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why does guardian always do interviews?
Canada h4z0h2k_c9 
i love guardian but poor guy. his teammates always makes him do interview.
2015-11-01 17:02
Canada SquishyMuffinz 
cuz navi are russkies-ukraine guys no money for englando lessons
2015-11-01 17:03
Slovakia Jarck 
2015-11-01 17:04
ZywOo | 
New Zealand ezywoo 
because he is best english speaker lmao
2015-11-01 17:04
edward seemed to speak it fine enough during his video
2015-11-01 17:06
he spoke ruski his sister was speaking english
2015-11-01 17:07
I swear I watched an interview with him speaking english.
2015-11-01 17:09
ZywOo | 
New Zealand ezywoo 
Lmao it was definetly ruski. It had translations probably why.
2015-11-02 04:58
France SiiC 
2015-11-02 05:38
2015-11-02 05:20
because only him and seized can speak english
2015-11-01 17:05
I feel like they bully guardian on the team, make him do everything.He is a nice guy so he doesn't care.
2015-11-01 17:07
to avoid signatures!
2015-11-01 17:08
nitr0 | 
United Kingdom TTHump 
Must be pretty fucking annoying to say the same thing in 10 different interviews.
2015-11-01 17:09
cuz he small and cute
2015-11-01 17:10
2015-11-01 17:12
Ukraine bia 
2015-11-01 17:13
and soft
2015-11-02 05:20
not so soft with his "big gun" tho. was talking about the AWP in game. wtf were u thinking
2015-11-02 05:23
2015-11-02 08:49
2015-11-02 05:28
if u look at the interviews of neo,taz,pasha from 2010 u can see how much they improved their english. but navi didn't except markeloff. maybe they did but noone knows
2015-11-01 17:12
World navlefnuller 
IF A TEAM SELECT YOU TO DO INTERVIEWS AT THE VERY LEAST PRACTICE A FEW INTELLIGENT SENTENCES ABOUT WINNING, LOOSING, GAMEPLAY ETC. ..Not just Guardian, every-fucking-one of them.. well tbh mikelele surprised me in a good way but maaan the others
2015-11-01 17:13
Estonia swag420weed 
Lol, why should he learn some premade shit sentences. 90% of sports interviews are shit. In esports they actually say what they think or at least troll
2015-11-02 05:15
World navlefnuller 
If person being interviewed have zero brain activity and can not produce a coherent thought about the game then that person is not fit for interview and should practice it
2015-11-02 09:11
they're all not so good at english, guardian is just the least worst :p
2015-11-01 17:14
Brazil hugoooo 
He's carrying the shit out of them. He carries them ingame, he carries them when it's needed to speak in english, he probably does everything.
2015-11-01 17:16
Because russkis cant speak englando
2015-11-02 05:23
because it's the only thing where he can't drop 30words (bomb)
2015-11-02 05:25
they could take interview from starix, he speaks english better than all of them
2015-11-02 05:27
Australia ZRBB 
He is the best English speaker, which must say how bad the others are at it
2015-11-02 05:38
Yeah, have you guys seen the starix interview? Shortest interview ever because he was only able to say max 5 words in a sentence.
2015-11-02 13:43
Brazil bandicoot 
He is the team carry
2015-11-02 06:10
Dosia | 
Brunei paulthps 
best englando in team
2015-11-02 06:23
2015-11-02 08:49
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