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when do you think valve will add jackpot-type gambling to steam itself? they go and regulate it, take a cut to automatically either be sold on market for profit/delete it, and then all the other jackpot die are anyone think it?
2015-11-19 11:11
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hahahahhaha i are any1 think it:
2015-11-19 11:12
2015-11-19 11:16
oh yeah they'd need to get approved by Washington State. BUT, if they have their shit like cases -- "you will always get SOMETHING", could it not work? part of the cut they take would be giving a random shit skin to anyone who enters into the jackpot, so therefor you are paying for the chance to win a good random skin, not just to win the jackpot? hmm
2015-11-19 11:19
It can be done but it would be difficult for a legit company to make sure everyone who's participating is of the right age. Which is why these kind of jackpot sites are hosted in 3rd world where they don't give a shit.
2015-11-19 11:23
new steam feature: you have to send in your passport to be able to trade skins would be funny how many people would sperg
2015-11-19 11:33
Gambling laws in US would prevent it if was proven that the items being gambled were worth potentially real USD
2015-11-19 11:37
keys are worth USD though, you "enter" a roulette by buying a key to open a case. jackpot can be same way if they guarantee at least some kind of return even if you don't get the jackpot? laws too complex for me
2015-11-19 11:39
It's been implemented into CS:GO for a long time now. It's called opening cases.
2015-11-19 12:04
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