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sv_showimpacts 1 doesnt work anymore?
Poland tfg 
hi, what was the command to see on demo if your bullet did hit the model? it did draw a red sceleton if you did hit was it sv_showimpacts 1? if it was, it doesnt work anymore :( at least for me... any fix? or it was another command?
2015-10-13 23:21
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Poland Snaiips
sv_cheats 1
2015-10-13 23:21
sv_cheats 1 sv_showimpacts 1
2015-10-13 23:22
@up i know lol the problem is i cant see the red sceleton anymore only red dots
2015-10-13 23:22
I think there's a new command for that. Check 3kliksphilips old video for the reanimation update or something
2015-10-13 23:24
I have checked this channel, and no, seems like this option no longer exists
2015-10-13 23:33
Sv_showbullethits 1
2015-10-13 23:36
Doesn't work for me also, I have seen in his clip that it worked, but for me it doesn't work, Ive been testing these different comands for an hour right now
2015-10-13 23:37
Haha ok you have sv_cheats 1 on right. Maybe they just f it up :D
2015-10-13 23:39
yea seems like they fucked it up, thats pretty annoying, i have like 20 demos from past few days when i see bullets going through the body (ye they fixed hitboxes indeed...) and wanted to see if showimpacts registered it... anyway thanks for trying to help! :)
2015-10-13 23:42
Feel you man
2015-10-13 23:45
Same here!
2015-10-13 23:49
try 2 instead of 1
2015-10-13 23:24
tried 1, 2, 3, and sv showbullethits 1 :(
2015-10-13 23:24
Poland Snaiips
sv_showimpacts_penetration 1
2015-10-13 23:29
I have the exactly same problem. Still looking for a solution.
2015-10-13 23:29
Poland Snaiips
there you go evil japan sv_showimpacts_penetration 1
2015-10-13 23:32
No, it doesn't work :p
2015-10-13 23:36
Still not working. I've tried every "sv_show..." commands and still no success.
2015-10-13 23:37
Poland Snaiips
I guess vavle removed this command to hide how bad 64tick is.
2015-10-13 23:51
Yea, I have the same suspiction. With the growing numbers of videos exposing that ridiculous hit registrations, wouldn't be interesting for them keep the command in game. Anyway I still haven't found anything that confirm this, so I keep looking.
2015-10-13 23:48
Valve saving themselves some complaints
2015-10-13 23:47
#19 #21 #22 are right, seriously, it was the only way to see that you have hit but the broken game didnt register it
2015-10-13 23:48
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