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P2000 or USP-S?
World iCombusken 
Which one do u prefer and why?
2015-11-30 18:38
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p2k idk why
2015-11-30 18:41
2015-11-30 18:43
Gold nova 3?
2015-11-30 19:13
I had global before the vac wave
2015-11-30 19:54
So you got boosted by cheaters, ok.
2015-11-30 22:32
not really no xD
2015-12-01 00:40
2015-12-01 09:15
2003 is your birth year?
2015-12-02 18:49
2015-12-03 16:28
I'm global and I use p2k, wtf is wrong with playing with p2k 3rdie?
2015-12-02 18:21
the difference is tiny, the only real reason why you would prefer any of the two is if you have trouble with ammo management (which you shouldn't but hey)
2015-11-30 21:32
thats a big deal on maps like inferno for spamming through banana smokes, or just spamming in general.
2015-11-30 21:54
just preference
2015-12-01 00:40
2015-11-30 22:13
2015-12-02 22:02
2015-11-30 18:42
p2k. more bullets and i like the sound better
2015-11-30 18:43
+1 for the sound.
2015-11-30 21:52
I switch all the time, if I'm playing a game with my team i usually go with a usp due to the positions I play
2015-11-30 18:43
Germany Jack Ü
>uk >team pick one:D
2015-11-30 22:09
2015-12-01 10:00
United Kingdom Compraa
>Germany >Hacks Pick two :D
2015-12-02 15:39
Someone's butthurt af
2015-12-02 18:28
Like you after holocaust? xd
2015-12-02 18:31
World ZMDR
he did not deserve for rekt.
2015-12-02 18:39
I'm not Ashkenasi so I'm not butthurt, none of my family is.
2015-12-02 18:39
Yugoslavia NaMNaMNaM
I find easier to face cqb with p2k but playing on long distances USP-S is better
2015-11-30 18:45
This more or less. It all comes down to position/the role you play(if u have a mate baiting for u the USP is preferd)/map layout (close/long range combats)
2015-11-30 22:38
usp-s, I like how it makes me feel more accurate, looks easier to find headshots
2015-11-30 18:46
I play USP without silencer. Just because the sound is amazing.
2015-11-30 18:46
Usps, just a better gun, and cooler skins for it
2015-11-30 18:47
''cooler skins for it'' typical american
2015-11-30 18:48
+1 (i may be american please dont hate me let me be cool)
2015-11-30 19:02
nt burger
2015-11-30 19:11
nt swedish fish
2015-11-30 19:50
it's immigrant actually
2015-11-30 20:00
nt hiko
2015-12-01 16:11
nt justin beiber
2015-12-01 16:14
EleGiggle NA SC- Oh wait...
2015-12-02 15:41
hey burgers are fantastic... Ur missing out if you don't like em
2015-11-30 22:42
I was in 'murica once and damn did they make good burgers. I love burgers
2015-12-01 08:30
Which is interesting because I use the p2k solely because I really like the Fire Elemental
2015-12-01 21:17
if u want play defence on pistol round = USP-S if u want play more agressive, pushing on pistol rounds = P2000 That's my opinion. I know that u can play defence with P2000 or agressive with USP-S and getting kills, but thats only my opinion.
2015-11-30 18:47
No One Cares
2015-11-30 20:40
don't cry for me, argentina
2015-11-30 20:50
sry m8, I tried to be funny
2015-11-30 21:41
That was rude favela.
2015-11-30 21:34
sry m8, I tried to be funny
2015-11-30 21:43
sean cares
2015-12-01 09:53
It wasnt funny...
2015-12-01 20:07
sry m8, I tried to be funny
2015-12-01 21:12
sry m8, I tried to be rude
2015-12-02 01:02
No One Cares
2015-12-02 18:47
sean cares
2015-12-02 20:48
2015-11-30 18:49
usp, easy headshots from long distances
2015-11-30 18:50
I'd lke to use USP bcs it feels great when u get headshot. P2k is good but i dont like the shape of it.
2015-11-30 18:50
i dont like the shape of it. i dont like the shape of it. i dont like the shape of it. i dont like the shape of it. i dont like the shape of it. i dont like the shape of it. i dont like the shape of it. cooler skins for itcooler skins focooler skins for itr itcooler skins for itcooler skins for it
2015-11-30 18:51
2015-11-30 21:55
USP for longer range fights P2K for more aggressive positions
2015-11-30 18:59
P2K is more accurate at longer ranges than USP.
2015-12-01 08:34
This is why UK doesnt have a scene
2015-12-01 17:16
+1 rofl
2015-12-02 01:13
United Kingdom Compraa
ChrisJ is your only scene
2015-12-02 15:41
Name any UK player thats better than chrisj. Shouldnt be to hard right? I mean the uk has a population of 65 million people and us dutchies only have 17 million
2015-12-02 17:14
United Kingdom Compraa
We don't have any, but just because you have 1 wonder star doesn't mean your country is special at all
2015-12-02 20:36
Our country is special af
2015-12-02 21:40
United Kingdom Compraa
only because of the rotonde roundabout camera
2015-12-02 22:00
+1 ayy lmao
2015-12-02 15:43
I prefer to use usp.. For me, silencer + more precision is more important than just 1 bullet
2015-11-30 19:08
USP without silencer
2015-11-30 19:09
2015-11-30 22:20
2015-12-01 01:42
nt Bra7-1l
2015-12-02 15:43
My play style has me rapidly shooting through walls and smokes instead of 1 tapping the enemies. So p2k. Plus fire elemental is Dank
2015-11-30 19:11
Lithuania Slim Flug
Idk why would u be shooting at the wall with p2k there are nearly no spot where u can shoot through walls.
2015-12-01 15:59
Walls+smokes. I can shoot through thin woods and shit. It's sorta useful.
2015-12-01 16:16
Denmark WaitM8
USP-S coz 007
2015-11-30 19:12
usp cus f0rest uses it = all players in mm
2015-11-30 19:13
2015-11-30 19:13
best is the tec-s :D
2015-11-30 22:55
no! deagle-s bestest
2015-12-01 08:43
2015-12-02 02:02
usp is for tappers and p2k for sprayers jk its preference, i feel better with the usp idk why
2015-11-30 19:15
wtf is that for?
2015-11-30 22:11
usp becouse i have no skin for p2000
2015-11-30 19:15
pistols at first round is for pussies only knife and armor = EZ SKINS
2015-11-30 19:52
P2k feels more similar to the p250 so it's easier for me to use, but the usp doesn't feel right to me, (I have the same problem with the five seven)
2015-11-30 19:56
USP is objectively better in practically every single regard except that it comes a bullet short, which, come on... Sometimes I still use the P2K though - namely on maps where I use the M4A4 rather than the M4A1. Because I'm too autistic to play USP + M4A4/P2K + M4A1; it just feels inappropriate!
2015-11-30 19:57
Pretty sure p2k has higher moving accuracy which is very important.
2015-11-30 20:04
As far as I know, the USP is slightly more accurate in everything (standing, crouching, walking, running, jumping). It also has the higher damage output radius and of course the silenced shots and no tracers. Everything else is the exact same as far as I am aware (i. e. reload time, draw time, fire rate).
2015-11-30 20:27
The p2k has higher movement accuracy and is more accurate at long range fights.
2015-12-01 08:35
Higher movement accuracy: True, but very negligible (15 vs. 15.37) More accurate at long range fights: Not true; the USP is more accurate, which means it is more accurate at any range (6.9 vs. 6.4) I was wrong about the damage output radius though. Base damage and range modifier are the same for both apparently, so the headshot distance is identical.
2015-12-01 10:55
I like both and I use them both, I change from time to time. USP is more accurate when u ''spray'' with it, dunno which is the correct word for that, fak my english xD p2k has better accuracy in the first shot, it's like the perfect one from both for prefires and kind of shots while strafing and/or shoulder peeking.
2015-11-30 20:07
I think the word you are looking for is spam. :)
2015-12-01 09:19
yes, exactly. I forgot it lol
2015-12-01 10:11
p2k both hit nice hs p2k better close distance /close
2015-11-30 20:25
I am switching a lot right now because I can't make up my mind. 3kliksphilip has made a good comparison that I recommend though.
2015-11-30 20:37
shooting on 60hz monitor with usp is focking hard (i mean 1 taps) so it's easier to shoot more bullets with p2k and pray for headshotz
2015-11-30 20:40
not really, i use usp on 60hz monitor and 40-50 fps
2015-11-30 20:42
and getting rekt by glock rush on pistol round. ez
2015-11-30 20:42
2015-11-30 20:47
2015-11-30 21:30
2015-11-30 21:31
Same, it's not bad rofl
2015-11-30 22:56
P2000 , feels more reliable and accurate both close and long range
2015-11-30 20:41
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq
i switch between them when the other one feels off
2015-11-30 20:52
Poland PaPaPawian
USP for long range P2K for more aggressive play. I can't shooting HS with usp but i can doing it very well with P2k, for me USP-S it's shit cuz it suck for close range but i like play aggressive. But everyone should decide which one is better for him..
2015-11-30 21:08
Israel Encryp7eD
2015-11-30 21:07
2015-11-30 21:10
I switch between them all the time
2015-11-30 21:20
usp cuz better skins
2015-11-30 21:43
close range hold i prefer p2k in long range i prefer usp
2015-11-30 21:45
This is the only argument that makes sense. Unlike people saying "I like the sound", lol. USP is best used with 1-tap HS, and in close quarters you won't get that opportunity.
2015-12-01 11:01
depends on what you feel most comfortable with... for me i used to hate the p2k but after a bit of training with it i got really gr8 and got global :D :D :D
2015-11-30 21:53
p2k only mm hero
2015-11-30 22:38
USP-S on maps with long distanges, P2000 on short. Usually I prefer USP-S for some reason thought.
2015-11-30 21:56
Finland kikkelele
USP-S because i have nicer skin for it xD nah jk I prefer M4A1-S so i guess it goes along with that
2015-11-30 22:07
i change
2015-11-30 22:09
p2k master race
2015-11-30 22:23
p2k just best for me
2015-11-30 22:26
usp-s because it's more satisfying getting a kill
2015-11-30 22:28
2015-11-30 22:44
Ukraine gungrave
p2k coz with usp i dont feel "shooting" at all
2015-11-30 22:58
USP cos I play better with it.
2015-11-30 23:01
2015-11-30 23:03
Usp Close
2015-11-30 23:33
Doesn't matter. I only need 5 bullets in CT pistol rounds.
2015-12-01 01:58
Depends on your style and rank. I was playing with USP for so long but now i'm back on p2000. The same for the M4's - i changed them so much times.
2015-12-01 01:57
2015-12-01 08:34
USP. More accurate and silent. Good aim and smart -> usp-s Bad aim and clueless -> p2k
2015-12-01 08:41
GTR is clueless, and he has bad aim.
2015-12-01 09:00
Yes he is.
2015-12-01 12:24
completly stupid logic :o
2015-12-01 11:02
2015-12-01 09:00
you putting this up here the p2000 is more accurate and also always a 1 shot kill vs no helmet (no this isnt my subjective opinion, each gun has a range at which it is still accurate and for p2k that is, for the 1 shot thingey you can just yt it i know shround and some other popular streamers made videos about it, or you could test it for yourself :D) the usp is less accurate and not a 1 shot kill on long distances (eg from pit up to goose on d2) vs no helmet even tho the p2000 is superior in some ways, the usp still has the no tracer+silent (and probably a more accurate spam pattern) not trying to stir shit up or create use this etc just wanted to inform as i see alot of comments saying usp is more accurate which is wrong. the best gun to use is ALWAYS the one you prefer.
2015-12-01 09:11
p2k. I've never got the handle of the usp. It feels too much inaproppiate when i'm shooting. For example, if someone appears too close i simply can't hit the guy, i don't know why. I really tried to play with the usp because of the taps but after some time i gave up. I suck with it, haha.
2015-12-01 09:22
if i use m4a4 then i go USP when i go m4a1-s i go P2k ezpz
2015-12-01 09:24
2015-12-01 09:36
p2k cause i don't hit like the pew pew of usp
2015-12-01 09:41
Sweden alizi
p2k opest
2015-12-01 10:04
Sweden yayer
if you're good..USP
2015-12-01 10:57
USP <3
2015-12-01 10:58
P2K ftw.
2015-12-01 11:03
usp for me , i seem so inaccurate with the p2k
2015-12-01 11:44
these two guns are veryguud, that depend of situations.
2015-12-01 12:27
Usp-s for long range, p2k for close. Really wish we could switch the two during mm
2015-12-01 12:29
P2k ez at least 3kills every round <3
2015-12-01 12:34
Last time - back to usp
2015-12-01 12:36
I prefer usp-s because it's more accuracy than p2k, not only in pistol rounds but all rounds. I can do a hs w/ usp than p2k
2015-12-01 12:45
i prefer usp
2015-12-01 15:45
I like the p2k rn, I switch back and forth depending on maps.
2015-12-01 15:46
2015-12-01 15:47
It depends of skin :D If you have good p2000 skin then p2000,if you have good usp skin,then USP :D
2015-12-01 17:08
So you play this game because of the skins right?
2015-12-01 17:26
rip turkey...putin said
2015-12-01 20:02
Usps because I got orion skin
2015-12-01 17:12
2015-12-01 17:16
USP as IMO it is the better gun. 1 taps are easy and you don't show up on mini map.
2015-12-01 17:20
What the fuck XD
2015-12-02 01:31
Usp-s for me i always go for 1taps ingame
2015-12-01 17:25
usp-s lovestory
2015-12-01 19:51
2015-12-01 20:10
usp-s because its always a confirmed kill if you dig it
2015-12-01 21:00
World owints
2015-12-02 01:15
No one of them, Five-seven/tec-9 every time in pistol rounds. Kappa
2015-12-02 02:04
USP because it is still accurate enough while tapping (P2K is more accurate first shot.) and it is also more accurate/easier to control while spraying with it.
2015-12-02 02:06
p2k because of souvenir amber fade
2015-12-02 02:07
Depends. P2k w/o armor or USP w/ armor. Aimpunch makes USPS a lot harder to use
2015-12-02 02:09
who cares i use deagle in pistol round
2015-12-02 15:46
USP-S, i really dont know why. i just tend to hit more shots with it.
2015-12-02 15:48
USP-S, dunno why
2015-12-02 17:54
usp, more accurate and higher reward when you hit target
2015-12-02 18:18
duelies. 1 gun has potential to kill 5 people. 2 guns can kill all people.
2015-12-02 18:24
p2k ofc bestest pistol
2015-12-02 18:33
P2000 wasn't so great? Are you kidding me? When was the last time you saw a player with such an ability and movement with AWP? P2000 puts the game in another level, we will be blessed if we ever see a player with his skill and passion for the game again. GeT_RiGhT breaks records, olofmeister breaks records. P2000 breaks the rules. You can keep your USP-S. I prefer the magic.
2015-12-02 18:35
p2k is for girls USP is life
2015-12-02 18:48
shox uses p2000, we all know what happened to him
2015-12-02 19:12
are u sprayer or aimer? p2k for sprayers usp-s for aimers
2015-12-02 21:43
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