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jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
I'm so pissed because of this guy, he's always the reason flipside lose on lan. He's always choking and playing like a complete bot. Average global elite player would play better...You could say markeloff isn't much better either, but he always steps up when it matters and doesn't fail important rounds. Feeling really bad for blade. But I hope flipside won't qualify to a major this time and will realize they need to kick this noob. Basically Dosia or any player from Piter/Vega would be much better. What do you guys think? P.S. Didn't bet P.S.S props to davcost for carrying, he's improving day by day and deserves a permanent spot in the team for sure.
2015-09-24 10:42
how much?
2015-09-24 10:43
Belgium MS_92 
isn't davcost permanent yet? he's a sick player tho
2015-09-24 10:45
Sweden JQ1336 
i hope so
2015-09-24 10:45
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
idk, maybe he is already. They should keep him for sure. I was just thinking that maybe they considered changing him for Dosia
2015-09-24 10:46
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
Agree, he is way inconsistent
2015-09-24 10:48
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
He is actually consistent, always the worst player in the team on lan.
2015-09-24 10:50
Yugoslavia bird4361 
XD sad but true
2015-09-24 10:54
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
good one
2015-09-24 12:12
chrisJ | 
France Escher 
Onliner. Hope to see dosia replacing him.
2015-09-24 10:52
Yea, and he keep awping while davcost is a lot better
2015-09-24 12:19
and WE plays with a most strong weapon - he has 0.59 rating after 3 majors when he cant cheat - he always suck HUNDEN > WE
2015-09-24 12:33
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
I don't know about cheating, but he is pure onliner. He doesn't know what he's doing at all when he's playing on lan, you can tell that even by the look on his face
2015-09-24 13:04
oskar | 
World Traneee 
Too bad that as long as he is in the team, we won't see Marik awping again :(
2015-09-24 12:41
+1 ,Flipsid3 Dosia,and they would become one of the best in CIS
2015-09-24 13:06
online player, i wouldn't be suprised if he cheat online
2015-09-24 13:07
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