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Brunei hundenNOrris 
WTF IS THIS RESOLUTION FOR STREAM? 600x400? wtf is this shit? give maximum hd, with all possible improvements for watching. Why u didnt put fckin black bars?
2015-11-26 20:35
Norway Spooderman 
same for, me its like 800x600 feels bad man
2015-11-26 20:43
France Snoup 
its 1280*720 at 60 fps on the main stream, its always like that
2015-11-26 20:46
Poland sajlent 
it's 1920 but on low shaders, without AA etc.
2015-11-26 20:46
everything is max settings and etc. i dont see 60fps also :} its 1280 with ultra low shaders
2015-11-26 20:50
Poland sajlent 
it's 1920 with low shaders and without AA, texture filtering etc.
2015-11-26 20:52
definitely not 1920 , cz of weapons and crosshair size.
2015-11-26 20:53
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