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Other BoJaNwOw 
what are u thinkered about him?
2015-11-28 23:01
Best analyst ever ?
2015-11-28 23:02
he is realistic, not like thorin, but his balkanish english is bad xd
2015-11-28 23:02
+1 I like him, should hire him instead of thorin. And I don't really have a problem with his dialect.
2015-11-28 23:04
but they hired both...
2015-11-29 02:24
? and he said that he wants him to replace thorin, isnt that difficult to understand is it?
2015-11-29 03:05
yes, so he is filling in two roles now??? if he is replacing, thorin is being removed IN PLACE of ynk, but ynk already present...
2015-11-29 03:13
yeah i understand that, this guy is basically doing the classic - thorin + ... but YNK and thorin have different strengths and weaknesses as analysts so i dont think replacing anyone makes anything better, Thorin also said YNK is great to work with in a recent tweet
2015-11-29 03:19
Other BoJaNwOw 
2015-11-28 23:04
ynk= good thorin= cancer , im happy that he is never an part of the desk in the majors
2015-11-28 23:06
Sweden Trojka03 
Thorin has been at several majors lol.
2015-11-28 23:19
including the last one Smeta is clueless
2015-11-28 23:20
i mean the esl majors nerds , the others majors are shit lololol
2015-11-29 00:05
Sweden Trojka03 
He has been on ESL majors to, get your facts straight.
2015-11-29 01:31
yeah but he is banned now :) becouse he is retarded and his voice gave 99% of the viewers earcancer so
2015-11-29 02:03
also u probably don't even know why he got banned, cause ur a retard
2015-11-29 02:31
cuz he was being racist like every uk toxic ginger kids :)
2015-11-29 02:49 you don't even know watch this and u will understand....
2015-11-29 02:51
why do you link me a video where thorin got rekt by other streamers? who is thorin or other virgin kids to say which country is 1rd world or 3rd world seriously?
2015-11-29 02:58
If u actually watched it and then u would understand that Destiny provoked him to say that who was the host of the desk at Katowice 2014 fucking special kid
2015-11-30 02:41
He is not banned they just refrain from asking him to come back so again get your facts straight.
2015-11-29 03:05
give me link of that fakeflagger
2015-11-29 03:08
esl majors are the worst... "cluj no crowd lol" and best production, games, casters... and analysis
2015-11-29 02:25
hah esl cologne 1.2 mil viewers faceit= max 300k and that at the finals, in groupstages max 130 k viewers but nt
2015-11-29 02:27
now you are trolling... pro tip: you get more from making THEM look like the idiot...
2015-11-29 02:29
why do i argue with an thorin fanboy LOL almost every pro player hates him too lolol
2015-11-29 02:53
Define almost every please
2015-11-29 03:06
if you go to youtube you'll find enough :)
2015-11-29 03:07
go to twitter and you'll find alot more pro players who respect him :)
2015-11-29 03:15
noty im not a gaylord
2015-11-29 03:16
Brazil NaScene 
faceit isnt a major but nt
2015-11-29 02:29
cluj was in romania what do you expect lol , the croud was like an graveyard
2015-11-29 02:49
butthurt kid, get ur facts straight
2015-11-28 23:49
He's at all of the non-ESL majors. He'll also almost certainly be at the MLG major.
2015-11-28 23:52
who cares about mlg lol , esl is the main big major lol
2015-11-29 02:28
You're an idiot if you really think that.
2015-11-29 02:31
i really think that and im not idiot :D statics dont lie , esl majors has byfar most viewers+crowd then any other csgo event lel
2015-11-29 02:51
haha very funny)) thorin has 10 times more knowledge than "yNk" who always sucked just like natu
2015-11-29 03:01
yeah he might have more knowledge but he says some retarded shit 9/10 times and his voice is just ebola mixed with aids=cancer
2015-11-29 03:03
9/11 times i think
2015-11-29 03:06
hehe mad at natu because he kicked you from his team because you have mental issues.
2015-11-29 03:13
xd nt
2015-11-29 03:16
Portugal Cyborgy 
he looks retarded
2015-11-28 23:06
he is okey kinda like natu
2015-11-28 23:06
except he analyzes stuff
2015-11-29 02:18
he needs to loosen up a bit but he knows his stuff
2015-11-28 23:07
Serbia Suckleus 
he shouldve stick to his player career.... at least for now
2015-11-28 23:08
Other BoJaNwOw 
Player career = tier 4 serbian team with no salary VS Analyst , Observer and gets good money for it..
2015-11-28 23:13
slav 10/10 analyst 10/10
2015-11-28 23:10
He is a good analyst, but he needs to improve his english.
2015-11-28 23:16
exactly. if he takes some english classes, people will hire him like they hire thorin. except esl will too.
2015-11-29 02:12
Really good analyst, too bad people bash him for his accent and english. The guy's insight shouldnt be overlooked
2015-11-28 23:17
God-tier analyst, needs to come live in the US a bit and pick up best English NA
2015-11-28 23:17
Sweden Trojka03 
Not enough squatting.
2015-11-28 23:20
hes english makes me cancer
2015-11-28 23:20
his* english gives* me cancer
2015-11-28 23:21
his english is good just his accent is shit, still its understandable
2015-11-28 23:22
2015-11-28 23:52
good analyst but he looks like a dumb child just standing there mouthbreathing.
2015-11-28 23:21
2015-11-28 23:21
Best analyst. Thorin is expert.
2015-11-28 23:22
2015-11-28 23:27
yanko good but not best thorin best
2015-11-28 23:30
Finland allu b 
you forgot Kappucino
2015-11-28 23:37
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
he definitely has a place on every analyst desk by now.
2015-11-28 23:34
2015-11-28 23:47
he is great !
2015-11-28 23:50
bit boring sometimes but good
2015-11-28 23:50
NiKo | 
Poland Jaruzel 
I don't like him. He doesn't allow anyone to talk except him, it feels like Maniac is in the desk for no reason at all.
2015-11-28 23:53
I think its more that YNK is going for the major & general analysis sections w/thorin and that mani is doing more in depth game play analysis. Its not that YNK is speaking over everyone, the guys on the desk will have talked about who is doing what and mani has just got the short end of the stick though his analysis was very good imo. And if it isnt that they have talked over what is going to happen then it is Rlewis's fault as host for not involving mani in the conversation. YNK isnt to blame tbh
2015-11-29 03:11
He is what I want from an analyse desk.
2015-11-28 23:54
He looks like a serial killer
2015-11-29 02:20
Spain Ayrr 
2015-11-29 02:22
His accent bothers me, sad cause he's a really good analyst. As said above good thing thooorin does not make ESL major events. He's more of a clown if anything.
2015-11-29 02:28
I dont get why people are so bothered by thorin like if you dont like his jokes then cool but he does his analysis well and is 100X better than anyone at pick/ban analysis
2015-11-29 03:14
Romania Zadro 
He's an amazing analyst but he really has to improve his English because I've had a hard time understanding what he was trying to say, and it was bothering because I knew that he was actually saying some interesting stuff. He should definitely be invited to other events.
2015-11-29 02:32
Good, I like analysts that aren't too trolly to balance out thorin. A dream desk would have him and threat but RIP threat.
2015-11-29 02:33
im sure he will come back one day
2015-11-29 03:13
he's doing a very good job, want to see him more in future
2015-11-29 03:19
although he's got some good points, i really don't like listening to him speaking
2015-11-30 02:43
annoyingly huge head, dirty accent and quite disgraceful facial expressions tbh. Wouldn't hire -8/8 IMO ofc
2015-11-30 02:52
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