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Why Europeans don't want the NA Major
World DayC19 
Because getting up on a monday morning at 3AM is shit, that's without getting to watch semi-finals and stuff, if we want those we need to pull an all-nighter, at least you Americans get to wake up on a sunday morning to watch early EU games and get finals at like noon without having to go to work or school after
2015-11-20 23:51
World runnr 
I'm I'm not wrong majors in Europe use to start at around 10am CET. Which is 4am at the east coast and around midnight at the west coast. How is that any better? I'm glad they're expanding it to the US. I want a global esports game, not a European one.
2015-11-20 23:53
Pretty much this! well said!
2015-11-20 23:54
because they are jealous of us
2015-11-20 23:54
you can never please everyone
2015-11-20 23:54
Germany schwammkules 
Because NA < EU
2015-11-20 23:55
Canada mattyfinch 
Because 20+ countries better than 3 ? That's logical.
2015-11-20 23:56
Germany schwammkules 
Lol youre just butthurt. We have way more variety and interest in csgo than Na. People here just know it more especilly the east european countries have nothing todo all day but in the evening they have to go to their gypsie mafia gangs and steal some cars
2015-11-21 00:00
Canada mattyfinch 
Butt hurt about what? Your combined nations that out numbers ours 7 fold are magically better at a video game in its infancy by a much smaller margin? Sure..
2015-11-21 00:05
people from na have been dealing with these problems but worse for longer. It starts at 6pm for the euros. Many euro lans start at 3 or 4 am for na people. they are so entitled
2015-11-21 00:07
Argentina YH!one 
You think is funny for us when we need to wake at 5 or 6 in the morning to watch your fucking majors when lot of people need to go to school or to work? Keep crying about the time zones little baby :D
2015-11-21 00:12
1st world problemos
2015-11-21 00:13
World johnDOE 
idc the place, just want to see a good show with zero delays and bo3 format in the groups
2015-11-21 00:22
Ukraine a2e 
How do you think americans feel? Jesus christ stop being selfish retard
2015-11-21 00:30
Denmark Mrnobody 
Who cares :D
2015-11-21 08:37
As long as I don't hear that gay chant usa usa usa over the mics.They can host all majors.
2015-11-21 08:43
also, americans are inferior at everything.
2015-11-21 08:53
except the things that matter
2015-11-21 09:14
just another reason why america > EU
2015-11-21 09:12
Slovakia crushyou 
empty seats,streamed on shitty mlg platform,20k viewers,gj valv
2015-11-21 09:15
>morning and noon for NA >EU majors Uhhh... What majors have you been watching? I fucking wake up at 03:00 regularly to watch majors, idgaf. If people want to watch them enough they will, if you're not willing to change up your schedule then that's too bad, go watch some VODs.
2015-11-21 09:44
the matches will start at like 5 pm eu time learn how to do math kid. We wake up at 3 am. dummy
2015-11-21 09:48
I wont be able to watch all games thats unfortunate :/ But I have no problem with expanding the cs esport scene to the whole world. Always managed to see the finals at MLG events or at the recent ones. I guess I'll make it work
2015-11-21 09:57
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