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what was the worst pain you ever experienced? either physically or psychologically
2015-11-10 23:34
Germany ChristallClear 
broke my cranium
2015-11-10 23:37
smashed my head on stairs made of stone when i was 6 still hurts when i think about it
2015-11-10 23:37
physical: hard to say, but the most recent one was pepper spray from the police. I got hit directly and it was easily one of the worst pains I've felt in last 5 years or so.
2015-11-10 23:39
Hungary Shaperz 
2015-11-10 23:50
You have either not been pepper sprayed directlty to your face, or you're trolling. People compare it to third degree burns.
2015-11-10 23:52
Been there done that, not even bad. Tear Gas is also manageable.
2015-11-11 19:58
I guess it's very individual. There's also huge differences between pepper spray and pepper spray. And to just be in the "cloud" of it or to get it sprayed directly to your face is also an unbelievable large difference in pain. I could barely breath for half an hour, could not see at all for half an hour and it literally felt like I acid in my eyes. I still felt it over 24 hours later.
2015-11-11 20:08
Yes, I know this since I've used different pepper sprays in work. Also in Finnish military you can voluntarily take straight spray on your face and take tear gas etc., just to realize what it feels like and to make you use it only in situations you need it. As a security guard we also had to take pepper spray to face...
2015-11-11 20:22
I know police needs to try it but they get some on their finger and they rub it in one eye, closed. Thats the the same as getting your face covered, getting it in your nose, mouth, eyes, everywhere
2015-11-11 20:27
Norway Duckelele 
2015-11-11 00:21
Why were you pepper sprayed? Are you some kind of AFA kid?
2015-11-11 00:30
For no reason at all. After a football game. A video from one of the busses (it was an away game) I was to the right of the bus, with 30 other people and about as many police storm us with batons and pepperspray as u can see
2015-11-11 00:47
Why did the police do that?
2015-11-11 01:16
That's how they treat football supporters. In this case they didn't let our busses leave because they were looking for two people out of like 80+ who had defended themselves when the police tried to get onto our stands when we were using pyro. Because we didnt point out the two people (i dont even know who it was) we didn't "cooperate" so they rushed us all of the sudden. got beaten to the ground and then we had to sit there for an hour.
2015-11-11 01:19
wtf, is this normal in sweden?
2015-11-11 03:27
Yes, it is very common in sports. All games that is a high risk game trigger the police, if nothing happens between the supporters of the two teams the police will start some shit and justify it with some shitty thing as "they used pyro" Earlier this year people reported that the police where trying to run them over during football games. The police said they were going to investigate themselfs. They came to the conclusion that it was problem with the breaks. 6 months later this was caught on camera. Police said this is one of their tactics and has been for long.
2015-11-11 04:16
damn, thats pretty fucked up. i would be scared to attend matches if that happened where i live
2015-11-11 04:38
To be 100% honest, "normal" supporters is very rare to be treated like this. Its most often than not it's what many people would call "hooligans" that gets attacked by the police. However it often happens without any other evidence than how we are dressed for example. Or collective punishment, where 3 people out of a group of 50 does something illegal and the police attacks all 50. The police always stand for the most of the football violence and everyone are more scared of them than the rival teams' "firms".
2015-11-11 06:00
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo 
Good. They should do the same everywhere.
2015-11-11 19:25
First world country Kappa
2015-11-11 03:54
The police in America is far worse still :) but yeah, fucking acab
2015-11-11 05:52
isn't pyro illegal?
2015-11-11 09:14
2015-11-11 11:39
how about not behaving like a retarded monkey?
2015-11-11 12:33
Are you handicapped?
2015-11-11 13:25
Are you handicapped? Hooligans are the society's trash. Retards, I bet you like to kiss each others after cheering for your club.
2015-11-11 14:08
Im not a hooligan and neither arw the people that got attacked by the police. Okay, lets say some kids at your school downloads a mobie from the school network. Does that give the police right to attack all the kids in that school with batons and pepperspray? Just becauae a few ppl did something illegal, but didnt hurt anyone. Thats exactly how the police works when it comes to football supporters
2015-11-11 14:27
You should arrest all football supporters. 2nd class humans.
2015-11-11 15:21
You should arrest cheaters. 3rd class humans.
2015-11-11 19:57
using pyro - behaving like monkeys, retard and i guess u have never been on football match why pyro bothers u so much? pyro is safe real fans are using it for fun, why are u so negative when people are having fun just leave them alone and let them do what they love to do
2015-11-11 14:24
idiot detected
2015-11-11 15:21
typical lemming no arguments write idiot
2015-11-11 15:34
reatrd jesus really just stfu
2015-11-12 18:07
NEO | 
Denmark Bqlle 
But srsly, he's right. Pyro is to no harm to anyone and the fact that it's banned is stupid. If the police and gouvernment really cared about it, they would arrest every single person on the specific part of the stadium that had been used pyro at. They don't which tells us that they dont really give a fuck. It's a stupid law and you don't have to be a braindead monkey to like to use pyro/scream loud for your team/cheer them on.
2015-11-11 16:00
yes, you are. Most of them guys screaming/cheering loud for their teams behave like monkeys and are full of hatred against other fans just because of a game. Why would you need to use pyro to cheer for your team? It's just stupid and ofc it is banned. Hooligans are like monkeys and most of them don't know shit about the sport, they are football's cancer.
2015-11-11 16:53
NEO | 
Denmark Bqlle 
Okay, not much to discuss with you I see. You must suck at dinners etc., not being able to hear other people out when they talk to you in a proper manner :) I hope YOU get cancer sometime soon. Hf!
2015-11-11 18:53
Yes, let's end this discussion here. It's clear that I am right and you and your hooligan fans are obviously monkeys. Go make your pyro in your house.
2015-11-11 19:42
2015-11-11 04:08
The paradox of Police You should feel safe, but you feel danger Poland knows that feel bro :(
2015-11-11 15:09
s1mple | 
Sweden DiTzZ 
You're from Malmö.. Don't need to say no more :D
2015-11-11 12:14
Finland Dragonpig 
You're my hero bro <3
2015-11-11 13:11
Finland Acoz 
Well stop demostrating in sweden you wont get your sharia laws ;)))
2015-11-11 13:42
dude i got fucking pepper sprayed by some idiot. Just because i was drunk and it was 4am.
2015-11-11 15:54
my friend accidently fired gun(not gun with real bullets but the replica ones who look the same but just fire pepper,tear gas, blank bullets) in my room containing pepper gas bullet. It wasnt a direct shot at face but it was enought for two guys to rub and wash their eyes for almost and hour. So i partly know the feel bro.
2015-11-11 15:58
Yeah ive gotten it indirectly too, but this was different haha. Couldnt even see anything the first 30 min
2015-11-11 16:35
If thats the worst pain u have experienced then u must have been living in a balloon or something.
2015-11-12 16:27
I said in the last 5 years or so. Its worse than you think, guaranteed
2015-11-12 16:47
I have experienced pepper spray and teargas.
2015-11-12 17:16
Name something you felt that was much worse then. Cos people here are mentioning shit like hitting their face in the concrete or over-stretching, which to me hurts waaay less. The only good thing with pepper spray is that the effects wear off faster, but the pain while its active hurts more than a broken rib for example (I've had that happen to me)
2015-11-12 18:24
Breaking my nose and the worst pain was snapping my femur. edit: i wouldnt even consider pepper spray as pain, its just really uncomfortable.
2015-11-12 18:41
Doesn't seem like you've gotten the same strenght or maybe not a direct spray to your eyes. It's way different from just being in the "cloud" of it. People compare the pepperspray our police use to hurt as much as a third degree burn. Anyways, I couldn't open my eyes for over 30 mins and I could barely see in the next few hours. I still felt it 24 hours later.
2015-11-12 19:02
I guess it depends on person. I didnt find it too bad.
2015-11-12 19:05
I found this: 5,300,000 - Pepper spray Swedish police use 2,000,000 - "Normal" pepper spray 100,000 - 350,000 - Habanero
2015-11-12 19:08
France Gouki 
I injure my left side my streching way too fast ... whenever i was laughing or even breathing i had this fast pain in my side , took about 4 weeks
2015-11-10 23:41
Ugh, feel ya. Did the same and got this awful pain ithe back. So every third second, I lost my breath and it took me 6 weeks to recover fully.
2015-11-11 00:15
Pulling stuff while stretching = easily the dumbest way to get hurt for me, yet it hurts the worst...such is life.
2015-11-11 00:22
Ouchie x-x
2015-11-11 00:36
It's dumber than stubbing your toe on a door you walk through every day of your life honestly.
2015-11-11 01:25
Once I stubbed me though, because I was in a hurry. Blue toe ftw (not really.) Another time, I hit the wall so hard my knuckles got swollen and blue. The wall didn't break as it was like 30cm thick atleast.
2015-11-11 15:13
10/10... ... ...Smashing.
2015-11-11 23:26
kick in the balls > all
2015-11-10 23:41
Poland Fasterinio 
2015-11-10 23:49
CIS chlenixon 
be nice to the girls then :)
2015-11-11 00:11
they think giving birth is such a big deal, but they dont want to admit that kicking the balls is so much worse, cuz deez nuts + u want to vomit really bad :(
2015-11-11 10:45
yeah dude i was a handball goalie and i didnt have nut protection and there was a guy running to the goal and he threw some sort of bouncing ball right in front of me hit me right in the balls i almost died
2015-11-11 00:17
RIP bro
2015-11-11 00:44
The end of your bloodline. Rip :(
2015-11-11 09:36
kicked? tried hit with a 2x4 in the balls. When i was around 8 or 9 years old i was in a friends garage and he was climbing a ladder made of 2x4;s into the attic. The floor was concrete and the ladder was straight up and down only attached at the top and the bottom slipped and hit me right in the balls with tons of force.
2015-11-11 06:55
getting nutshotted from 2 meters with a hard football... and it was a powerful shot rest in scrotum
2015-11-11 10:46
Denmark Arize 
Getting flicked by my friends towel on my dick head. My dick went all red and blue for a week, and I was forced to go to my doctor. Worst pain ever experienced..
2015-11-11 14:14
Finland Jiksu 
Dropped down from around 3 meters on flat ice, didn't flat out break anything but had minor fractures around my ankles on both legs. That fucking hurts like hell though. This won't sound like much but during my training as an security guard I somehow had my middle finger dislocate completely in an practice scenario. Not nice. And the legendary hitting your toes to something hard.
2015-11-10 23:44
First one sounds pretty damn heavy man! 3meters is quite a lot, it couldve went worse for sure. Where are you serving as security?
2015-11-10 23:49
Finland Jiksu 
More or less all around Tampere and the nearby area. On night patrol mostly, sometimes filling in at hospitals and such. And yes, the first one was stupid as hell.. I were around 10 years old at the time though so it was expected. I jumped off from an cliff to a ditch where I thought would be a lot of soft snow but.. It wasn't all soft, the bottom of the pile (after ~20cm of soft snow) was frozen solid.
2015-11-10 23:52
Been often to Tampere, great place. Greetings from the capital tho. Glad you are good now, hope you're safe in the future. Maybe eat one or two donuts for me, I fucking love them up your place!
2015-11-10 23:57
Normal conversations between two people? BETWEEN TWO FINNS? ON HLTV?!?!?!?! GTFO both of you and your good manners and common sense! KappaHD
2015-11-11 15:16
It was my brother typing. Kappa
2015-11-11 15:20
Finland Jiksu 
We're rare breed nowadays, unfortunately.
2015-11-11 17:15
Denmark vexity 
That third one. Can confirm. Nothing hurts like that :D
2015-11-11 15:07
I broke my arm and smashed my face against concrete when I was younger, those are probably the worst.
2015-11-10 23:46
Emotional: my 5 years old gf went on to study abroad. When she told me, she was already on her way to italy. fml.
2015-11-10 23:51
Finland Jiksu 
Your girlfriend is 5 years old and studying abroad?
2015-11-10 23:53
NEO | 
Denmark Bqlle 
2015-11-11 16:02
Hungary janikiraly 
she is quite clever for a 5 years old if he goes to study abroad, i mean i couldnt even read. i hope you will get together again
2015-11-10 23:53
she must be clever if she's mature enough enough to have a bf at that age
2015-11-11 11:51
Azerbaijan Talley 
5 years old and already going to study abroad? What do her parents think about that?
2015-11-11 00:06
what do her parents think about her getting fucked by some creepy csgo guy at 5 years age is a better question...
2015-11-11 00:20
having to leave a town you're visiting where you find a great girl
2015-11-10 23:56
I know that feeling, can really hurt.
2015-11-11 00:00
I came to read not to feel :(
2015-11-11 08:03
tooth pain
2015-11-10 23:56
+1 starki
2015-11-11 00:24
This. I had to get the nerves out of my tooth and afterwards clean the roots in my tooth. (don't know the english word, for dutch speakers: tand ontzenuwen en wortelkanaal zuiveren) The dentist had to push a needle in the nerves of my tooth like 20 times. The needle was connected to the computer so u heard a beeping sound that was going faster when it was coming closer to the nerve. Then she pushed the needle in. Still getting chills when I think about the pain. I almost passed out and the seat was soaking wet bc of my sweat.
2015-11-11 20:20
pinky toe in the door. 10/10
2015-11-10 23:56
amenbrother !
2015-11-11 00:31
Wisdom teeth pain. Literally woke up 4 am with the fucking pain. God that was so bad
2015-11-11 00:01
i just took ibuprofen works everytime
2015-11-11 15:26
It was actually before extracting it. It got to a point that I got to pull it out immediately
2015-11-11 15:27
oh fuck
2015-11-11 15:41
getting a B in a maths test
2015-11-11 00:03
Pretty much everyone in my schools goal is to get a C on their test
2015-11-11 03:25
hmm not good if you want sexy girls you have to get an A in calculus
2015-11-11 17:43
f0rest | 
Sweden sAwen 
Never happens ;)
2015-11-11 14:02
Sweden Lacazette 
physical: When i crashed into a metal bar with my head in 15kmph. It was about 10 years ago but i still have a big scar next to my right eye. Emotional: When my grandfather suffered from a stroke and lost his ablitlity to walk and speak. He is still alive but it hurts a lot to see him that way. He was and is still a huge part of my life.
2015-11-11 00:03
Physically (that I remember): Got a surgery to both my big toes, they had to get the nail out, cut something and replace it and it hurted like hell for a week, couldn't sleep, it felt like somebody was ripping my nails out constantly, couldn't understand why the fuck I wasn't on pain killers for this... I might have experienced something more painful but nothing that lasted that long. Psychologically: Probably the break-up with my girlfriend after a pretty long relationship. I hadn't felt that shitty since the suicide of a friend and I'm trying to get ready for the upcoming death of my dad which is fucking stab in the chest everytime I'm trying to face that this will happen sooN.
2015-11-11 00:06
Stay strong buddy. Your dad will live on through you :)
2015-11-11 00:25
That's kind, thanks man, didn't expect much from HLTV (seems like someone else commented and his comment got deleted, might have felt bad himself about what he said). Have a nice day!
2015-11-11 14:11
I have been there myself so I feel your pain. Yeah maybe he learned something new today :P Peace brotha.
2015-11-11 14:15
Physically: Eye pain every day due to shit condition Psychologically: 5 years of it takes it's toll a bit.
2015-11-11 00:06
hemorrhoids Every shit I took felt like rusty nails coming out of me, could barely sit, extreme pain for at least 6-8 hours after every number two. ;_____;
2015-11-11 00:07
hahaha get fuccd son
2015-11-11 00:21
lost my dog clicked a keylogger
2015-11-11 00:11
Kidney stone! That one hurt so much!
2015-11-11 00:13
not the wirst, but tooth pain is horrible, it doesnt let you sleep man
2015-11-11 00:13
watching VP lose hurts me the most:((((((((((((((((( i cri evritime
2015-11-11 00:15
jkaem best
2015-11-11 11:52
worst that ever happened to me was when i broke my leg (i dont get hurt much)
2015-11-11 00:16
I once took an arrow to the knee.... ;x But still adventured!
2015-11-11 00:19
nt Slade Wilson
2015-11-11 01:13
when you see your ex-gf with shes ex-bf :D:D:D:D:D:DDD:D:D:D::D:D lOlOOOoLLLoLOL
2015-11-11 00:19
Denmark Mrnobody 
Broke my callerbone.
2015-11-11 00:19
I once stepped on a lego
2015-11-11 00:22
the other day in mm i got killed with a grenade in my hand, worst pain confirmed
2015-11-11 00:24
4 of my front teeth being pulled out at age 2.. passed out twice. remmember it only because of the pain. :(
2015-11-11 00:25
When familymembers die, that pain really leave scars in your soul.
2015-11-11 00:25
that's deep.
2015-11-11 00:27
African Union ArisA 
My dog died which i consider a familymember... and my new dog that is 10 years old, hurts my feels everytime i think about it, that she'll soon die :(
2015-11-11 01:12
Finland Acoz 
my dog is 16 years old still going strong o,o
2015-11-11 13:46
broken a few bones but tearing my MCL was the absolute worst
2015-11-11 00:30
Norway namsayin 
Gingivitis. if you get that you want to instant kill yourself. had it 2 times. 14 days of pain out of this world. i have also broken many bones before and i would break a bone every day instead of that pain. no pain killers remove it eighter and you cant sleep. you have to wait for 5-7 days before the antibiotic kicks in. that shit is probably the worst non stop physical pain you can get.
2015-11-11 00:45
1) kick in the balls 2) LEGO
2015-11-11 00:34
Putting a toothpick under my big toe and kicking the wall Not really, but that shit would hurt soooooo bad
2015-11-11 00:36
Estonia MorsAlbum 
I'd legit probably fkn die from the pain. Damn that shit would hurt.
2015-11-11 01:18
I once squeezed a stapler shut after refilling it. Not quite the same but a staple under the nail hurts a lot...
2015-11-11 01:20
ok im cringing that would hurt so fucking much
2015-11-11 08:11
World 1663 
giving birth to a tortoise
2015-11-11 00:41
slap shot to the nose with a puck.
2015-11-11 00:44
Fuck man. How badly broken was your nose? I remember playing on the pond and took a slap shot to the balls. Pain was so bad I couldn't even breathe/scream.
2015-11-11 04:13
broke my nose, and the upper lip area, chipped a tooth, had to eat food out of a straw for 2 months. hurt like hell
2015-11-11 04:17
damn:o i once fell into a ledge or something and hit my chin, making my lower teeth dig into the area below the lower lip, kinda hard to explain. was a lot of bleeding but it eventually healed after some weeks.
2015-11-11 11:57
when the frenulum breaks a bit ayyyyyyyy
2015-11-11 00:50
well to be honest. Any of my 18 fractures... But this is the worst .. left arm ... Wasn't able to move my fingers for 6 months .. year and a half of rehabilitation or whatever it's called ... Very old picture btw, 13 years ago
2015-11-11 00:52
physical:getting 8 teeth pulled out for braces psychological:watching my dog run into traffic and get run over twice
2015-11-11 01:06
OMG that is so terrible :(
2015-11-11 16:34
Italy vl. 
Broke my nose when I was 14 Damn there was so much blood and a curver nose doe
2015-11-11 01:08
Almost dying of internal bleeding from a perforated gut. Actually cried when they gave me pethadine because it made me want to stay alive. Funny that i had decided the same morning that it wasn't just a stomach ache and decided not to get on the plane to Crete. Probably would have died. Haha.
2015-11-11 01:18
2015-11-11 01:21
2015-11-11 01:21
pissing out kidney stones
2015-11-11 01:31
Vietnam NaMNaMNaM 
Getting kicked on the balls def worst pain
2015-11-11 03:29
Waking up from 2nd spine surgery without pain meds = 10/10 pain. Kicked in the balls is maybe a 7/10 compared at most.
2015-11-11 03:31
When I got my scrotum cut open when jumping a fence, not as much pain as how traumatized I was seeing both my balls inside the scrotum.
2015-11-11 03:35
Hungary janikiraly 
holy fuck
2015-11-11 23:11
Getting a football shot on the scrotum. Especially if its a closerange full powershot... 11/10 paint
2015-11-11 03:41
United Kingdom D4w 
Once playing rugby someone came flying in during a breakdown and stood on my knee whilst i was on the ground, the studs cut my skin and my knee ligaments got injured too. I also dislocated my shoulder but that wast so bad
2015-11-11 03:47
when i was a kid i ran out of my bathroom with my hands over my eyes and slammed my forehead in the wall and dented it. now i browse hltv.
2015-11-11 03:49
United Kingdom D4w 
makes sense
2015-11-11 03:49
2015-11-11 04:40
Maby losin mm game 2v5 after we were winnibg 13-3 still hurts when i think about it
2015-11-11 03:50
Appendix ruptured when I was about 12, felt like a ball of fire in my lower abdomen, severely burned when urinating, almost died, 10/10 would do it again
2015-11-11 03:51
when i gave birth to myself after living in ur mums pussy for around 2 months. it was very hurt to pushing myself out of her dirty cave nd there was much blood involved, she also did a shit on herself nd i joined in for fun. it hurt most when i was exit from her vagina because all my body was squashed into ball was overall worth tho nd i climb inside her again nd give birth to myself when bored
2015-11-11 04:06 Often considered to be one of, if not the most, painful condition known in medical science. Yes it hurts, kind of like have somebody drill your eye out. Luckily for me I only get them for a few weeks every 1-2 years. If I had them often and couldn't treat them, I can see why they call them "suicide" headaches.
2015-11-11 04:10
United States ViKaLiBuR 
THE worse pain in the history of the world is waking up, go to the bathroom to take a shit, and having your stomach hurt when you're sitting their groaning and moaning.
2015-11-11 04:14
Hungary janikiraly 
eat more fiber m8
2015-11-11 23:13
going to the dentist without getting drugged
2015-11-11 05:54
wisdom teeth removal aftermath
2015-11-11 06:05
C9 loses and everyone chants "EU > NA"
2015-11-11 06:08
kidney stones
2015-11-11 06:11
2015-11-11 08:03
cut my finger 5cm deep once, tho i didn't feel the pain cause i was drunk and my nerves were instantly cut. i did kick a door with my big toe once, hurts like shit
2015-11-11 06:12
Had a really bad sprain or bone bruise in my left arm when I was like 11, never went to the doctors so I dont know what it was. But it fucking hurt, I could not do anything with my arm or put any pressure on it. Needless to say, sleeping was a bitch.
2015-11-11 06:16
accidentally chopped part of my dick off with scissors, had to get 69 stitches
2015-11-11 06:22
getting stung by a swarm of oriental hornets, 2 days in a hospital :'(
2015-11-11 06:25
Worst pain is definitely hltv ban... Cried for a week then got unbanned =)
2015-11-11 06:47
My big toe nail was stuck on the blanket at night two years back and then I pulled the blanket and nail was ripped off. That was worst pain I have felt till now.
2015-11-11 07:29
Once I cutted off a piece of my finger
2015-11-11 07:46
Katie | 
Canada Lizzie 
ear infection
2015-11-11 07:50
bike crash both physical and psycho :x
2015-11-11 07:50
I had an open vein in my nose and the doctor burned it with some kind of hot metal. I nearly passed out
2015-11-11 07:53
Australia thringy 
2015-11-11 08:07
<3 feel ya <3
2015-11-11 19:35
probably my fingers getting stuck between a door
2015-11-11 08:11
That hurts like a motherfucker. Been there and I still got a messed up finger.
2015-11-11 08:15
Finland KolenaW 
Ice hockey w/o protection to nuts by a guy who has played ice hockey for around 10 years... Daamn still can feel it and ut has been 6 years
2015-11-11 08:13
I had an injury at work where I busted my knee pretty bad. My toes were facing my back. That has been by far the most pain I have ever felt;
2015-11-11 08:14
Physical: Slap Shot to the balls
2015-11-11 08:15
tie between dentist drilling my teeth with insufficient anesthetic and getting stabbed in the chest 3x with a square tip knife and my first kiss had sex with him.
2015-11-11 08:18
bee sting in the tip of the d. never had this, but i nearly feel the pain when thinking about it. real torture is getting a wisdom tooth pulled out with non-working local anaesthesia and getting a little bit of the jar broken out. tooth came out, but little piece of jar kept in unnoticed. inflammated and hurt like hell. 2 months treatment with applicator tampons and much pain such wow. googletranslated the medicinical words, could be all wrong, should be understandable tho
2015-11-11 08:55
when u stub ur toe
2015-11-11 08:59
i broke my nose 6 times also i have kidney which is on 2 centimeters larger than the other I cut myself a finger for a half by saw one day when i was sawing wood fuck this life man :D
2015-11-11 09:07
World Fzq 
Psychologically? Had a crush on a grill all-through high school, then on senior year, a friend starts dating her two weeks after he spent a year abroad, so I'd see her with him much more often than I would've liked. Prolonged agony is the worst.
2015-11-11 09:27
deleting counter strike
2015-11-11 09:31
hearing children voices in cs. instant cancer pain.
2015-11-11 10:37
xd im like "are you 12?" i could be your goddamn dad
2015-11-11 12:51
same :/ turning 28 next monday... 30 calling :(
2015-11-11 18:57
29 soon :c
2015-11-11 19:26
i feel u bro :/
2015-11-11 19:33
Physically? When I got shot in Brazil while driving jeep. I got shot in my shoulder by some retaded kids playing with the gun in the bushes. Psychologically?When I woke up in the morning some day, i went downstairs and saw my little brother lying down on the floor in the kitchen with full of blood, he accidently fell with knife in his hands and It got stuck in his stomach, he died in hospital day after. He just wanted to surprise whole family with making breakfast. Everything happend in one month , 3 years ago
2015-11-11 10:47
damn, RIP
2015-11-11 16:32
2015-11-12 17:23
Losing an easy anti-eco round when playing matchmaking and leading 15-14
2015-11-11 11:43
Cramp in the arch under my foot... Holy shit
2015-11-11 11:45
I broke my nose and mid finger. My thumb stuck in a big fucking door too
2015-11-11 11:47
Top fragging with 40 + kills and tie the game 15-15 fak
2015-11-11 11:49
i lost 16-7 with 36 frags
2015-11-11 12:30
Lost a game 16-14 with 47 frags. I still blame myself because I could've done better last round.
2015-11-11 14:24
Aleksib | 
Finland Emvi 
Breaking my humerus bone when i was 10 was the 2nd worst. the worst pain was after getting home from hospital i fell on the stairs lmao
2015-11-11 11:55
Taking a shit.
2015-11-11 12:42
3rd degree burn on my head, almost didnt make it, thx chopper&docs <3
2015-11-11 12:50
my little brother attacked me with a wooden sword and broke my toe on two places and my metatarsal bone
2015-11-11 12:56
Lol what a pussy ass life
2015-11-11 13:38
it hurt back in the day :D
2015-11-11 14:51
Elbow pain, shit was so hard to deal with. #JustBackLeverThings
2015-11-11 13:13
When Friburger raped me in my bunghole
2015-11-11 13:37
A dislocated shoulder without a doubt - happen'd 5 times.
2015-11-11 13:42
Sweden mrarrogant 
Dislocated knee 2 times. ACL torn and couldn't play football for 2 years. Id prolly be playing for my national team if it wasn't for the injury
2015-11-11 13:45
gas | 
Portugal AllJews 
Stepping on a lego.
2015-11-11 13:47
seeing NiP Play for the first time.
2015-11-11 13:48
Finland Acoz 
a slapshot that hit my backbone felt like my back was on fire o,o
2015-11-11 13:49
breakup + dad cancer at the same time
2015-11-11 14:03
oh fuck, i'm sorry dude :(
2015-11-11 15:49
Running on an old bridge with sandals and I just took a big ass step right in a rusty old nail, it went straight throw the middle of my foot, I could even see the top of it. Like I said, I was running on an old bridge in a place called Värmland in a forest located nowhere, so getting to a hospital would be difficult. My dad walks out, hearing me screaming and walks up to me with his popsicle. He sees the nail and begins to eat his popsicle untill only the stick of the popsicle is left. He puts the popsicle stick in my mouth and tells me to bite really hard and he just grabs the nail and starts to drag it out. This part hurt the most, holy fuck. TL:DR I stepped on a nail and my dad dragged it out.
2015-11-11 14:10
hearing the new sound in cs:go.
2015-11-11 14:12
I stepped on Lego, at night.
2015-11-11 14:16
es3tag | 
Denmark Ardal 
Tore my ACL 4 times
2015-11-11 14:21
testicular torsion or what ever when your balls get twisted. i gotta say it hurts like hell, never experienced worse pain than that :D
2015-11-11 14:35
Russia Razor_88 
wtf how do you just get it?
2015-11-11 15:28
i dunno, i think it just comes randomly. no one of my relatives havent had it so its not genetic i assume.
2015-11-11 17:56
yesterday I just won 4 games in a row (I only play alone, no lobby). I was top fragging and didn't rank up... The frustration is horrible, I don't anyone feel that.
2015-11-11 14:39
I gave birth to 5 kids, I dislocated my hip onces, dislocated my knee 4 times (and a surgery after that), I broke my arm onces and I teared my ankle ligaments (inside and outside). It all hurt real bad, but if i have to make a choice, I pick the dislocated hip. Not the moment it dislocated, but in the hospital wenn they placed it back, wow, that was hell. they gave me a lot of painmedication but still I screamed.
2015-11-11 14:40
the real question is if you have 5 kids get the fuck off hltv and look after them
2015-11-11 17:38
yeah like who cares at all
2015-11-11 19:48
I don't think my 13, 11 and 9 year old kids will like it if mommy looks after them every second of the day ;).
2015-11-11 20:54
United Kingdom NoelG 
Literally just twisted my ankle, not that bad, I'm pretty lucky but it hurt the most for me.
2015-11-11 14:45
teeth scraping the dick, that shit hurts.
2015-11-11 14:59
I was stoned af sittin in a bar, when our "funny" waitress ruddle some shots with 1m chilli peppers. It wasn't so bad but when I touch my co*k on a toilet I almost died there.
2015-11-11 15:00
Inflammation of the appendix. Couldn't eat anyting for a week and not even pee for a while. Worst experience of my life.
2015-11-11 15:08
Any movie with Vin Diesel in it?
2015-11-11 15:22
Sosa | 
Russia johanb 
when i was 9-10 y/o i felt into alot of fucking lego bricks.. (i wasnt wearing t-shirt or smth)
2015-11-11 15:24
When i found out that toilet which i was about to clean was already cleaned by another poor polack...
2015-11-11 15:28
2015-11-11 15:30
2015-11-11 15:34
Physically - when i was young (5 yo), i was running in my house, and my head hitted to one of furnitures. I was so lucky, doctor said if my head would be a litte bit higher in this case, i would lost my left eye :( Psyhologically -
2015-11-11 15:48
The friend zone
2015-11-11 15:48
Migraine. End of discussion.
2015-11-11 15:54
2015-11-11 19:41
physically: fell of a tree as a kid and impaled myself on one of these
2015-11-11 15:54
i got run over by a truck, broke my leg in three places and got my foot taken off.
2015-11-11 15:58
when i stepped in some lego [*]
2015-11-11 16:05
Trying a hard flip down a high staircase and landing with the skateboard pointing with the tip up and you land on it with your crouch and full bodyweight Been lying on the floor screaming for 30 minutes straight True story
2015-11-11 16:07
Getting burned and a hit in the nuts. When I play football I usually play goalie and when you get destroyed in the nuts with the ball is terrible On a side note I read this from CAH - putting a nail with the sharp side inside your big toe and kicking a wall as hard as you can Each time I think about it I feel discomfort and just move it up & down PS: psychologically - reading HLTV
2015-11-11 16:23
Japan enos 
fire cuz the worst pain
2015-11-11 16:21
Reading comments
2015-11-11 16:34
No doubt, fucking kidney stones.
2015-11-11 17:27
Europe skelteR 
Kidney pain from stones...that shit is so painful, you cannot imagine.
2015-11-11 17:28
Teeth pain Braces pain in start ..
2015-11-11 17:35
ive broken quite a few bones and had pretty serious surgery on my lower back (coccyx)all thanks to many years of skateboarding. its all been worth it :)
2015-11-11 17:57
ofc it's worth it, girls dig skateboarders ;)
2015-11-11 18:09
2015-11-11 19:28
when someone gives me aids it hurts
2015-11-11 18:02
Luxembourg st470 
when i jumped from the east tower on 9/11 from 57 floor
2015-11-11 18:05
2015-11-11 19:23
rank down
2015-11-11 19:23
betting on nip ffs
2015-11-11 19:29
Seeing Syrian Refugees everyday :(
2015-11-11 19:51
broken knee
2015-11-11 19:54
had something with my teeth once. i forgot the name, but it was an infection under the flesh. a new teeth came out, left a hole in the flesh (where it did break thru a bit) and under that flesh some foodrests etc. gathered. one day i woke up and was like "wtf?" went to the doc, it was painfull as fuck since he had to open the infected flesh, clean it up etc. he said that this isnt that uncommon. it was the last teeth on the lower right side. its hard to brush it correctly, and if there is some stuff "under the skin" u cant brush it away anymore.
2015-11-11 20:13
Renal colic from a kidney stone.
2015-11-11 20:22
2015-11-11 20:24
Started with appendix gangrene later on had abcesses in my guts with streptokok bacteria. That might have been the pain 10/10 in my book. Took 4 surgeries and almost 3 months of hospital to clean it up entirely.
2015-11-11 20:26
when girl bited my donger :/
2015-11-11 20:29
broken heart my friend
2015-11-11 20:31
my eardrums blew up. after hearing the stepping sounds on de_inferno. Also confirmed headaches.
2015-11-11 20:39
read a thread created by mechro :(
2015-11-11 21:05
Fucked up nervous system so the pain is chronic..
2015-11-11 21:08
First time feeling a leg cramp. worst than losing 16-0
2015-11-12 02:18
When I was sick and had inflammation in stomach and intestines. Vomited from 3 AM to 9 AM, horrible pain for a week then on and off another week, then my kidneys got fucked up from all the advil I was taking for the pain. Also I didn't eat a full meal for 4-5 days just water and maybe some crackers, lost a lot of weight and none of my pants fit me around the waist now. September 2015 worst month of my life.
2015-11-12 02:21
broken toe in work 45 kg shit falls with sharp edge
2015-11-12 16:23
horse steps in go.
2015-11-12 16:58
I lost half of my liver and a whole lung in a airplane crash. I was awake when the iron across my chest, it was the worst pain I felt in my life. I woke up two months later on hospital.
2015-11-12 17:06
dlore scammed. worst of all
2015-11-12 17:11
to see my girlfriend of 2 years kissing the guy she left me for I still love herr :( oh well, move on
2015-11-12 17:25
I took strong meds with empty stomach, was painful enough for me to go to the emergency
2015-11-12 18:18
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