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19 kills in 36 rounds of a map LOL
2015-09-21 04:39
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Vs top players tho
2015-09-21 04:40
man that asian caster (the one on the right) is a fucking twinkie also that voice makes him sound like a 50 year old pervert trying to give candy to a kid
2015-09-21 04:41
and he screams and taunt in every round that his team wins rofl
2015-09-21 04:42
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every team needs that guy who motivates them and u just salty cuz brasil lost to a mixteam haha
2015-09-21 04:43
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i dont mind GA losing, but MOE is just out of control he middle finger and shit thats just BM
2015-09-21 04:47
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i din't see he show his middle finger to anyone... he just taunts and motivates his teammates
2015-09-21 04:47
yeah but that's mOE, he likes to get on someone's nerves that's just part of his game, he's not showing them middle finger when they are outside of the game trust me and i don't saw him doing that on stream also :)
2015-09-21 04:50
you just can't handle the banter tbh
2015-09-21 04:44
He was carrying yesterday, had like 35 kills in regulation
2015-09-21 04:43
and he topfragged on dust2 vs GA tbh
2015-09-21 04:43
He is bad,who cares about him?
2015-09-21 04:47
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BR mad cause Moe team is rekt? Yes I think so.
2015-09-21 04:52
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moe team??They lost to games academy(tier 1312312 team) yesterday and almost lost this map to them...Anyway Luminosity>>>>>>>>>>>>moe,3sup,stewie2k and every murica shit like this.
2015-09-21 04:55
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last lan i remember LG going to they lost pretty hard to murica shit like CLG rofl
2015-09-21 05:04
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Did I mention clg???For me is pretty even lg and clg
2015-09-21 05:11
16-3,get rekt by a tier 3 team moe haha
2015-09-21 05:26
Classic, among with|Shroud
2015-09-21 05:50
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