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Thorin got a new suit!
Sweden Turbodiizel Who could have thought that he could look classy one day.
2015-10-27 23:20
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Dannggg. Cleans up pretty nice m8. Just needs to shave dat beach spider chest hair ;)
2015-10-27 23:23
why? thats sexy as fuck. nothing turns on real women on more than that. only metrosexual gays dislike it
2015-10-27 23:42
Real women... As in irl grill????
2015-10-27 23:43
i hope he wears a sports jersey over that
2015-10-27 23:24
dont worry, he keeps his fnatic jersey under his shirt
2015-10-27 23:27
lol he released a vid 4 days ago saying TSM should win this major:
2015-10-27 23:33
he's trolling HLTV. everyone knows he always has a fnatic shirt below his 3 other shirts and 2 jackets while being indoors.
2015-10-27 23:41
Wtf?! He is not wearing a jacket, that itself is amazing.
2015-10-27 23:42
Sweden Stag 
haahha. only you could write this. he's sooo much more of an nV fanboy ever since fnatic rejected him. even more of a tsm fanboy.
2015-10-27 23:35
hehehe I know but :( But in my eyes he's still a fnatic fanboy
2015-10-27 23:38
dentist also visited ?
2015-10-27 23:24
Standard issue teeth for someone who started smoking in his teens and is now in his 30's. Also; Nice teeth m8!
2015-10-27 23:49
He actually looks decent. Will this affect his shittalking though?
2015-10-27 23:25
yes, we will get even more shittalk!
2015-10-27 23:26
World Li^ 
Italian Mobster Semmler
2015-10-27 23:34
Don Semmler
2015-10-27 23:36
top bloke
2015-10-27 23:37
That suit prolly cost more than my house
2015-10-27 23:41
2015-10-27 23:35
What's wrong man, CS is a sport after all. Keepo
2015-10-27 23:37
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