALLY want air cooling, you need Noctua, in order to go >4.3
2015-09-20 09:13
Australia Raychippy 
They play on 4:3 because their used to it and in previous CS games
2015-09-20 00:01
1920x1080 resolution just sucks, everything seem so far away + models are smaller. eventho my pc can handle 1080p, i won't use it at any case.
2015-09-20 00:07
got i5-4460 r9290x - before update 300 constent - now it it 300 - 280 average and 220 less drop ! (Got global in 120 hours - perfect to play) got a benQ 144hz too
2015-09-19 23:30
Turkey lDexx 
is it important to have 144hz i will buy new pc too do you prefer more powerfull hardware or 144hz
2015-09-19 23:42
I have the i5 4460 + msi r9 380 4gb + benq xl411z 144hz and I love it (MM on 1920x1080 300 fps, ffa around 200-250 after update) :D get it!
2015-09-19 23:52
but in the other hand i can buy i54690k and gtx970 with shit hz monitor fck im confused
2015-09-19 23:59
How big is your budget? 144hz is definitely worth it if you play a lot of CS and other games where you get over 100fps. What games do you play?
2015-09-20 00:04
4000-4200 tl cs and mmorpgs(ill play black desert)
2015-09-20 00:06
You could go with the better pc and just use a shit monitor for some time,if you can afford a better monitor in 1-2 months. If not go for 4460 and r9 380, thats a great setup
2015-09-20 00:19
I don't know how the prices in Turkey are but 4000 TL should be enough to buy good hardware + 144hz monitor for CSGO and Black Desert. As others have said the 4460 + r9 380 will give you stable 250+ fps. I don't know about Black Desert tho, maybe 40+ at highest settings. So this is a good build for CSGO for under 1000$ If you still have money left you can buy Sapphire r9 390 nitro Alpenföhn Ben Nevis is a good CPU cooler but I couldn't find it on the list. Also get a cd drive if you need one. What can you use from your old pc?
2015-09-20 00:54
i dont have old pc :)
2015-09-21 08:40
nop this is enough trust me !!! monitor > cfg this one is perfect ! I had the same dilema and I dont regret ma choice
2015-09-20 00:24
CIS skruxie 
shit update 200~ normal update 400+
2015-09-19 23:37
it will be fine my friend no worries
2015-09-19 23:44
Poland sajlent 
after new update, with those specs 200 on 5vs5
2015-09-20 00:14
Bulgaria b0xeR4et0 
intel hd graphics?
2015-09-20 00:15
Argentina EnvyJ 
around 420
2015-09-20 00:19
300 stable on mm ~200 on full dm (if the update didnt fuck you up too much)
2015-09-20 08:36
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