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World norther23 
2015-10-09 14:45
Cant believe people bet on belgium..
2015-10-09 14:50
because ScreaM, every team he's in gets overrated
2015-10-09 15:02
and ex6tenz, belgium still shoulda won lmaoo theyre better than 4 igls on canada the fuckk.
2015-10-09 20:31
Belgium not a real team like france
2015-10-09 14:50
Sweden kick_REZ_ffs 
and Netherlands?
2015-10-09 15:01
Yeah the NA lineup at this tournament is trash there are no players from c9 or liquid.
2015-10-09 14:54
Well c9 is in australia
2015-10-09 18:24
Yeah thats what im saying
2015-10-09 20:14
Ok usher
2015-10-09 20:59
2015-10-09 21:01
ya man i agree, so trash Canada have won their two games so far. Horrible isn't it?
2015-10-09 21:01
Bwills | 
Canada cdiixon 
no one from c9 because of the tournament they are at in australia. that affects both canada and usa
2015-10-09 15:00
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