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Brazil RisenNTC 
He'll be better than shroud if some decent team pick him and by decent I mean Liquid, c9 or CLG
2015-10-29 07:04
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Yeah c9, liquid or CLG should pick him because hes doing good in pugs. Loool. Logic.
2015-10-29 07:06
Brazil RisenNTC 
"doing good on pugs" that's the reason why shroud is in c9 isnt it ? LOL plus stewie is really young he can improve a lot if he goes to big tournments in a row
2015-10-29 07:09
#44, And yes stewie has alot of time. If he can do good on LAN against good teams then maybe he has a chance to get into c9 or liquid.
2015-10-29 10:35
shroud is only in c9 because he's good in pugs lol
2015-10-29 07:33
And because he's a very successful streamer that brings in lots of viewers/fans to the cloud9 org. It's sad that teams don't care as much about winning as they do about picking up players with a large fan base to satisfy their sponsors.
2015-10-29 08:46
wow ur a retard. amazing how dumb some ppl are.
2015-10-29 09:25
Nope hes in c9 because he proved himself in professinal matches as well and on LAN.
2015-10-29 10:34
thats how they picked up shroud
2015-10-29 08:31
Sweden Stag 
Yep. Because that's why scream is in titan and why shroud is in c9. And why n0thing was ever picked up in the first place. And why aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalot of players were picked up. Idiot.
2015-10-29 08:34
Shroud is in c9 because he did good in professional matches when he was playing his previous low tier teams and on LAN against the best NA teams and then he proved himself against EU teams as well and which is why he was picked up by a big org like Cloud9. You obviously dont know shit about CS. Go back to CoD kid.
2015-10-29 10:38
Sweden Stag 
.................. Retard. He said himself MANY times that they discovered him by watching him play pugs on stream, motherfucking son of a whore. The worst thing ever are people like yourself who offend people who are right. This is all public information, cunt.
2015-10-29 10:39
Loool. You sound mad. I never said he wasnt, he was picked up by low tier teams at first. Because he was good enough, he was later picked up by a big organisation like cloud9. Enjoy your ban. Im done with you. Rip.
2015-10-29 10:43
Sweden Stag 
No. Shroud himself has said in interviews repeatedly that CLOUD9 picked him up because they watched his stream. That's it. Go on YouTube and watch his HyperX video, you fucking idiot.
2015-10-29 10:44
wow ur full of shit. brainless mongoloid.
2015-10-29 18:40
Barely having 1 rating versus tier 4 NA teams while some people like bodyyy drops 1.2 rating against tier 2-3eu teams and will never get a chance in a top French team.
2015-10-29 07:11
Poland MatiPasio 
He started playing CS 1 year ago ffs I've played CS:GO since it was released, I have 2600h and I'm LEM Steel's theory about genetics makes sense here.
2015-10-29 07:11
stewie2k played 4000+ hours in that 1 year....
2015-10-29 07:16
I played about 6000 hours in 1.6 and 600 hours in csgo and still LEM? Does it makes sense?
2015-10-29 07:18
1.6 and CS:GO are VERY different.
2015-10-29 07:23
You clearly missunderstanding my opinion. Does it makes sense that hours played means nothing when it comes to talent? I played 1.6 for about 5 years and in CSGO i still stuck in LEM. While stewie2k only played CSGO and never played fps game before and global and can compete in top NA players
2015-10-29 07:26
When you hit 3000 hours you will be insane trust me.
2015-10-29 08:17
Some people are more talented than others.
2015-10-29 10:47
No you're clearly misunderstanding the point that CS 1.6 doesn't translate to CS:GO. Repeat after me...your CS 1.6 hours mean jack fking shit in CS:GO. How many pros from 1.6 are pros in CS:GO? Even the best 1.6 player from NA, frod, isn't pro level in CS:GO and he has 10,000 hours of CS 1.5/1.6...
2015-10-29 18:31
if you have 2.6k hours and still LEM its your own god damn fault, put some effort into it.
2015-10-29 08:48
Didn't he betray ocean? Scumbag tbh
2015-10-29 07:15
Brazil RisenNTC 
2015-10-29 07:18
Young and stupid.. swag has done shit like that plenty of times (betrayed coL, then iBP) s1mple does that shit every month
2015-10-29 07:24
2015-10-29 07:37
NA scene is full of kids like this.
2015-10-29 07:41
2015-10-29 18:38
2015-10-29 08:03
Jamie | 
Australia duz11 
preety sure hes just some online kid with decent aim
2015-10-29 08:07
2015-10-29 08:51
nt stewie
2015-10-29 10:39
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