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64-111 wp
Brunei T0Rsz 
wp fribbe
2015-09-26 17:07
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entry fragger dont need got stats :)
2015-09-26 17:09
2 frag T side Train very entry Checked for you. GTR, f0rest and a Allu had more entry frags
2015-09-26 17:11
i arent english
2015-09-26 17:10
yeah but he need entry frags and he got 0
2015-09-26 17:10
ye, they need 64 kills in 3 maps from which two ended in OT, I like friberg but that is just pathetic.
2015-09-26 17:10
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
2015-09-26 17:10
2015-09-26 17:14
Actually in 5 maps
2015-09-26 17:14
yes, my bad
2015-09-26 18:10
Finland Inses 
sick entryfragger when he only gets 1 frag on inferno on 2 frags on train as a terrorist:DDD
2015-09-26 17:10
even if you are a fan of nip or friberg, you have to admit that he played like shit, and nip lost cuz of him
2015-09-26 17:10
Entry fragger dont need got frags
2015-09-26 17:11
NiP fanboys never cease to amaze me
2015-09-26 17:11
keep holding on fangay
2015-09-26 17:18
Entry fragger need got something better than like .6 kdr tho
2015-09-26 17:29
sick entry "fragging" NIP should pick me up I can also run into a site first and die :)
2015-09-26 17:31
friberg has the worst K/D ratio at entry kills of his whole team, he's the worst at entries but u still telling urself that shitty story? so sad for u
2015-09-26 17:31
NiPs CEO is very happy with friberg and nips perfomance so why should they get rid of friberg just because a bunch of hltv silver neckbeard retards think so that actually got no fucking clue about the game and is gold nova at best ingame? you retards can keep spamming -friberg forever. as long as NiP and the CEO is happy they wont change.
2015-09-26 17:35
Argentina jotti 
-47 light a candle dear hltv users please for our friend Friberg [*]
2015-09-26 17:09
Albania PHIDA 
rip in pepperoni
2015-09-26 17:09
Vietnam ccLeo 
2015-09-26 17:09
chrisJ | 
France Escher 
NiP [*]
2015-09-26 17:09
2015-09-26 17:11
haha mad nip fanboy is mad
2015-09-26 17:09
yeah im mad when i see nip losing cuz of friberg
2015-09-26 17:10
nip lose because nip sucks GG
2015-09-26 17:11
2015-09-26 17:12
Fifflaren 2014 vs friberg 2015
2015-09-26 17:10
Finland hltv_b8r 
-allu and nip will be top 1 again Kappa
2015-09-26 17:10
xD those stats doe even igl was more useful in terms of fragging
2015-09-26 17:10
agent 47
2015-09-26 17:12
2015-09-26 17:14
u killed me
2015-09-26 17:15
but friberg didnt kill anyone. ayyy
2015-09-26 17:15
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
only GTR hopes and dreams
2015-09-26 18:23
he needs to entry. not to be an entry
2015-09-26 17:13
Honestly, this guy is really really bad. "Entrys dont need stats" But an entry without stats isnt doing any entrying is he? Hes a terrible entry.
2015-09-26 17:15
people are thinking the entry fragger is supposed to die and be traded every time.. when in fact that's what you have to resort to when the entry fragger cannot open an area of the map with a frag and lead that to a round win
2015-09-26 17:20
2015-09-26 18:21
fribbe = fiffy
2015-09-26 17:21
While he didn't have a grand game you do need to take into account that in terms of other "entry fraggers" his team is horrible at supporting him, and giving him an advantage by flashing for him.
2015-09-26 17:31
community demands -friberg next team change forced by hate is real. #RIPBERG
2015-09-26 17:35
friberg worse than freakazoid.
2015-09-26 17:35
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