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PC - Housing
Bosnia and Herzegovina MILENKOLaka 
What is good and why? What you think about Thermaltake Supressor F51 Is housing/tower so important for a good PC and WHY?
2015-10-07 18:08
Dust filters are good other than that just looks for me
2015-10-07 18:11
+1 enough place for a huge cpu-cooler, dustfilters and a smart cable-management-system is what all is about in the end. have an eye for cooltek antiphon, nanoxia deep silence 3 and fractal design r4. they are "average priced" and absolutely worth their money. i personally use a mATX Corsair 350D, i bought dustfilters with it and im totally fine. all depends on the look u want and the abilities. i have a highperformance-pc built on mATX, so size doesnt matter in that link. (i heff big penis doe)
2015-10-07 18:16
Things to consider: Are you going to be carrying it anywhere more than once a month? Do you upgrade or sell/trade components a lot? How many storage drives do you have now and how often do you get new ones for stuff you download or make? Is your room particularly hot (above 25 C)? Do you enjoy nicer than average things and do you tend to keep things you buy for a long time (tools, electronic devices, etc)?
2015-10-07 18:15
- not gonna carry it anywere - Gonna buy new PC but not sure how much money is worth to give for housing. - 2 storage drives, don't download any stuff pretty much - room is kinda hot, especially during the summer period - enjoying in quality things
2015-10-07 21:40
Consider a Lian Li or Silverstone, then. I use a PC-9NB myself, and while you aren't a LANner or traveler, it'll satisfy the rest of your demands.
2015-10-07 21:52
Thanks brah <3
2015-10-08 11:54
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