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Gold Team pick'em
United Kingdom TheMclJoe 
So did anyone actually manage to get gold? If so, post a ss! I was 5 from gold :/ RIP [*]
2015-11-02 00:41
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yes, have gold pick em
2015-11-02 00:42
send a ss!
2015-11-02 00:43 Gold pick em is nothing in compare to my 600 dolla minus on VP and TSM games.
2015-11-02 00:48
aww shit unlucky man. I lost about 100$ on those matches too. Only down to 20$ now :/
2015-11-02 00:50
Got gold too, top 1%. Helped I picked a couple upsets like envy us over fnatic and G2 over VP.
2015-11-02 00:48
Envy beating Fnatic is not upset. Upsets were G2 beating VP, and NIP beating TSM
2015-11-02 00:51
Not an upset in the literal sense but most people expected fnatic to win.
2015-11-02 01:04
dUdLeY | 
United Kingdom dUdLeY 
i got gold in fantasy team in 1%
2015-11-02 00:49 Both Pick'em and Fantasy Golds :) envy carried to both
2015-11-02 00:49
I got 902 points on the last day xD GJ man
2015-11-02 00:51
if I had NBK Sticker I would'be gotten it too.. :( Didn't have enough in the Wallet sadly.. even then these stickers were practically free since I got lucky and got Flusha ( sold for 3 Euro ) and GuardiaN ( 4 Euro ) so it basically paid itself off :D
2015-11-02 00:54 really annoyed I didn't get gold team though :/
2015-11-02 00:56
upsets [*]
2015-11-02 00:58
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