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s1mple nazi confirmed
jR | 
Ukraine lancee s1mple in disguise wearing a t-shirt with svastica on a football match in Ukraine. There's even his nickname in link to the picture. COincidence? I aren't think that!
2015-10-26 18:18
well 2015 is the new 40´s i presume
2015-10-26 18:23
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
no thats me, not s1mple
2015-10-26 18:23
s1mple has battle scared face, thats not him
2015-10-26 18:24
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
I are think that he used some kind of makeup to cover that!
2015-10-26 18:24
u got it m8
2015-10-26 18:25
i are not click that
2015-10-26 18:24
Sweden 1up' 
its legit fgt
2015-10-26 18:29
here he would be beaten up by the own fans thrown outside without any clothes and 250 stiches on the head needed :o
2015-10-26 19:15
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