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-Kjaerbye -tenzki
United Kingdom CasualFragz 
+Friis as awper +Magiskb0Y and make Pimp rifle :D
2015-10-24 21:09
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Serbia Strumfleus
stopped after +Friis
2015-10-24 21:10
+1 xD PIMP > Friiis
2015-10-25 03:14
2015-10-24 21:11
haven't Magiskb0Y done good with the AWP when he picked it up? Idk, maybe he can play it. still early for him, but he looks really good
2015-10-24 21:16
Still think cadiaN is a better AWP'er than Friis and why he doesn't play it in SK is beyond me, but cadiaN has a lot of qualities that Friis does not have. Think that is why... I actually think cadiaN is the best "pure" AWP'er in Denmark, but of course device, karrigan and cajunb all play it very well or maybe even better than cadiaN despite them rifling more times than awping.
2015-10-24 21:18
stopped reading after best AWPer. i guess TSM aren't good enough.. irony
2015-10-24 21:29
If u read further u might see i point out that device, cajunb and karrigan play it better. ;)
2015-10-24 21:41
sorry, then you don't literally get the term 'best'. Or device, cajunb and karrigan are bestest? :)
2015-10-24 21:45
Please understand that i use the term "pure" awp'er. Lets face it, neither device, karrigan or cajunb is the main awp'er for TSM. They play it on different maps. Karrigan on mirage, cajunb on d2, and device d2, overpass etc. They can all play it very well on different maps. And u will see them switch it up, if it is not working for one or the other. Therefor i truly think the cadiaN is the best PURE awp'er in Denmark. Nico > worse. Friis > worse. Name me one other PURE awp'er better than cadiaN in the danish scene. I dare you.
2015-10-25 03:13
Denmark b0ychild
best awper? hahaha the only real AWPers in denmark is JUGI and coloN
2015-10-24 21:43
device karrigan dupreeh pimp nico friis jugi colon >cadian as awper.
2015-10-24 21:46
Srsly? Please tell me what Jugi, coloN and Nico have ever achieved as AWP'ers for any good team? Nico was shit for dignitas, literally bottom fragging every game (almost) and Jugi and coloN have yet to play for a top team in CS:GO. cadiaN have played as the main AWP'er for mousesports (german team, despite him being danish) and Copenhagen Wolves, and he has played main AWP'er in what 2-3 mayors. When was the last time u have seen cadiaN AWP, like for real? In Copenhagen Wolves maybe, he has been a stand-in rifle and a secondary AWP in SK, because Friis can't play rifle as good as cadian. Believe me, if he got the chance to be a primary awp'er, we would prove the doubters wrong!
2015-10-25 03:08
Nico hasn't achieved anything for good teams with an AWP? :DDDD When did you start watching CS? Late 2015???? Western Wolves | Nico Need I say more?
2015-10-25 03:11
Sure, Nico was good in Western Wolves, back when there were literally no other good teams in CS:GO. U had NIP and VeryGames, the scene was so small and the talent very limited. Not like today were there so many good teams and good players. Basically when the CS:GO scene started getting big, u saw Nico getting shut out, and it just showed that he was not good enough, as a main AWP'er. That is also why u saw Dignitas replacing him with Schneider, and Pimp taking over the AWP. Because he could literally be replaced by a rifler because he just was not good enough.
2015-10-25 03:17
Don't say he hasn't achieved anything in good teams... :D Nico was easily the best player in WW.
2015-10-25 03:26
Sure, Nico good in WW in early 2013, i will give u that. But when the going got tough, and good teams started coming along, Nico was NOT a good enough awp'er.
2015-10-25 03:39
nico was considered a top player and "best awper of the year" in 2013 what has cadian done
2015-10-25 03:19
Bitch please. Nico was never considered a top player, when the CS:GO scene starting getting like really good If so, the only reason he was, was because he was on a top team. Just like u would not compare early 1,6 HeatoN too late 1,6 legends like get_right and f0rest, because the talent of the scene has improved so much over the years, just like 1,6 and CS:GO. Just because u were good when it started, does not mean u would be as good now.
2015-10-25 03:28 he was considered a top player because he was a top player on a top team he woulda been higher if he didnt quit for half the year please learn your facts :)
2015-10-25 03:28
My point exact, dont hang yourself up in CS:GO anno 2013, this is 2015 and i am just saying that cadiaN is the better awp'er. No need to go back in time, to show me that Nico has achieved something in CS, i know he has. But the scene was very different, the talent and skill way lower than it is today, and i am just saying that cadiaN today can keep up, and Nico cant. That is why he got cut, i assume :)
2015-10-25 03:33
"Nico was never considered a top player" "dont hang yourself up in CS:GO anno 2013" please
2015-10-25 03:46
cadian did nothing too. u have literally 0 clue.
2015-10-25 10:06
chrisJ were the main awper lol
2015-10-25 03:20
Yeah okay, but u would still see him pick up it up like more often that not.
2015-10-25 03:26
pimp msl aizy magisk konfig onliner lineup but it could work :D
2015-10-25 03:16
Dignitas need 3 aizys 1 awper and 1 igl
2015-10-25 03:29
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