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ESL removed ham's ban
Poland seeez 
We don't really know why ESL decided to unban ham, fail? His profile:
2011-11-01 09:23
cause he wank off hed admins
2011-11-01 09:25
Poland seeez 
german admins? haard :)
2011-11-01 09:29
Maybe they came to some conclusion that he didn't cheat or...? Don't know, just guessing.. How long did he get banned by the way?
2011-11-01 10:04
2years ban.
2011-11-01 10:22
2011-11-01 10:32
well, now he's unban so no need to worry :D
2011-11-01 12:11
I guess that his unban is based on essay :P
2011-11-01 10:46
did the essay work? kewl!
2011-11-01 10:35
maybe neo spoke to the esl admin ? =)
2011-11-01 12:15
2011-11-01 12:17
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