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Plz explain the strange stickesr on Team Liquid Elige's ak47.thanks
China Shawn.W 
on the receiver cover of Elige's default ak47,there are some white letters,which are very possibly the stickers /EliGE | Cluj-Napoca 2015/. the strange thing is i can't see anything apart from the white letters.what happeded to the dark blue backgroud? can scrapping do that?keep the letters only? here are some pics showing what i see. and here is a video in which you can see the ak47 and here might be another Elige's steam,find that ak47 with 3 stickers and inspect in-game. meantime(GMT 02:53 Nov 19 2015),a team Liquid game is's rgn pro series.there is link on you can still see that ak i assure you.
2015-11-19 03:54
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he probably just scraped them /close
2015-11-19 03:56
yeah.the problem is autograph letters will be worn along with the sticker background every time you scrap it,won't they? so how did this happen? here is a hq pic
2015-11-19 04:08
nope, scarping autograph stickers does leave them like that
2015-11-19 05:04
oh im so out dated now.then im going to get one of neo's autograph stickers.thx man
2015-11-19 05:07
not every sticker works like that. some of stickers leave the names, some don't. some work on some guns only. i think glock was the best for such stickers. and it might not work from time to time.
2015-11-19 05:35
a hq screenshot from the on going game between Liquid and Claud9 i wishe the web would not compress pics anymore.
2015-11-19 04:11
somebody else knows about this?
2015-11-19 04:36
EliGE | 
United States Jayycatz 
he scrapped it
2015-11-19 04:40
that must be it.thx man
2015-11-19 05:01
United Kingdom g00se 
Scraped stickers, the way it scratches is different for some stickers.
2015-11-19 04:55
oh.different ways for specific stickers?that's interesting.thx bro
2015-11-19 05:01
United States snolo 
they are scraped elige autograph stickers
2015-11-19 05:01
yeah.must have been scrapped.they look very cool and unique i might say. any other autograph stickers like that?
2015-11-19 05:04
i would bet that all autograph stickers look like that when you scrape them. i think it looks awesome
2015-11-19 05:07
Its his own stickers that he scrapped, its honestly an amazing way to do it
2015-11-19 05:03
amazing way i agree.very cool very unique.
2015-11-19 05:05 Scraping stickers does different shit to each one and different shit to each individual sticker you try to scrape. It took a few tries to get this sticker to look right, for example.
2015-11-19 05:05
sounds very complicated though.i might try it.thx bro
2015-11-19 05:09
that shit goes hard when scraped i wont lie
2015-11-19 05:11
so it's actually very challenging? lol
2015-11-19 05:16
to get it the way you want, im guessing a lot of tries and money lol maybe shorter
2015-11-19 05:20
actually, there's a video on how to do it,its completely removing the stickers, and there's a chance the signature stays on ( somewhat carve on look ) keep trying, i know Krimz of fnatic sticker can do the same..
2015-11-19 05:07
thx a lot for this info.
2015-11-19 05:11
apparently this idiot scrapped all his stickers and named his default guns "stattrak"
2015-11-19 05:31
lol he did some excellent work
2015-11-19 05:34
yeah ..... what an idiot
2015-11-19 05:34
It's your mama's tits.
2015-11-19 05:45
cant this dick:P work it out himself ?? why does he need ask?
2015-11-19 05:47
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