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Logitech G3 Successor
flusha | 
Germany nucular_ 
Hi, i currently use a Intelli 1.1, because my loved G3 broke after 6-7 years. I don't feel very comfortable with the intelli, also tested a deathadder which has an similar shape but a don't get used to them. Are there some Mice with an "easy/clean" shape like the G3 abd with 2 side buttons available? If seen a Cougar 250m which is somehow similar to the g3 but i don't know if they are good. I although don't like the sort of " soft touch" which was on the DA
2015-09-22 18:27
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fk1/fk2 all u need, easy and clean shape and the best sensor.
2015-09-22 18:29
+1 fk mouses seems like they have clean shape. But i always have to play with a mouse alot to get used to it.
2015-09-22 18:33
Logitech G100S or Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime
2015-09-22 18:30
I really recommend the G503. If you have small hands it's the best mouse for you. Also Logitech always made their mouses confortable. The software is also really good as it also can calibrate the mouse to the surface that you're playing on.
2015-09-22 21:46
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