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World wArning- 
2015-11-15 06:56
yeah,, beautifull sound "SMACK" in tha face :D
2015-11-15 06:57
<3333333333333333333333333333333 AM SO HAPPY FOR HOLLYYYYY
2015-11-15 07:34
United Kingdom grund 
what does this mean for ufc?
2015-11-15 06:58
it means a rematch, rematch= money
2015-11-15 07:00
thats mean she start new episode in her life end with sport start to be hollywood star(read. Sylvester Stallon words)
2015-11-15 07:03
United Kingdom grund 
am I right to think that holm won't be as dominant as rousey? Is rousey gonna come back stronger?
2015-11-15 07:04
fuck no holms is a fucking beast that will never be tamed, shes 34 probably retire at like 37 she will never lose in the ufc and retire undefeated in mma
2015-11-15 07:26
but that will still be nowhere near the dominance rousey has shown, right?
2015-11-15 07:29
the thing is i think this holm beat down kinda erases and overshadows rondas dominance completely just because how badly she was beatin and outclassed, i can not look at ronda the same without thinking of her getting completely destroyed by holly
2015-11-15 07:35
I 100% agree, and that's why I feel kinda empty now. I'm a glory supporter through to my core, cause I just find sheer dominance to be more appealing than anything else. The strong crushing the weak, but now ronda has shown weakness. :(
2015-11-15 07:40
yea ripperoni i felt bad for ronda just to have the dominance shes had then lose the way she did, but i admit i was hoping holly would win because it would be insane, and im still in shock how much she out performed ronda im fucking rattled lmfao i still cant believe what i just saw
2015-11-15 07:43
Would you prefer holm or rousey to win the rematch?
2015-11-15 07:44
man i think i would want holms to win because that would be incredibly dissapointing for her to look as good as she did then lose to the same opponent, buuuut it would be pretty crazy if ronda came back and won but honestly i just cant see it happening holms just looked to good, more skill and superior physical ability and i think it would still be more exciting having holms win again proving that it wasnt luck or a bad performance by ronda the 1st fight but that she really is that good. what do you think my friend?
2015-11-15 07:50
I'm not sure, I agree it would be a real shame for Holm to now go and lose straight away. If that happens, she kinda fucked Ronda's legacy for nothing. It's a question of: would I prefer Holm to continue winning and retire undefeated (although not nearly as impressive as if Rousey had done this), or have Rousey come back even stronger and finish her career with but one flaw. OR there is the possibility the will keep trading wins back and forth, that might be kinda cool if that happens. I'm not sure right now; I'm on the fence. :)
2015-11-15 07:59
I knew it :)
2015-11-15 06:59
Now Dana can't milk Ronda for money anymore, same thing gonna happen when Aldo fucks Conor up.
2015-11-15 07:00
2015-11-15 07:06
You have no idea how rematches are profitable
2015-11-15 07:41
Havoc | 
Greece ^BreeZe 
wow she pealed her...amazingly bad gameplan from Ronda...perfect fight for Holm
2015-11-15 07:00
holly's footwork was sublime to watch made Ronda look like an amateur
2015-11-15 07:13
Havoc | 
Greece ^BreeZe 
yeah and Ronda fell into the trap and chased her around...she was also impatient and sloppy at the submission attempt...
2015-11-15 07:33
was so sick, wp holly :D
2015-11-15 07:10
rain | 
Norway Rudra2 
Ronda got knocked straight down the shitter. 4Head
2015-11-15 07:16
United States sAWWL 
lol the people in the bar i was in got hella mad when kept yelling "whooo" after each hit rousey ate
2015-11-15 07:16
seems like a csgo affect...where people bet and lose
2015-11-15 07:17
United States sAWWL 
yeah maybe
2015-11-15 09:05
Singapore Nephalith 
2015-11-15 07:23
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