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Bob Ross cfg??
Portugal sõppenN 
Need to know, thanks.
2015-11-02 14:17
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disgusting guy. bob ross is a legend its awfull how this shit community is bullying him
2015-11-02 14:19
are they really? i thought the high views on twitch were people respecting him :( i don't got chat turned on
2015-11-02 14:24
Sweden BBW 
this guy is talking about something else, over 50k viewers are watching him constantly and they all love him. i feel like if you dont like bob, and go so far as bullying him(not that it matters too much anymore), you'd be a terrible person irl
2015-11-03 14:57
Turkey FeverSpeed 
No they dont
2015-11-02 14:28
Zero | 
Canada wolrus 
I don't see how this is bullying. I'm sure he would just have a laugh if he could see all this shit. Actually it would be so awesome if we had twitch chat back then and bob would read it.
2015-11-02 14:29
no one is bullying him, he was really talented.
2015-11-02 14:30
I'm sorry if you got offended, I actually enjoy the stream and ionly put this here as a joke, I truly can't understand how you feel that this is bashing him or his work, but sorry if you feel that way.
2015-11-02 14:49
dunno rly, i just feel sad.. okay its maybe not bullying, but i feel this cancerous twitch chat isnt respecting him ;(
2015-11-02 15:09
They don't even know him, how can they respect him? Twitch is full of kids who think they're funny. Don't take it so hard. As far as i know 99% of them will never be as recognised and as accomplished as bob ever was and is.
2015-11-02 15:12
You are a moron. They all like him.
2015-11-03 15:10
Ukraine FaZe_UW0TM8 
"God bless you" -Bob Ross
2015-11-02 15:17
Sweden elan108 
It's just "God Bless" actually.
2015-11-03 13:30
beat the devil out of it
2015-11-03 14:54
you're stupid why can't we have a proper laugh? because he's dead? he was a great painter and it's really entertaining and I love this cancer twitch chat going nuts every 60secs because Bob says something weird haha
2015-11-03 15:02
bullying a dead guy? thats a new one
2015-11-03 15:21
Finland no_man 
2015-11-03 15:40
Titanium_White 1 Crimson_Red 1 Booger_Green 0 cl_painteasel 2 cl_afrothickness 5 hf :)
2015-11-02 14:19
no van dyke brown?
2015-11-02 14:20
India Gandhii4 
+1 key ingredient
2015-11-02 14:29
2015-11-02 14:39
Thanks, now i can clutch evrytim
2015-11-03 13:38
nukkye | 
Australia riotbz 
pretty sure its "titanium_hwhite 1" actually
2015-11-03 14:50
kennyS | 
Turkey J1T_T3R 
hwite !
2015-11-03 15:32
if u know how to paint properly, u know that bob is not that good at painting actually its very easy to paint like that, u can learn it in 3 days im not even trolling
2015-11-02 14:21
Maybe thats the whole point of the show? Teach people how to make some easy paintings, not like you can make everyone a master painter trough some videos.
2015-11-02 14:25
+1 this guy knows whats up
2015-11-02 15:17
Ok Van Gogh.
2015-11-02 14:28
India Gandhii4 
show us some of your work and lets compare to bob
2015-11-02 14:29
Actually, Bob Ross was a fairly accomplished painter long before he learned and developed the technique he taught in his PBS series. His highest selling paintings were mostly watercolors and he did many portraits that stand the test of time. The more you know...
2015-11-02 14:35
Sweden BBW 
its not like he is allowed to show his full potential in a show thats meant to teach everyone at home to paint and watch a delightful show
2015-11-03 14:59
exactly especially when his director is telling him not to put too much detail
2015-11-03 15:47
and that he has 30 mins to do it
2015-11-03 15:48
India Gandhii4 
IDK but his knife is painted black because it looks better on TV, he said during one game. Normal knife would reflect too much light.
2015-11-02 14:26
bob ross is 100% technique 0% inspiration. he's a painter, not an artist
2015-11-02 14:29
nt kid. Bob ross only cares about the trees
2015-11-02 15:16
i read somewhere that 90% of his paintings contain at least 1 tree
2015-11-03 15:24
99.9% have trees made with van dyke brown and titanium Hwite highlights
2015-11-03 15:57
800x600 black bars , that's for sure
2015-11-02 14:35
800x600 Van Dyke brown bars
2015-11-02 15:16
Just Like So
2015-11-02 14:53
nt sideways france/toothpaste country
2015-11-02 15:21
that's what he says in his paintings u idiot.. nt stolenfromjapanonylgreen fakeass country
2015-11-03 11:56
Lol why would a faggot CSGO plater say that. He is obviously a haxor. I don't know why you like him, but nt country who stole france's flag and then turned it sideways because they aren't original
2015-11-03 13:29
2015-11-03 15:42
Who the fuck cares he obviously walls. Have you seen all his crazy cumbacks???, worse aimlock than flusha
2015-11-02 15:14
u guys know that he´s dead right? respect pls...
2015-11-02 15:19
South Africa rAwRzZz 
Watching Bob Ross is life changing. Really sad to see all the twitch retards direspecting a dead man
2015-11-02 15:21
2015-11-02 15:21
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
2015-11-03 13:35
Germany lpSykl 
2015-11-03 14:55
2015-11-03 14:55
I'm sure the majority of them actually respect him and what he has done but why we can't just make a good banter?
2015-11-03 15:06
Bob ross pls sign my profile!!11!!!
2015-11-02 16:45
Norway namsayin 
Bob Ross died 20 years ago. some people claim his hair is still alive though
2015-11-03 13:48
Well it is
2015-11-03 16:02
United States BrandonS101 
2015-11-03 15:00
Best channel on twitch
2015-11-03 15:01
:D I remember watching his program when a was a child :D his whispers <3
2015-11-03 15:04
"now then" Kreygasm
2015-11-03 16:27
gotta love twitch chat "Bob are you excited for fallout 4???" HAHAHAH
2015-11-03 15:04
sv_brush 1
2015-11-03 15:05
cl_beatthedeviloutofit 10
2015-11-03 15:13
2015-11-03 15:15
I don't get the point in spamming Twitch chat. You have 3 minutes to come up with your next message, unless you've subbed. You could write about how watching Bob Ross paint makes you feel. If he still were alive, he would want that. Don't spam VAC. No one will see it anyways.
2015-11-03 15:15
Lol, everyone loves Bob dude
2015-11-03 15:25
Best ASMR Artist of All Time.
2015-11-03 15:31
I was thinking about that haha
2015-11-03 15:44
These brush noices as well
2015-11-03 15:46
Slovakia Nemesis97 
cl_happylittleclouds 1 cl_happylittletrees 1 cl_happylittlerocks 1 cl_vandykebrown 255 cl_titaniumwhite 255 cl_Yellow Ochre 255 sv_beatthedeviloutofit 1
2015-11-03 15:34
cl_ruined thank me later
2015-11-03 16:04
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