not aimlock..he's just lucky
2015-09-20 23:10
He literally aims down same line for every shot.
2015-09-20 23:12
the cs scene is full not full of cheaters (just like 10% those) , but full of fucking retards who think everyone cheats, yes you fucking noobs accusing famous lan players of such are really disgusting
2015-09-20 23:12
I just roflcopter on your comment. I don't "think" "everyone" cheats, they ARE cheating it's blatant obvious.
2015-09-20 23:15
I think the people who think there are no hacks on pro players are more disgusting.. disgustingly naive
2015-09-20 23:29
retard your attidute is so idiotic
2015-09-20 23:35
2015-09-20 23:36
f off scrub
2015-09-20 23:37
2015-09-20 23:40
+1 Sideways
2015-09-20 23:37
Look at the clip in 0.25 speed, it SERIOUSLY, looks like his crosshair at the time he shoots like SNAPS towards the head of everyone, it looks like a aimkey + deadgle shot 100%. Also after the Dupreeh kill his crosshair just flicks on Karrigan and then he shoots him headshot ofc.
2015-09-20 23:13
he just hold the headshot line all the way, this is 30% skill and 70% luck I'd say. But still he got the balls to make it happen so congratz. For the last kill, he just prefire the same angle that he did for the first 3 kills.
2015-09-20 23:16
Poland cropyeee 
If flusha had done it, he would have been called cheater etc.
2015-09-20 23:15
TSM players just stood at the stupidiest place and waited for two kills before using flashes and smokes.
2015-09-20 23:16
Damn hltv, you're even more retarded than I thought
2015-09-20 23:16
United States t1mb3r7and 
TSM fanboys losing skins. Kappa
2015-09-20 23:17
Netherlands xdanny 
Yea from happys perspective TSM made all mistakes but from a overall view it was just a sick play.
2015-09-20 23:19
yes, same a flusha.
2015-09-20 23:22
Macau fAKEs2j 
Yes, everyone is hacking, everyone is using aimlock as proffesional players, every1 is cheat. STOP OF DO THIS STUPID THREADS FOR NO REASON, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF TRASH SLVER 1.
2015-09-20 23:22
2015-09-20 23:36
Luxembourg daniel19 
it was brilliant imo
2015-09-20 23:25
lel VAC xddd VAC meme big cheater aimlook.
2015-09-20 23:28
he just lines up the corner at headshot level and gets the kill with a prefire deagle shot... not much else to it
2015-09-20 23:30
no one here noticed that the tsm players used the shittiest positioning ever ...of course they got fucking wrecked by happy .....they were just begging for it ...cus they had a dumb moment this fucking witchhunting needs to stop
2015-09-20 23:39
Canada JM13 
That was a sick play by a sick player with a little luck. nothing more....If it was flusha nobody would of said anything either. People dont think flusha cheats from getting frags. They think he cheats from his very suspicious cursor movement. Nothing suspicious about that. Well played.
2015-09-20 23:41
H O W M U C H D I D Y O U L O S E ?
2015-09-20 23:45
when you had the fucking head height, just need move left,right
2015-09-20 23:49
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