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Fnatic top 1
Sweden Stag 
2015-11-29 00:37
not top 1 , against LG they barely win , inferno is their best map imo
2015-11-29 00:38
Sweden Stag 
every other contender for #1 has already been crushed by lg lol.
2015-11-29 00:39
Serbia Suckleus 
+1 and if dropping one map and winning other 2 as ez as it is now is called barely winning then idk
2015-11-29 00:42
dont even mind retards like him. he is probably one of those retards who think that fnatic wasnt even top1 after winning their 3rd major
2015-11-29 00:42
Australia BCP 
i hate this, none of this shit makes any sense
2015-11-29 00:43
but top 1 at this event =/= top 1 in the rank
2015-11-29 00:57
as thoorin mentioned , they all played sloppy , but what if fnatic played envyus instead of vp , or tsm
2015-11-29 00:58
but TSM, Envy didint even win
2015-11-29 00:48
they are on a good way back but they have to win more to gain the #1 again mate calm down swedistan xD
2015-11-29 00:38
They are back, great finals, olofmeister is feeling it once again! :)
2015-11-29 01:00
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