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Comes from nowhere and win all fpl games and comes popular. now higher hs percentage than scream. vac this kid. im not betting,nip will win anyway.
2015-10-15 18:41
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has he attended any LAN?
2015-10-15 18:43
2015-10-15 18:43
2015-10-15 19:02
Silver csgo player using "1g" behind his nickname playing CS for like 1 month in fact.. yes he did you retard shut up if you dont know shit.
2015-10-15 19:25
not on csgo.
2015-10-15 18:43
2015-10-15 18:53
real impressive rofl
2015-10-15 18:49
Czech Republic skypetras
this is the first 1 on 5 on LAN in CS:GO history, google it
2015-10-15 19:59
2015-10-16 14:02
finished 3rd after nip and verygames at madcatz prague. and tons of lans in cs 1.6
2015-10-15 18:44
Czech Republic skypetras it was SEC 2010 in Germany and we were playin together (as eSuba) against SK. Weve lost 2:0 (12:16 tuscan and 5:16 inferno i think) but oskar was sick since 2008. i can tell you he is not cheating and you r probably too young to know him in 1.6: we were on many more tournaments together, but with poor sponsorship in Czech we couldnt afford much more than Czech, Slovak and Hungary tournaments, one WCG, SEC and ESWC
2015-10-15 19:40
he's niko 2.0, olof 3.0
2015-10-15 18:43
CIS chlenixon
oskar goes wayback :P 1.6 player too. 25 years old, not some 18 year old source kid.
2015-10-15 18:43
Denmark Fr0nda
comes from nowhere, hahahha hes a 1.6 pro
2015-10-15 18:43
hes a nonamer in 1.6. not much more than emilio was in 1.6
2015-10-15 18:45
Denmark Fr0nda
well he did not come from fpl
2015-10-15 18:46
newfag confirmed
2015-10-15 18:44
lmfao we can tell u bet on NiP u crying little fanboy ur just mad NiP were 7-0 up and they managed to choke it this hard
2015-10-15 18:44
ayyy they won map ayy u mad?
2015-10-15 19:16
2015-10-15 19:22
ayy mad mac ayy can u send me some nudes
2015-10-15 19:53
i lost my dragonlore rip bosnia 3rd world civil war serb fuckers
2015-10-15 20:08
get some life low braindead fuck ayyy lmao guess you dont even have for burger fatfag ayyy
2015-10-15 20:49
HAHAHAHHA get some life low brainded fuck ayyyy did your mother get raped by serbs?
2015-10-15 22:48
no but your got raped last night by me ayyy lmao without condom edit# i fucked ur mom right in her pussy ayyy soon you will have muslim brother in family np
2015-10-15 23:25
2015-10-15 18:44
these guys are ridiculous :(
2015-10-15 23:20
comes from nowhere?
2015-10-15 18:45
oskar is good on lan in 1.6 but csgo i never see on lan
2015-10-15 18:45
2015-10-15 18:45
"Comes from nowhere" This is honestly the most retarted thing I've heard. Don't make hackusations if you haven't even looked into 1.6 legends
2015-10-15 18:45
tell me big tournaments with top teams hes won :=)+
2015-10-15 18:48
tell me how old u are i bet hes been playing 1.6 before u were born
2015-10-15 18:49
im 17 sir
2015-10-15 19:03
How many "top teams" from the Czech republic do you know about? Does bad teams or teamates make him less good individually? Some serious logic right there :) You say you are 17, that means you were about 13 when 1.6 was still a big game, and that was at the last breaths of 1.6 too.. I doubt you have any clue what so ever about the 1.6 scene to be honest :) The only thing that came from nowhere is your thread, Mr. lullegetsguzz.
2015-10-15 23:43
1.6 legend ? hahahhahaa
2015-10-15 19:01
2015-10-16 13:51
he was a barely nonamer in 1.6, like olof flusha etc ^^
2015-10-16 14:03
Oskar has been playing since u were born! 2008 ESWC Masters Paris vs mousports
2015-10-15 18:45
fatih <3
2015-10-15 20:08
Czech Republic trapeh
Atleast try to find some info about him first before you submit a shitty post like this.
2015-10-15 18:46
HOW MUCH???? NIP fangay
2015-10-15 18:46
nothing,like i said.dont bet
2015-10-15 18:48 now shut up retard its from lan and he can beat you anytime even in CS:GO on mobile against your 300000 fps setup and rage hack on you madkid.
2015-10-15 19:33
2015-10-15 18:47
rekt, pretty much :)
2015-10-15 21:00
oskar is old sql player probably you are 12y old
2015-10-15 18:47
NEO | 
Poland cm[G]
wasn't he already playing semi-pro in 1.6?
2015-10-15 18:49
Slovakia tenzen
semi-pro? in 1.6 pros were always scared of him, in 1.6 he was just rekting everyone
2015-10-15 19:07
Zase neprehánaj nemôžete sa cudovat , že ho volaju no namerom, kedze v 1.6ke ho poznali prevažne na cz/sk .. a nedajte mi sem linky z eswc a bohvie z kade.. nespravil dieru do sveta na žiadnom international je AJ preto, že nemal taký team ako napr. teraz.. Som jeho fanúšik a paci sa mi, že sa konecne dostáva do povedomia globálne,proste na to ako jeden z mála má.. ale niektorí to už prehanate s tym fanboyism. /donthate
2015-10-15 19:20
??? english
2015-10-15 19:41
It was meant for cz/sk ppl , not all of us understand english perfectly. Thats why i written it in my mother language. I apologise if it harmed anyone ... Basically.. You can not be surprised people dont know about him, he was famous only at cz/sk scene in 1.6, he did not achieve anything on international events..he did not have team like he has now.. i am big fan of him and i am very happy he is becoming CS:GO star and a part of T1 players, im just tired of stupid fanboyism of some cz/sk ppl .. spokojný? ..
2015-10-15 20:12
I am from Slovakia...I just wanted after you, to write it in english for all ppll...
2015-10-15 20:18
nt GuardiaN, learn english
2015-10-15 19:55
Thats why he played gathers with f0rest, GeT_RiGhT etc. cuz he were noname :/ poor hungarian
2015-10-15 20:27
Stop trolling.. you can clearly see a lot of ppl did not know about him from 1.6 ..and they are writing stuff like: he came from nowhere.. GATHERS, mean nothing. and i am not saying he was no namer for PRO´s .. but there are still people in community, that knew nothing about him ..even if they were watching 1.6. Dont take everything so offensive..and read twice before u react again pls..
2015-10-15 21:21
people like you that post such crap are a joke
2015-10-15 19:59
Slovakia tenzen
2015-10-15 20:06
" he's comming out of nowhere " newfag comfirm
2015-10-15 19:03
played 1.6 2009 but ok
2015-10-15 19:04
so your just having a brain probleme for not knowing that guy, he was a fuckin star
2015-10-15 19:08
He really wasn't. In 1.6 you couldn't be a star if you weren't playing in the top events because there wasn't the same exposure. Unless you were really into the scene you would probably never have heard of him.
2015-10-16 00:54
2015-10-15 19:34
World Noldi_alb
Nice player but he was super lucky. He missed some EZ shots but had good positioning.
2015-10-15 19:03
NiP fucked Oskar or I would say Get_Right showed what Oskar is- a piece of shitt compared to GtR :)
2015-10-15 19:04
by loosing 2-16 against HR ? NiP are fags mister wannabe austria
2015-10-15 19:09
fox is not good :D
2015-10-15 19:10
> WMF > fox wat
2015-10-15 19:11
WMF is not good :D
2015-10-15 19:12
they *was*
2015-10-15 19:14
vac this KID epic
2015-10-15 19:15
so many sucked eu. Everytime, if he is not top and kill oldmans like forest and getright - they shout- cheater!!!!! OMG KIK VAC AAAAAAAA............... dolboebi
2015-10-15 19:16
1. Oskar is not from nowhere, he used to play in teams like eSuba( Which is one of the most best teams in CZECH REPUBLIC). Then he joined nEophyte, Fraternitas, and now HR, ofc he played semi-pro on 1.6 idk name of team but he played semi-pro...He is not a cheater, he has just a good player, and because "Pro" players are getting rekt from him doesnt mean that he is cheating(On fpl is anti-cheat much better than Vac system)
2015-10-15 19:17
please log out xD
2015-10-15 19:43
Reminds me of the good old days with smn at his peak. xD
2015-10-15 19:35
Romania rockNoob
We'll see how he does at DH Cluj.... oh wait....
2015-10-15 19:55
he did not come from nowhere, you're just a noob hating on a really decent player. he was pro in 1.6 and in nEophyte he was already doing really well. stop hating for nothing and get your shit straight kiddo
2015-10-15 19:58
hi newfag bye newfag
2015-10-15 20:07
we will at one point see how oskar performs on lan. and im almost certain that a lot of ppl will keep their mouth shut then:)
2015-10-15 20:31
I love how everyone defending him is from the same country kek I dont think hes cheating tho
2015-10-15 20:52
saying oskar is a newfag or kid eventhough he plays cs for years now is just plain stupid; also there is no reason why u would think he is cheating. so there u go, i'm defending him but i am not from cz/svk
2015-10-15 21:07
he was an amateur in every sense, just because he was good means nothing. As a pro he's considered new, and justifiably so. Hellraisers is his first top 15 team
2015-10-15 23:41
he wasn't. he was the first player to do a 1v5 on lan in csgo, he played with guardian in the beginning of go and they were solid, and he is known and respected(if u didn't see it watch the robban video) since his early 1.6 days (the game before cs:go, u know); so how the fuck can u call him new?
2015-10-15 23:47
he's not new to cs, he's new to the professional scene in way and there's no argument against that. He never played on a top team before hellraisers, and never had any great tournament results in csgo. first 1v5 on lan, don't embarrass yourself, im trying to take you seriously.
2015-10-15 23:54
depends on what u define as pro level. I mentioned the 1v5 cause it was against n!faculty(first team to take a map from nip and considered a good/top team back then, eventhough in the aftermath we know they suck) but at that time it was csgo on pro level! ur example only counts if u take the pro scene from maybe the last 2 years cause he hasn't got the mates, time or dedication to play csgo(dunno why he didn't play that much until 5-6months). and more over that would also only count for go! Cause he played on a pro level in 1.6 for sure eventhough it was hard for him there too cause of his teams!
2015-10-16 00:20
Nah, most people who defend him are people who played cs for more than 3 years :) The others should just zip it, much like OP should rather than making a thread about how clueless he is about the cs-scene ;)
2015-10-15 23:30
are you blind? Oh wait saw your nickname
2015-10-15 23:47
Why you still waste your time with guys that started playing CSGO this year? Jesus christ just delete this thread admins, thanks.
2015-10-15 21:05
u do know hes been a good player for a long periode? 1.6 and go!
2015-10-15 21:06
Acts like a dick alot of the time.
2015-10-15 23:38
he just has a hard personality and get's himself into sticky situations
2015-10-16 00:33
"Comes from nowhere" newfag spotted
2015-10-15 23:41
He's pretty awesome :D
2015-10-15 23:42
Oskar is the best footballer
2015-10-15 23:49
Young feggits know nothing.
2015-10-16 00:08
probably u came from nowhere :)
2015-10-16 00:23
Considering he only played a couple of events outside czk/svk there seem to be a lot of people who closely followed his 1.6 career. Bearing in mind these events were not streamed to huge audiences i call bullshit on most of you. For the record I'm fairly sure he doesn't cheat. Played him lots and he just seems like a good player. Hits a lot of headshots for an awper, which is a bit weird. But whatever works for him. I'd imagine these pros are scared of him because they don't cheat in pugs and they can't match him without cheating.
2015-10-16 01:01
He is the next top 1 player.
2015-10-16 01:01
I miss eSuba css: UN, pR, WT, STR & .PhP WT da gawd :)))
2015-10-16 01:16
the bait is real
2015-10-16 01:45
He wasn't rly unknown before HR ^^
2015-10-16 14:13
2015-10-19 22:10
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