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Grand Final
Australia wolfkiNg 
So will the Grand Final be a best of 5 for the major? And also just a general predictions thread. I reckon it'll be EnVyUs vs. TSM with TSM to win it, but I really want VP to win, love the polaks :)
2015-10-30 08:22
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looking at envyus`s form i`d say envuys>tsm sorry.. :?
2015-10-30 08:25
IF it's a best of 5 I honestly thing TSM can scrape it, but it'll go to 5 maps. I think TSM will be more bloodthirsty having never won a major before, if they dont choke and get to the finals they will have that fire to push them forward.
2015-10-30 08:26
it`s going to be a bo3 because semis and finals are on the same day.
2015-10-30 08:30
And i 100% agree with you.
2015-10-30 08:31
Iv'An vs PennyS
2015-10-30 08:34
TSM vs Envy or VP or maybe envy looses to fnatic tomorrow... i still belive fnatic are clutch kings
2015-10-30 08:43
It will be Bo3. Its always bo3 final at majors
2015-10-30 08:48
EnVyUs vs TSM :)
2015-10-30 10:46
aye, TSM vs nV in the final, TSM should win it, fnatic will go out in the quarters. Only other possible outcome I see is if TSM would choke along the line somewhere, but it doesn't seem likely.
2015-10-30 10:50
LG vs C9 Let's dream boys
2015-10-30 10:52
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