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Rome London Washington
Palestine MLgKid113 
IS announced that those are the next targets
2015-11-14 22:07
rome london is possible but in washington no fkin chance
2015-11-14 22:08
9/11 also happened
2015-11-14 22:11
well then terror was not a big deal and there barley were any controls at an airport compared to now
2015-11-14 22:21
Australia TotalEclipse 
2015-11-14 23:03
2015-11-14 23:08
ofc washington is not working for is.. us will do inside job again.
2015-11-14 22:13
Jet beans can't fuel steel melt.
2015-11-14 22:15
Why Italy, what has Italy ever done in the middle east?
2015-11-14 22:11
you think these people are able to apply logic?
2015-11-14 22:18
2015-11-14 22:53
Well said!
2015-11-14 23:00
2015-11-14 23:05
2015-11-15 01:58
Switzerland Sylleo 
2015-11-14 22:48
exactly Vatican, they wanna get da pope, he is the catholic religion himself
2015-11-14 23:00
I bet that Jorge has something to do with all this shit. It's something that the Vatican did, or it is something that the Vatican didn't do.
2015-11-14 23:18
because cs_italy is T sided so good chances? ok sry bad joke NATO member, not the strongest inner defense though
2015-11-14 23:21
rome > vatican? those terrorists don't like others religions. just sayin
2015-11-15 02:00
United Kingdom keewi 
2015-11-14 22:19
No, IRL.
2015-11-14 22:37
fuck, atleast i relatively far from london. sick bastards
2015-11-14 22:41
Tell me about it. Those fucks should be taken down as fast as possible. Although it could be just empty threats, like before when they told Russians that they were coming for Putin.
2015-11-14 22:43
they crashed his airplane
2015-11-14 22:47
true, i'd love if every powerhouse nation just sent in millions of troops to fuck them up right in their hq's.
2015-11-14 22:57
remember my comment: due to all of the refugees, isis members will follow the refugee stream to engage in germany. Next target is Germany
2015-11-14 22:23
Wait... DC or the state? Damn those pussies, can't even be specific.
2015-11-14 22:25
They'll just nuke the shit out of US Kappa
2015-11-14 23:11
happy it's not Stockholm ;D
2015-11-14 22:44
probably everyone taking a look at london rome washington but then actually its stockholm or vienna that will explode , i hope not tho
2015-11-14 22:46
We shouldn't even allow people that has been in syria to enter out borders. And if they travel to syria their family should be exiled.
2015-11-14 22:48
well if u can trust the media wich u cant , 3 of those terrorist from yesterday went over austria to germany to paris ...
2015-11-14 22:50
jeez. Just horrible.
2015-11-14 22:51
Aren't refugees' camps already in Sweden?
2015-11-14 22:59
yeah and?
2015-11-14 23:03
Let's wait and see.
2015-11-14 23:04
Why did you even bring those camps up when we were talking about borders?
2015-11-14 23:06
Cuz they've already entered your country.
2015-11-14 23:08
I said "We shouldn't even allow people that has been in syria to enter out borders. And if they travel to syria their family should be exiled" And you said that they already are in my country... Are you retarded?
2015-11-14 23:10
Use correct tense first then we talk.
2015-11-14 23:16
what? This just shows why there's no one fleeing in Estonia.
2015-11-15 00:44
If you've said: "We shouldn't have even allowed..." then you would be right, but you aren't. That's why I replied to you that way. And you're the one who tried to offend me. Estonia is way economically weaker - that's why. And I'm not defending the country as it's the government's fault. Maybe that's even better that refugees don't want to stay here cuz no subsidies for them. And Estonians a lil bit nazi. I'm glad I'm not one of them - neither nazi or Estonian.
2015-11-15 01:56
Haha dude didnt you know their passing borders illegal not coming to borderstation and asking them to let them through xD..
2015-11-14 23:02
Yeah i know. They're supposed to settle in the closest safe country. Like greece, turkey, italy, Slavic countries..
2015-11-14 23:04
I hope their never coming to Estonia :D what have we done :(
2015-11-14 23:07
Estonia has nothing to offer though.
2015-11-14 23:09
well but they have no logic soo
2015-11-14 23:10
hope not rome i'm living there
2015-11-14 22:51
be careful the next days.
2015-11-14 22:53
if they do something probably around the vatican
2015-11-14 22:54
No chance against the Swiss guard.
2015-11-14 22:55
don't think it's possible for them to do something around vatican
2015-11-14 22:56
no chance to do anything at the vatican most guarded place on earth after the whitehouse i think if they really manage that europe is lost anyway
2015-11-14 22:58
It will the dumbest decision from IS if they bombed US. Trust me, akbars, you dont want to fuck with murica...
2015-11-14 23:05
Or what? You'll pretend fighting ISIS again?
2015-11-14 23:19
I just said it was a pretty bad idea if they attacked America... Americand dont want to get involved, but if they do, I think ISIS is gonna be pretty much dead.
2015-11-15 11:36
yeah it would be dumb bcus then us would bomb every single country in the middle east
2015-11-15 12:08
Argentina CrayZ 
Happy that im living in Argentina for a wile then, if i would had stayed in London i would be shiting my self.
2015-11-14 23:17
source or didnt happend
2015-11-14 23:20
Good thing I live in Australia European scrubs
2015-11-15 01:31
lmao. and finnish media and politicians be like " its isolated case, nothing to worry here in finland. refugees want to be quiet and safe here. "
2015-11-15 11:48
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