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Dreamhack Cluj Predictions
Sweden Corvo420 
1st: Virtus.Pro (Shit online but makes up for it on lan, won ESL Dubai etc) 2nd: TSM (Destroying many teams online, almost beat VP in ESL Dubai) 3rd/4th: EnVy/Fnatic (Both are starting to lack to teams like TSM, sometimes VP and NIP, could be knocked out in the semifinals by these teams) 5th/6th: NiP/NaVi (Performing decently, probably would come in 2nd in groups and make it to the quarterfinals before losing to 2 of the top 4 teams) 7/8th: Titan/G2 (Performing decently as well in the past few weeks leading up to this major, will be "removed" by 2 of the top 4 teams) 9th/10th/11th/12th: Cloud9, CLG, Mousesports, Luminosity (Most likely will win only 1 match and lose the rest leading to their exit in the end) 13th/14th/15th/16th: Flipside, Dignitas, Vexed and Liquid (Dignitas just removed a player, Flipside has Davcost, Vexed wont be able to win a single match in their group and neither will Liquid. Most likely will lose all matches they play)
2015-10-21 03:41
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this is what i picked for the team pick em challange. fnatic, cloud 9,Tsm,virtus pro, mousesports,nip,envy,navi
2015-10-21 03:45
yeah,because cloud9 and lg will not make the quarter finals...Kappa They're on the same group with vexed(that you put on 13th-16th) dumbass. Or just fnatic will go through in group 1???Fuck sweden,just dumbs
2015-10-21 03:48
hahahahahahahaha this Corvo420 guy is dumb as fuck ! Also Titan / NIP / VP will pass the groupstage ^^
2015-10-21 03:52
Argentina MAXEE 
NiP VP will be surprise all Fnatic eliminated on the group stage
2015-10-21 03:55
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