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G2 Aizy opinions!
f0rest | 
Sweden Lionheart * 
I just thought about it since Aizy really needs a better team and I saw that G2 is almost a full scandinavian team so I thought about a player who could replace fox to make it full scandinavian. What do you think about -fox +aizy ???
2015-10-30 11:50
This is genius come on
2015-10-30 12:05
fox their best player -jkeam +aizy
2015-10-30 13:04
Pasha knows best +1 /)_-)
2015-10-30 17:44
France Kairos1g 
jkaem their best player -pasha +aizy
2015-10-30 17:46
no troll full control ma frend : D
2015-10-30 17:52
calling yourself genius isnt
2015-10-30 17:51
Denmark U w0t m8? 
I would actually like to see this comming, but the communication will probably not be better with is rather than with fox.
2015-10-30 20:12
no he will join nip instead of fribbe cause aizy is also an entryfragger
2015-10-31 02:22
ScreaM | 
El Salvador nawledge 
it sucks.
2015-10-30 12:06
Why does it suck? Aizy is an incredible aimer, fox is handling the AWP now but put maikelele on the awp and aizy picks up the rifle instead.
2015-10-30 12:10
fox>maikelele. With aizy they're going to have to speak english anyway, so no point in getting rid of fox.
2015-10-30 12:15
You think fox is better than maikel? I don't say fox is a bad player I mean obviously he's playing on a level that no one of us are but there's better options than fox out there avaible. Maikelele>fox btw.
2015-10-30 12:17
Finland Jyubei 
Hello Mr. Fangay Fox is way better when it comes to awping.
2015-10-30 12:30
I wanted maikel to get out of NiP the second he stepped his foot in it kinda so no I'm not a fangay. Fox isn't really a good awper his awp style is just holding angles, he barely flicks he barely "quick scopes" he barely no scopes in situations where it should be done.
2015-10-30 12:36
Finland Jyubei 
Doesn't make you any less of a fangay. And the second part makes you a huge fangay.
2015-10-30 12:40
Oh yeah forgot, most HLTV faggots got mental disorders... Sorry
2015-10-30 12:41
Finland Jyubei 
I didn't need to know this but ok.
2015-10-30 12:46
"Fox isn't really a good awper his awp style is just holding angles, he barely flicks he barely "quick scopes" he barely no scopes in situations where it should be done." Literally describing the difference between a passive and aggressive awper. Both are good in their own ways, you don't need to be flashy to be a good awper.
2015-10-30 12:44
True that but passive awpers almost never clutch.
2015-10-30 12:48
I feel like you were watching an entirely different game to the rest of us.
2015-10-30 17:22
"he barely flicks" stopped reading from there
2015-10-30 17:16
hope you actually did read it all the way through and realize I was quoting the other guy, I would never say retarded shit like that
2015-10-30 20:10
"barely noscopes" LOL ecpected from idiot uneducated swemalia 3rd worlder NT :DDD
2015-10-30 12:56
I can't discuss with post-VACwave LEMs lel....
2015-10-30 12:59
1. Learn english 2. Dont try to act smart when u already showed u are an idiot /close /GoBackToAfricaMonkey
2015-10-30 14:27
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
2015-10-31 14:00
LOL did you see his no scope vs penta today? also hes playing on a 4.7 mouse sens if he doesnt flick then he doesnt move his mouse at all. You are retarded and dunno what you talkin about.Maikel was fucking amazing in NiP and it was his dream to be there. Saying that he soulda left that is also retarded.
2015-11-12 23:57
Good awper != flick shots
2015-11-13 12:03
Can you argue why Maikelele is better than fox, please? Fox is a way better positional player, smarter player, doesn't over aggress like maikelele does all the time, isn't as inconsistent as maikel, can be a role player if you need him to, etcetc. You are the kind of guy that saw maikeleles teq9 ace yesterday and goes "omg maikelele is so sick, huge ace, best player ever" then proceeds to forgot he went quiet for the majority of the rest of the game.
2015-10-30 12:49
He aced with a tec9 yesterday? Huh look at that, I didn't even see it lel. If there was a choice I would probably throw out maikel aswell if there was a better option out there, but okay really look at the top awpers in CSGO. Whom of the top awpers got a passive AWP style? Passive awping is limited according to me.
2015-10-30 12:53
Are you saying maikel has a passive awp style?
2015-10-30 13:08
No, hes saying Fox has one.
2015-10-30 17:23
"If there was a choice I would probably throw out maikel aswell if there was a better option out there, but okay really look at the top awpers in CSGO. Whom of the top awpers got a passive AWP style? " To me it seems like he's talking about who can take over the passive awp style of maikelele. Just curious how you get it to be about fox?
2015-10-30 17:29
Because Maikelele doesnt have a passive awp style. Hes known to be aggressive and risky with his plays, which is where he fucks up the most and dies. Plus you guys were talking about Fox before bringing up throwing out Maikelele. Seems to me like hes throwing back to that and talking about the player who actually has a passive awp style. :)
2015-10-30 17:33
And whom of the top AWPers are available for G2 to pick up instead of Fox? Inb4 you say Twist without realising the kid has no intentions of joining a top team without zende. Maikelele may be an aggressive awper, but how often does that work out for him? Look at his stats for the past 3 months and he bottomfrags a lot. Majority of these games are when he picks up the AWP. Fox however, has done nothing but get better since being given the AWPer role. You're trying to compare Fox to people like JW and kennyS who have this very aggressive and risky awp style that nobody expects from Fox or Maikelele (Except you, of course).
2015-10-30 17:27
this, if someone should be swapped out its maikelele, fox performed really good lately. maikelele didnt
2015-10-30 12:40
Maikelele does well at Majors, while Dennis cant accomplice much on LAN overall. Is it really worth keeping the Online god when he cant keep the same results in important LAN matches?
2015-10-30 17:28
Dennis has been doing huge plays and he's the IGL of G2 dude....
2015-10-30 17:44
According to Maikelele, rain is in game leading this tournament.
2015-10-31 05:01
Slovakia sanjuro 
g2 doesnt need more aimers
2015-10-30 12:24
+1 they have the power but they need structure if they wonna win games.
2015-10-30 12:26
ReDWateR | 
Sweden Ronkas 
Its not about being a scandinavian team... Its about speaking the same fucking language
2015-10-30 12:07
Well I can understand norweigan and danish...
2015-10-30 12:08
NEO | 
Denmark Bqlle 
But not 100% fluently :) And specially norwegian, if it's from the more northern parts. Thing is in clutch and otherwise hective situations you need to not even THINK about what your teammate is saying to you. You don't have that extra one second that it takes to "transfer" the words in your brain.
2015-10-30 12:10
the ppl that dont understand swe or nor is IMO just becuse they arent that smart tbh. i understand swe and nor fine, an so does many of my smarter friends an the stupid ones dont. think thats pretty much it.
2015-10-30 12:23
Its a different thing to understand you danish, with your porridge in the mouth.
2015-10-30 12:24
u shouldent talk about who sounds stupid. swe sounds like a danish retard/spastic trying to say something:D
2015-10-30 12:27
That really isn't true. Swedish is actually quite a beautiful language. Much unlike Danish that really is fucked up. The fact that Danes can't pronounce and articulate words in a normal way is super annoying.
2015-10-30 12:53
Yup, for norwegians and swedes, danish sounds fucked
2015-10-30 12:58
Danes don't deserf for rekt
2015-11-13 11:50
Danish kind of sound like a swede/norweigan having a stroke trying to talk while chewing food but it can get understandable...
2015-10-30 13:01
with a days of practice aizy can easily learn swedish or norwegian. and when you are surrounded but those languages all the time you quickly transition. i lived in sweden for a year and in the matter of days i was able to communicate pretty fluently with the swedes. after all the languages are related and with a bit of effort you quickly get the hang of it.
2015-10-30 12:29
NEO | 
Denmark Bqlle 
I too understand norwegian and swedish, but it's not the same thing friend. It takes years of experience to get a non-native language working as well in your brain as your native language. That's a fact. So no matter how "Scandinavian" or clever you are, it'll always be a problem in ways of communication. I've played many tournaments with swedes and it does Work, but at special chokepoints of the game you can feel the tiny language barrier :) IMO
2015-10-30 12:26
Ya u are pretty much spot on. but its not a problem u cant fix if u understand swe/nor(the ingame info). ofcource it will take time to get in perfect. but learning spots in swe/nor shouldent be that hard, if u just work hard enough.
2015-10-30 12:31
NEO | 
Denmark Bqlle 
I agre. But it's not just the spots. If you've ever played serious matches you know that when you get worked up you can fall over the Words you try to say even in your native language. Imagine this and the guy fumbling is talking in a language that you understand but you're not 100% fluent. It takes alot of time to learn, often too long for a team trying to be tier1 and wanting to win asap
2015-10-30 12:42
if you are surrounded by swedish or norwegian every day you quickly learn it. i live in sweden for a year and after a week i could have normal conversations in swedish. it really isnt that hard. it would be another thing if it was finnish or german. the scandinavian languages are more related and that makes it so much easier to learn.
2015-10-30 12:33
You understanding norweigan and danish does not help g2 in any way
2015-10-30 12:11
What I meant by that is that there's more people than me who understands the scandinavian languages in scandinavia.
2015-10-30 12:14
yea i see, but all this does not really matter cuz they speak english in the team
2015-10-30 12:24
Schneider got kicked for a reason. I can barely understand a few words a Dane says.
2015-10-30 13:12
forsaken | 
Sweden !drop 
Like you saw with Schneider in Dignitas, Danish and Swedish don't work but Swedish and Norwegian do.
2015-10-30 12:07
nt fox you will get kicked
2015-10-30 12:08
forsaken | 
Sweden !drop 
There's a can't you see the -
2015-10-30 12:10
Can you think off any norweigan or swedish player that could replace fox?
2015-10-30 12:08
schneider probably
2015-10-30 12:09
2015-10-30 12:10
2015-10-30 12:10
Rather have pyth than schneider
2015-10-30 12:15
Danish+swedish can work. In the late 1.6 fnatic had a DK/SWE team which was pretty good (including karrigan, xyp9x)
2015-10-30 12:12
TBH if a Scandinavian does not understand the two other similar languages (nor/den) (for instance Schneider) you probably suck at languages and you cannot be counted. I mean COME ON, nor/swe/den is 80% the same language
2015-10-30 12:21
danish is way harder to understand for norwegians/swedes, while norwegians and swedes usually have no problem understanding eachother
2015-10-30 12:25
Norwegian and swedish is yes, Danish is something else, its easier to read than hear.
2015-10-30 12:25
Danish is precisely the same as Norwegian, just the vocabulary contains old-norwegian words, as well as Swedish words. Google up your ancestors langagues =)
2015-10-30 13:24
Jeez... don't say anything if you're not scandinavian. It's fucking impossible to understand danes.
2015-11-13 11:53
Im norwegian you dumb swede.
2015-11-14 08:53
Hong Kong eldoodaks 
Danish and Swedish cant fit in a team with each other, schneider in dignitas is an example
2015-10-30 12:08
that was 1 swede with 4 danish don't forget that.
2015-10-30 12:09
They can easily fit, lol.. Do you even understand those languages? BTW, Sweden has a reputation in Scandinavia for not understanding other .sca languages.
2015-10-30 12:23
Hong Kong eldoodaks 
You said the truth. If Swedish can't understand other sca. languages, then how can they understand what aizy says in the team?
2015-10-30 12:30
y everyone wants to cut fox lol ??? fox s a support n he s playing his role better than most .... so cut jkaem if he doesnt work ... but aizy s not a really good option .... Gtr is a better option .... dennis / rain entry dennis igl fox support / awp maik awp/rifle gtr lurk / do wat he wants aizy s too arrogant n he chokes and also s too aggressive n having 4 aggressive players s stupid really .. gtr s aggressive too but he knows wen to n wen not too
2015-10-30 12:09
Suggesting gtr just proves that your options are incredibly unrealistic...
2015-10-30 12:11
y s tat ??? nip's contracts r ending tis year n nip s most probably not winning tis major ... n they r gonna change the roster ... gtr to fnatic (y would fnatic change roster), gtr to c9 ( stupid really) gtr to g2 s a reasonable options really .... if not suggest better cse i think it works ...
2015-10-30 12:14
You havn't been watching the CS scene too long have ya?
2015-10-30 12:16
i am ... if i am wrong then u can suggest a alternate really !!! i would like to hear ....
2015-10-30 12:21
As I said in comment #49 "Yeah maybe but they'll never ever let gtr go, Heaton especially won't let that happen and gtr will listen since Heaton is one of his best friends." they're to tight in NiP to seperate like gtr will want f0rest to follow him but probably they'll stay in NiP and trade out friberg and someone more in worst case, but GTR will not leave NiP. Finding alternatives isn't easy really at all, I still think aizy is an amazing choice. If you watch more Dignitas matches you'll see that he's such a beast when it comes to aim. Put him in a team like G2 and let him evolve and get more experianced, he can't evolve more in Dignitas.
2015-10-30 12:27
but y will g2 for a mere aimer when all their team r aimers ??? being aimers doesn really help how ever consistent they are .... hence the aizy to g2 s a bad choice .... see gtr .... never really a aimer but he s one of the best .... aizy was has changed few teams already even though he s a gr8 player ... says aim s not everything .... so bad choice for me personally ... u might think otherwise ..
2015-10-30 12:31
All in their team is aimers? I can't keep this discussion alive sorry....
2015-10-30 12:38
rain, dennis, jkaem ... all r aimers ... lol even thorin n others said tat several times .... so tat leaves maik n fox .. who r gr8 at pistols n others too ... tats decent aimers .... so y do they need aizy again who has the same game n peeks crazy n gets killed or kills all of em ... he s unpredictable .... i am following dignitas n he moved twice n he s inconsistent ...
2015-10-30 12:41
dennis is IGL? I don't really think you follow Dignitas tho' since we have obviously not watched the same games...
2015-10-30 12:43
dennis s IGl in g2 i guess ... if i am not wrong ... n i am following dignitas .... wasn aizy kicked from the current tsm roster ??? also he s similar to niko ... gr8 players but u cant win a major unless they r in a team tat suits them ... n g2 s not tat team for aizy
2015-10-30 12:46
Aizy wasn't kicked you know, he declined the offer if I remember correctly. They mentioned the TSM offer this event.
2015-10-30 12:50
i rem devil walk giving advice to device about them choking tat device s playing too passive n needs to believe in himself n stuff n tats wen he told removing aizy was a good move as they got fresh ideas n crap ...
2015-10-30 12:54
Dafuq u talkin' bout?
2015-10-30 12:58
obviously u dint know devil walk adviced device about his game n stuff !!! so il leave it at tat !!!!
2015-10-30 13:01
Not sure about that tho. I'm pretty sure Nip will disband after this major. OR just do some big big changes.
2015-10-30 12:18
Yeah maybe but they'll never ever let gtr go, Heaton especially won't let that happen and gtr will listen since Heaton is one of his best friends. friberg might have to go tho'.
2015-10-30 12:23
Offcourse friberg will go ... but will they keep 3-4 players the same??? or make a complete change s the debate really ..3-4 players the asme s again nip = same shit all over again ..... if not g2 players can make it to NIP really ..... but buying out players s expensive ....n wasnt there a financial prob in NIP which heaton said he was not a part of n stuff like tat ??
2015-10-30 12:28
Dude obviously you don't understand that the NiP family has, gtr will never leave the NiP family but sure roster change is extremly possible but trading out f0rest and Xizt makes no sense either. Both have been showing results that's often better than gtr's even so. Allu and friberg would be traded out for someone else probably.
2015-10-30 12:34
forest is calling in tis n friberg was a lttle earlier when they yolo .... but i dont think forest will igl after tis n tat leaves xizt .... which s again back to where it started .. not being able to adapt n change play style or out strat other teams .... no doubt he s playing well but tat isnt really the prob in nip really ... its so easy to read nip ... they do the same shit from 2 years ago ... n tats not wat nip wants again when they change roster ....
2015-10-30 12:37
They're switching 2 players probably according to my theory so how hard would it be for them to look for another IGL? jeeeeez
2015-10-30 12:39
with xizt in nip ... again 1 more IGL ??? would be hard i guess !!! for other decent players to join nip ... wat options do they have .... g2 players n wat others ??? i dont see them gettin decent players unless they r bought from other teams ... n tats a expensive affair !!!!
2015-10-30 12:43
Are you retarded or something? You do know that Xizt havn't been the only IGL in NiP, GTR were calling for a while, Friberg has been calling for NiP and I think f0rest even has been calling for NiP. Xizt isn't only a IGL in NiP, I clearly see that you aren't a too skilled player yourself so I can't talk with someone who doesn't even understand the game. The time Xizt wasn't calling for NiP he was almost top 2 every game btw.
2015-10-30 12:47
lol i myself mentioned tat friberg was calling sometime back n forest is calling currently ... but those r just temporary stuff .... n forest calling s not gonna happen forever ... so its eventually xizt at it if he s around with these guys ... i dont think ur following stuff ... just saying gtr s heatons best friend n hence gtr wont leave s stupid really !!!! if gtr is gonna be in nip ... y not swap players between g2 n nip s wat i am saying .... nip can be gtr, forest, allu, dennis n rain ...xizt n friberg n can move to g2
2015-10-30 12:51
Okay I can barely understand you anymore, you need to take a few more english classes so you atleast gets understandable. So you say "lol I myself mentioned tat friberg was calling sometime back n forest is calling currently" than you say "n forest calling s not gonna happen forever" you just said that f0rest is calling right now and then you said that it will never happen that f0rest are going to call... And why would they throw Xizt out? Just put him as rifler and get another IGL into the team.
2015-10-30 12:57
how s tat hard to understand ??? i think u need to take classes lol ... wen a person s igl currently as forest s .... which s a temporary solution ... so he s anyways not going to do it after tis major .... how s tat hard to understand!!!! tats wat i meant
2015-10-30 13:00
You have to be a fcking troll or something, we're done anyways. Have a nice day or something, I don't really care.
2015-10-30 13:03
you don't watch dignitas enough what he did this major he does almost every match.
2015-10-30 12:11
he s a gr8 player ... i know tat too ... n he dropped 37 the match they lost .... but the point being he s too agressive n they have 3 ppl who already r crazy in tat team .... maik, rain n dennis ... so 1 more s suicide .... aizy n niko r kinda the same ... gr8 players but they play awesome or they fuck it up bad .... g2 needs a star who can hold them together n i see gtr as tat guy ....
2015-10-30 12:16
The way you type is also a way to know that youre retarded or suffered a stroke.
2015-11-13 00:02
so wats your point ??? are you a doctor ??
2015-11-13 05:41
My point is that youre retarded.
2015-11-13 21:04
New Nip Forest GTR Xizt Jks Aizy
2015-10-30 12:10
forest gtr xizt dennis maikelele or they steal olof and krimz et remove friberg & allu
2015-10-30 12:34
all that hype because of 1/2 maps? remember he already played with other danish teams and he was super inconsistent and sucked i mean wtf ppl
2015-10-30 12:10
It's just not 1-2 maps tho' he's an incredible aimer, and he's not gonna evolve in Dignitas. Another team might be his breakthrough where he can get more experianced.
2015-10-30 12:18
ofc he's an incredible aimer, but he already played with the old dignitas lineup (device, fetish, etc), cpw, noproblem, there must be a reason for him not being called from better teams hope he gets recruited by a top tier team, but still has to prove himself against the top teams
2015-10-30 17:11
He had an TSM deal on the table but he declined it for some reason
2015-10-30 17:43
isn't it obvious that they will get a 5th who can speak swedish.
2015-10-30 12:11
No it isn't obvious at all
2015-10-30 12:18
why everyone keeps saying to cut fox, really, he has been playing really well
2015-10-30 12:12
He's playing better than he has done in the past but there's still better options I think.
2015-10-30 12:19
in the paper it can exist (much) better options, but a team isn't made only of aim and skill, we don't know how they feel playing, maybe they "love" playing with fox, does people ever though about it? And if they say fox is playing in a support role then he is doing really well scorewise... and besides that, I think it's clear that in last 2/3 months the worst player has been by far maikelele, soooo inconsistent! If they would want to remove fox I think the best option would be schneider
2015-10-30 12:22
I would like to see fox in a full portuguese team rather, but I understand your love for fox and why you are holding onto him so much. He's portuguese and so are you, but aizy is a guy who get 2-3 kills in the majority of the rounds and that is incredibly important. Schneider wouldn't be good for G2 I think.
2015-10-30 12:31
look, rain and denis in last 2 match was last score and fox/maikelel? this will happen same to aizy. so fox its fine.
2015-10-30 17:14
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
aizy can fit in any team just let him run on the map and he kills everyone
2015-10-30 12:13
Kind of yeah
2015-10-30 12:20
-maikelele +aizy keep fox he is better awp than maikelele
2015-10-30 12:14
Maikelele>fox So many hates maikel's awp style 'cause it's risky but it's an entertaining awp style to watch
2015-10-30 12:20
Yes, very entertaining to watch when it works. Unfortunately for Maikelele, he isn't KennyS and half the time, his crazy risk taking falls flat on its face. The team doesn't give a shit what's entertaining to watch, they care about what helps them win. Having a "boring" player you can rely on is much more important. Also, if you watched the mouz match, fox was having a lot of high impact frags with the awp and maikelele had some great rifle clutches.
2015-10-30 17:35
-jkaem +aizy
2015-10-30 12:14
Too early to throw jkaem under the bus tho', wait a while and see how he evolves in the team
2015-10-30 12:21
2015-10-30 12:20
-fox +Schneider
2015-10-30 12:32
2015-10-30 12:45
-rain +inella and -fox +schneider
2015-10-31 02:21
World navlefnuller 
Why is it you swedes have to speak glitchy danish (also known as swedish) else we could make some fun line-up's!
2015-10-30 12:33
Lets cut fox with maikele and jkaem on the same team,to bring another guy that plays like the same or worst than fox and keep the useless maikelele and jkaem on the team,what aizy options are u talking about? They add jkaem 1 mouth ago and you already want new changes when fox is doing bether than then? U are a smart guy
2015-10-30 12:41
Sweden xPBx 
But maikele is worst player team, i mean all games kill low and sometimes topfragger like yesterday.
2015-10-30 12:42
Brazil woody77 
no , fox is worst than maikelele
2015-10-30 13:03
My opinion is that you're just a kid. R u sure aizy can speak Swedish? They spoke Danish to schneider in dignitas, that's why their communication sucked. For me, the first guy to replace for G2 is jkaem. I don't remember a singe match of G2 vs any tier1 team, when jkaem shone. They didn't pick twist, but they picked jkaem. Twist at least has one strong map, which is de_mirage, while jkaem seems to have 0 strong maps. -jkaem +schneider.
2015-10-30 12:43
Romania Zadro 
They have 3 riflers... Do you really think that they need a 4th? #silveropinions
2015-10-30 12:45
Spain chanSw0w 
Lionheart you are a retard, please leave hltv.
2015-10-30 12:57
Brazil woody77 
New G2 +nex +Niko +dennis +rain +jks , jkaem or aizy gg
2015-10-30 13:07
- nex + anyone from current g2
2015-10-30 17:14
Xizt gonna join g2 after christmas instead of fox
2015-10-30 13:08
Ain nuthn but a G2 thang
2015-10-30 13:08
and +niko
2015-10-30 17:45
Namibia James_Bong 
azk he is the north american player but the titan he is the french stars
2015-10-30 17:45
All these people talking about language... Aren't they already speaking English in the team? Can aizy not speak English?
2015-10-30 17:47
not happening tbh.Dig should keep the same line up kick MSL and replace with a acceptable awper
2015-10-30 17:48
NO! Fox is good enough for G2.
2015-10-30 17:52
United States snack- 
I think that a danish player doesn't actually help them because the rest speak swedish / norwegian (basically the same language)
2015-10-31 05:03
Why change anything?
2015-10-31 05:19
g2 needs no aizy
2015-10-31 12:34
+THREAT as coach +aizy - fox = semifinals in majors
2015-10-31 12:36
nitr0 | 
United Kingdom TTHump 
2015-10-31 12:38
Snax | 
Other c.dallas 
God lion knows the future
2015-11-12 23:53
n1 marty mcfly
2015-11-12 23:53
god the back to the future movies are so shit sweet chocolate baby jesus forbid
2015-11-12 23:56
Sweden Trojka03 
Not Scandinavian but still, if Fox were to leave, I think Allu would be a great replacement. The guy knows basic Swedish and is already used to play in English, from his time in Mouz and NiP. Plus he is a great awper, sure he hasn't maybe shown it lately, but seriously who is particularly good in NiP nowadays? Allu over Twist/Schneider/Nico/Delpan/Polly (and whoever is left in Scandinavia) any day. I think this could only happen if NiP would disband tho.
2015-11-13 00:05
fox is a god. You will realize this in the next tournament. He is god with awp
2015-11-13 06:05
Sweden Trojka03 
I'm sorry fox fanboy, I should've been clearer. My post what just a 'what if' scenario, if fox was replaced. It's not a callout to having him replaced.
2015-11-13 06:57
go 4 -fox +allu (would be nice because they are both awp) - to make fully mixed nordic team. ofc they could alos add pashabiceps because they need nice awper but pasabiceps is in a better team, so hewould say "no my freinds" in my opinion
2015-11-13 00:08
Europe g_G 
fox has been playing fucking good lately and he is already good friend with them. Allu could try in mouz but I don't think they will change chrisJ
2015-11-13 10:25
United States ViKaLiBuR 
aizy won't be as good as dennis but he would do.
2015-11-13 05:42
He will be better
2015-11-13 06:01
dennis is a star player, but g2 didn't have the space for him to unleash his potential. Aizy might actually work better.
2015-11-13 10:37
fox is gud
2015-11-13 06:00
comparing allu with fox.. allu can make some plays and stuff but really if you watch nip games (at least on lan) he fails so much, and he is to slow and static with the awp. People only see the slow start of fox on g2(playing the fuking support roll), but last 2 3 month he is one of there best players with is aggressive awp and is first peaks.
2015-11-13 10:18
too many guys whit out brain talk about fox and G2 delete the post pls omg
2015-11-13 10:42
Says the person who can't write "With" correctly. Post edited 2015-11-13 10:42:46 you even edited your post, numbnuts.
2015-11-13 10:50
aizy showed up nothing in TSM, when they were dignitas and replaced cajunb with him. He showed up almost nothing in dignitas, but he had just 1 good tournament (CEVO 8), and you all overhype him so much. Just typical kids at their best, just like you've been overhyping twist after his cool couple of matches for LGB 2 years ago... -dennis +aizy is a huge downgrade for G2, now they're much worse than they had been before they allowed dennis to leave them.
2015-11-13 11:04
so i suppose you didnt watch cluj since he only had "1 good tournament", are you nuts? he showed up almost nothing in dignitas :D? ok xd
2015-11-13 11:06
I understand he's your countryman and you love him for that, but GeT_ThE_FaCtS_StRaIgHt, he's not a monster dennis was in G2.
2015-11-13 11:08
no, i don't support him because hes danish, but saying he had "one good tournament" and "showed up almost nothing in dignitas" is total bullshit and you know it. hes been insane the last few months, carried dignitas MULTIPLE times (actually pretty much all their games lmao), even had 55 kills on 2 maps at cluj against teams like envyus where they got smacked. aizy is nuts, and yes, dennis is better and more experienced than aizy right now, but i dont think picking up aizy is a bad move at all.
2015-11-13 11:11
So you just proved it once again, that you're just a little fanboy, deal with it pls. Nah, I'm joking. I agree, among the possible options aizy seems to be the most talented player (hello all those, who overhype schneider and twist), but since I'm a fan of G2, I want them to be among the best, and I doubt they can do it with aizy instead of dennis...
2015-11-13 11:15
He must be a troll, dont waste your time on him. Anyone with half a brain cell and a bit of knowledge about cs knows Aizy has been a beast the past half year, ALWAYS performing even tho his team let him down consistently. I think this will be good for him. If he performs well here around all these top aimers, who knows where his career will take him!
2015-11-13 11:42
Sweden SkG 
Hes been doing quite well lately.
2015-11-13 11:29
The only thing that G2 needs is stick with this roster for some time and work on strategys.
2015-11-13 11:24
2015-11-13 11:26
MALLOY. - <3 rain sorry 2years old brain kid
2015-11-13 16:04
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