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I am so fat
Sweden NoPeaceJustHate 
Dudes, i am getting so fat, eating so much burgers and fries, drinking 2-3 liter Coca Cola per day and alot of chocolat and shit, today my store had a rebate for 3 Lays chips, i ate them all, almost 1kg chips in a couple of hours. Holy fuck i am starting to get really fat, so awesome. How many kilos per year can i increase in weight and still be healthy?
2015-10-31 21:13
inte bra
2015-10-31 21:15
Netherlands Priceyguy 
When Snax is fat and a good player , doesnt mean when you get fat and you get good at the game instantly (RIP My englando , i think..)
2015-10-31 21:18
yes, is are mean this (RIP my britain, i think)
2015-10-31 21:19
Netherlands Priceyguy 
wtf are u want.
2015-10-31 21:21
Denmark fujiYEEZY 
Stroopwafles plz
2015-11-01 00:35
Netherlands Priceyguy 
Foreigners tend to love them , we love to sell them to you , EZ money. Lets get down to business , 1 packet of Stroopwafels for a Deagle Conspiracy. Kappa
2015-11-01 01:38
Denmark fujiYEEZY 
Honestly I like boterkoek or those little fried balls with meat and some kind of lettuce mix inside of them more than stroopwafels. Idk why stroopwafels are the most popular Dutch food item, because the Dutch cuisine is filled with delicious goodies and treats :D That being said, why the fuck do you guys put mayo and peanut sauce on your fries? ._. It's weird.
2015-11-01 06:53
u liek buttercock?
2015-11-01 09:56
Denmark fujiYEEZY 
2015-11-01 10:18
Netherlands Priceyguy 
Fried Balls = Bitterballen , and Boterkoek is amazing but basically a fried butter stick :P. And idk why we put Mayo and Peanut sauce on our Fries , it once happened and it got popular.
2015-11-01 11:16
Denmark fujiYEEZY 
Yeah, bitterballen! :D They are like falafels, only a million times better. I can maybe understand the mayo thing, because it adds a certain sourness that tastes okay. But peanut sauce is just so weird, that is sounds like something diabetic Americans could've made up. :D
2015-11-01 11:25
Netherlands Priceyguy 
Haha i dont like Patatje Oorlog (Fries with Mayo and Peanut Sauce) not that much , i stick with the mayo :P
2015-11-01 11:44
With the difference that Snax is not 160cm tall and have 250kg.
2015-11-01 01:43
Ye he's 180cm and 350lbs
2015-11-02 09:21
more fat = more skill
2015-10-31 21:18
muricans know something about fat and skill
2015-11-01 09:52
Sweden alizi 
thats why they tier 3, skinny and stronk, except Hiko a beast
2015-11-02 09:13
kennyS | 
Turkey J1T_T3R 
2015-11-02 15:12
join a sport or a gym, and no not a pokemon gym
2015-10-31 21:19
dude that's default amount of junk food
2015-10-31 21:20
As long as you're drinking that much soda you won't be healthy. Soda is incredibly unhealthy.
2015-10-31 21:20
Netherlands Klitaris 
2015-10-31 21:21
worst troll today
2015-10-31 21:21
nt murrican
2015-10-31 21:22
Vietnam NaMNaMNaM 
nt hiko
2015-10-31 21:22
nt fakeflagging american
2015-10-31 21:23
You don't want to get fat.You will have loose skin when you decide to get skinny again
2015-10-31 21:23
You do know you can gain weight and not get fat right? That's not a myth
2015-11-02 09:24
If you gain weight by building muscle
2015-11-03 23:43
More fat more skill. Look JW for example Kappa
2015-10-31 21:25
fakeflagger murcan
2015-10-31 21:27
just control yourself lol, you don't need to eat/drink those things
2015-10-31 21:28
2015-10-31 21:35
2015-10-31 21:37
Congrats Op you have potentiel to be pro cs player
2015-10-31 22:11
i get rid of all my fat by fapping
2015-10-31 22:14
Id ask flamie for advice
2015-10-31 22:15
Algeria Crashwow 
JW still fat then you
2015-10-31 22:17
ur sick son
2015-10-31 22:34
nt Hiko
2015-11-01 00:35
meh you're prolly gonna die its ok tho you can have asylum in americana we take good care of u bring money
2015-11-01 06:56
NiP chocolate makes you slim fit, ask friberg.
2015-11-01 07:04
"Holy fuck i am starting to get really fat, so awesome. How many kilos per year can i increase in weight and still be healthy?"
2015-11-01 07:15
none. You won't be healthy even if skinny with your diet.
2015-11-01 07:22
Sweden maximusstael 
pinsamt att due svensk din feta jävel
2015-11-01 07:23
rebate hahaha
2015-11-01 07:29
Soon you will need to change your flag to USA. You will know when. kappa
2015-11-01 07:37
i aint no corida, and yur london it is bad ya
2015-11-01 07:38
You forgot to add that you are a virgin too
2015-11-01 08:01
Norway duffz00r 
Ur name speaks for itself :<>)
2015-11-01 09:41
Flamie so fat
2015-11-01 09:53
Mexico hu5h 
you need to add pizza and bacon to your diet. im american i know what im talking about
2015-11-01 10:14
you eat fastfood, you drink that stupid chemical mix called coca-cola, and you're asking us about being healthy? hope you're trolling.
2015-11-01 10:16
Nt fat russian fakeflagger.
2015-11-01 11:25
you will understand everything when you get stuck in hospital
2015-11-02 09:15
Germany Bestgerman69 
just eat köttbullar everyday and play cs allday and u be good
2015-11-02 09:17
nt friberg
2015-11-02 09:24
Pls b a b8
2015-11-02 15:09
he must be american.
2015-11-02 15:10
was it good? how did it taste? discuss
2015-11-02 21:11
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