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The best sniper of all time is finnish
Fifflaren | 
Sweden fiff1aren 
Simo Häyhä, the best sniper ever to live. Is there someone you can compare him to?
2015-11-06 19:11
Guardian > Simo /close
2015-11-06 19:12
2015-11-06 19:31
Poland Kuz. 
Neo when pentagram was great
2015-11-06 19:12
tihOp best ez
2015-11-06 19:16
Sweden Alb9n 
"thats ironic, because i've never seen a finnish awper do anything good. bot allu." - sadokist
2015-11-06 19:18
Probs KQLY or Optic Predator.
2015-11-06 19:21
in my opinion, pashabiceps is one of the best awpers of all time.
2015-11-06 19:23
Craig Harrison World Record confirmed kill : at a range of 2,475 m (2,707 yd) This record was certified by Guinness World Records
2015-11-06 19:28
That is pretty damn impressive!
2015-11-06 19:30
i'll go with fRod simply because he was the undisputed best sniper in 1.6 from 2005-2006, and then best sniper in CS:S during CGS era, and then came back to 1.6 after a LONG hiatus and still top 5 (behind markeloff, walle, etc)
2015-11-06 19:30
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