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Malmø [* ]
Europe Pear_ 
This is swedish football without Zlatan.
2015-12-08 22:17
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Spain Ayrr 
2015-12-08 22:18
2015-12-08 22:18
hungary >>> norway?
2015-12-08 22:18
Europe Pear_ 
2015-12-08 22:18
2015-12-08 22:39 Even Hungary>France according to fifa
2015-12-08 22:40
Poland Kazuyaa 
What a fucking bullshit, did Belgium won anything lately? Of course NO! ...
2015-12-08 23:06
Norway SlimeThug 
What a fucking bullshit, did Belgium won anything lately? Of course NO! ...
2015-12-09 17:13
This ranking even worse than HLTV's, World Cup winner top 4, top kek.
2015-12-08 23:09
that ranking there is purely based on if you lose/draw/win your games...
2015-12-09 17:18
So it proves it as shit ranking, I mean wins over San-marino in quals don't equal wins over top tier team in wc final.
2015-12-09 17:20
it does take that into account as you get more points based on the other teams rank, but the more games you play the more points you get
2015-12-09 17:33
Slovakia DLG Inspire 
Not really,because the most you play u can lose more points
2015-12-10 18:03
yeah obviously, but a good team that plays more games than another good team will end up being ranked higher IF they don't lose, regardless if they are actually better than the other good team or not
2015-12-10 18:11
Slovakia DLG Inspire 
2015-12-10 18:12
To get Brazil's rank just do 7-1
2015-12-08 23:34
Fifa mafia. Soon they will have Qatar, Saudia Arabia and UAE as top1-3 lol
2015-12-08 23:56
Argentina EnvyJ 
Belgium? wtf
2015-12-09 00:12
What a fucking bullshit, did Belgium won anything lately? Of course NO! ...
2015-12-09 00:14
World iJM 
2015-12-09 00:19
2015-12-09 23:36
This is coca cola ranking.... not football omg
2015-12-10 15:39
Schmeichel > all ;)
2015-12-10 18:26
a 16 year old boy is our best player, I guess that sums up how good Norway are at football
2015-12-10 15:39
That boy who deal from Real Madrid? I thought that he is now like 18
2015-12-10 18:24
17 in a few days
2015-12-10 23:45
Nice Swedish Ö masterrace What the fuck is ø
2015-12-08 22:21
Europe Pear_ 
Æøå baby
2015-12-08 22:24
Å masterrace
2015-12-08 22:34
2015-12-08 22:35
2015-12-08 22:38
2015-12-08 22:48
2015-12-08 22:50
not my fault HLTV is xenophobic against some languages
2015-12-08 23:20
HLTV racist confirmed.
2015-12-08 23:32
I am sorry, but language != race
2015-12-08 23:52
Denmark dR_JaCkPoT 
sry but ÆØÅ best
2015-12-08 22:54
but i can't spell danskjävel with that
2015-12-08 23:13
För helvete!!
2015-12-08 23:17
You've got it! Let the hate flow inside you.
2015-12-09 00:15
æøåäöå din svenskdjævel
2015-12-09 00:21
åäö, danskjävel! :)
2015-12-09 00:28
2015-12-09 17:03
Svenske satan! AØÅ <3
2015-12-10 15:39
Denmark mindgames 
Actually you can. "Æ" = Ä
2015-12-09 00:20
surstromming > malmo fc
2015-12-08 22:22
Our club is named Malmö FF not FC lmao
2015-12-08 23:40
who the fuck cares roflmao get DESTROYed xDdDdDd
2015-12-08 23:58
I don't mind losing to one of the worlds best teams. They are much better at football. However, I would care if my team gets over voiced on home field by a team that has to travel 4 hours with airplane. We may not be as good as the top teams at footballs, but at least we have a supporter culture and passion, unlike plastic Real for example.
2015-12-09 00:02
nice to meet yu bye tnXx
2015-12-09 02:27
sorry texas, old tubewoody here is a trolelelelel
2015-12-09 17:10
nt amerifat
2015-12-09 17:36
nt attention wh0r3333e3e3
2015-12-10 02:48
malmø they are the winners but the win they nope
2015-12-08 22:23
Hareide is coming for you m8, pepper uranus
2015-12-08 22:27
Cristiano Ronaldo too good.
2015-12-08 22:23
overr8ed BOTnaldo
2015-12-08 22:37
Pakistan Caked_u9 
vs tier999 teams
2015-12-08 22:51
yeah 550 goals vs tierr 9999 teams, yeah man.
2015-12-08 23:24
Pakistan Caked_u9 
he's good at only putting the numbers but most of his goals are against very smaller teams. He literally gets fed by all of his madrid team mates to score tap ins. Thats why he fails most of the time vs bigger teams. His goals have not that big of am impact on titles.
2015-12-08 23:33
i smile at what you say dude, Cristiano Ronaldo is top10 player of all time, and this is not saying by me, this is saying by real experts.. you probably say this cuz dont like CR7 as person but yeah Cristiano only score tap ins like this Messi are dreaming to score at least 1 time like this
2015-12-08 23:47
Pakistan Caked_u9 
against Osasuna , you see my point? Players are scoring goals like this and even better(in terms of the so called "rocket") in freaking 2nd division leagues. This wasn't even a special goal. While you mentioned messi, let me recommend you watch his perfromance vs bayern munich in UCL 2015. What he did in the match to boeteng and neuer was almost illegel, rofl. Thats just a taste of what messi has been doing for the past 7,8 years or so.
2015-12-09 00:13
lol, how retarded are you to comparing almost 190cm muscled guy to 160 thin Messi? Tell me that Ronaldo is better in this year and we can end topic coz u know nothing and u didnt even watch Barcelona game.
2015-12-10 18:22
if messi misses chances: ohh he is a human after all when ronaldo: he is a retard when messi scores hattrick against small teams: look he is a legend when ronaldo: anyone can do that when messi scores against big teams: he is from another planet when ronaldo: he got lucky today when messi misses penalty: even god can commit mistakes when ronaldo converts them : penaldoooo when messi score a tap in: a goal is goal when ronaldo: tapinaldo
2015-12-09 17:11
difference is: -messi scored hattriks against real, show me where cristiano done that -messi most of the times scores against big teams, show me where cristiano did impact goals against them, except the match vs bayern where he scored a double -messi misses quite a lot of penalties, but at least he doesn't score like above 50% from them like cristiano -the majority of tap-ins from messi are actions that initially started from him, goes 1-2 with a teammate, dribbles another opponent and scores, while ronaldo just stays in the penalty box the whole action, just waiting to get the ball on a silver platter with an empty net in front of him -at least messi isn't an arrogant fuck who doesn't rejoice when a teammate scores a goal instead of him (like cristiano when benzema scored a goal recently instead of him) -I'm not a messi fan, my favorite player is de bruyne/draxler, but just stating the obvious P.S: you can see that I use Cristiano instead of Ronaldo, that's because there's only one true Ronaldo: the brazilian one
2015-12-10 18:21
2015-12-10 18:24
2015-12-08 22:37
Denmark dR_JaCkPoT 
2015-12-08 22:38
Norway namsayin 
haha. gl with new danish coach :D
2015-12-09 00:19
Ronaldo only scoring vs regional teams, later he cant even appear vs decent teams
2015-12-08 22:39
stupid argument from a probably shittie barcelona fanboy + top scorer for Real Madrid in just 6 years, 340 goals on 325 games, amazing, or not ? + 4 golden foots + Top scorer of histoy of champions league + Most hat tricks in la liga in just 6 years + 3 Ballon d or + 6 season scoring 50 goals or even more Cristiano is top 10 player of all time
2015-12-08 23:32
yea, scoring vs getafe, eibar, granada... he dont even appear in important games for his team mate...
2015-12-08 23:35
15 goals vs barcelona, enjoy it
2015-12-08 23:49
2015-12-08 23:52
2015-12-09 00:01
you probably get wet when messi scored vs getafe, eibar and granada, but when ronaldo do is bad for you.. you dont understand than messi and ronaldo face the same teams in la liga ? your opinion about ronaldo is personal, for me Cristiano is better than messi
2015-12-09 00:02
i get wet when messi scores beautiful goals, Ronaldo only scores in the centre of the penalty area, and his teammates do the hard job, he only needs to control the ball and push it right into the goal. Messi can do crazy things like this Ronaldo will never do it
2015-12-09 00:08
tell me when messi score at least 1 goal, just 1 goal like this
2015-12-09 00:18
Never because messi isnt strong enough to shot like that, but hey if u think a longshot is more difficult than what messi did u are fucked up
2015-12-09 00:22
as i always say, messi is probably top 4 or 5 of all time and cristiano ronaldo is top 9 or 10 Maradona Pele Di estefano Messi Cruyff Ronaldo the fat zidane Ronaldinho Cristiano Ronaldo
2015-12-09 00:32
I doubt u saw one of those three first guys. And in terms of skill and that now the defenders are much better, messi can be top 1 for sure
2015-12-09 00:36
i see maradona, in terms of skills messi is nothing compared to maradona, just watch videos.
2015-12-09 01:01
U cant comparate maradona to messi, is just madness nowdays defenders are more skillful and stronger then maradona time!
2015-12-09 17:16
he's retard, dont mind it.
2015-12-10 18:26
Norway SlimeThug 
I'd put Pele, Maradona and Ronaldinho infront of Messi in their prime. But it's hard to compare. They're were/are all such great players
2015-12-09 17:16
Friis | 
Denmark baitzera 
Zlatan and many other players can score goals like that but that tells more about their physical strength and not their skill with the ball. And many defenders also posses that strength but are not considered in the same high esteem.
2015-12-09 00:29
first of all Zlatan and others players than you say are nothing compared to a historic player like C. Ronaldo, he is top 10 of all time easy and please dude you say " Many players could score the goals Ronaldo is scoring at Real Madrid given the opportunity " hahahahahaha. Real Madrid never had a predator like Cristiano Ronaldo, you say than the goals than ronaldo score are easy, then why in the history of football nobody had the numbers than ronaldo had, Cristiano score goals the all colours and all places, i meant who can score 60 goals in 1 season ? Zlatan ? HAHAHAHA lewandowsky ? hahhaah Suarez ? dont think so bro.. and sorry for bad englando
2015-12-09 00:52
Because Ronaldo is the most selfish player ever. He takes chances and shots most other players wouldn't. Yes, he scores many goals but he also misses a lot. He has very similar success rates as other top strikers, but because he gets more chances/takes more shots, he also scores more. Just look at his free kicks. Even though he rarely scores on them, he still takes them. Messi scored 91 goals in a calendar years. But that's just goals. Try count how many players they dribble pass?
2015-12-09 00:59
is just about personal taste, for me C. Ronaldo is a piece of crack, messi too of course, probably a little bit better in terms of skill but in terms of goals Cristano are probably even better than messi, i meant who can score 340 goals in 320 matches ?
2015-12-09 01:24
Friis | 
Denmark baitzera 
Just look at the goals being scored. How can you honestly mean that Ronaldos goals are as beautiful as Messis? Also look at what they are doing with the ball. Messi shows so much more skill and control, they are not even in the same league. Many players could score the goals Ronaldo is scoring at Real Madrid given the opportunity. He is just the end station of a very well playing Real Madrid team. You never see him dribble pass 3-5 players and score.
2015-12-09 00:26
ScreaM | 
Norway Ghost96 
Ronaldo fangays be like "ronaldo deserves ballon d*or because he scored 4 against malmø"
2015-12-08 22:40
2015-12-08 22:42
Why is this team in Champions League?
2015-12-08 22:44
Because we qualified and beat Red bull salzburg and Celtic
2015-12-08 23:41
Malmö didnt deserve for rekt
2015-12-08 22:49
CR7 The best player in the world , he doesn´t have a good team behind hem like leogaymessi , he already played in 3 countrys : Portugal , England and Spain , not like that overrated leogaymessi that being played for the same team about like 12 years , LOL , LOVE FROM PORTUGAL <3
2015-12-08 22:54
Turkey FeverSpeed 
Football is teamsport
2015-12-08 22:55
like i said "He doesn´t have a good team behind hem" pls read before talk shit
2015-12-08 23:02
Friis | 
Denmark baitzera 
Swap Ronaldo and Messi, and Real Madrid would have been the best team the last 6 years.
2015-12-09 00:30
I wish fox and Ronaldo were never born so we wouldn't have to deal with these annoying Portuguese fangays
2015-12-08 22:56
lol , you need to stfu because you dont have any fucking team swedish who play footbal , swedish teams play like little kids running and dont know what to do with the ball , go play cs , there you have good players
2015-12-08 23:04
MV | 
Norway Prezu 
benfica merda, sporting bestest best
2015-12-08 23:06
You don't have any good players either lol Portugal vs Sweden is Ronaldo vs Ibra
2015-12-08 23:07
really? lol
2015-12-08 23:26
Denmark LnDcsgo 
dude... Just... You lost here :(
2015-12-08 23:29
Still mad from the U21 final? ahhahahha
2015-12-08 23:57
at this point, im not even sure if u are trolling or just being delusional LMAO
2015-12-08 23:04
Another country who doesn´t have any fucking team that play football , like i said "Go play cs , there you have good players , dont talk about what you dont have in your country
2015-12-08 23:06
what my countrys football teams have anything to do with ur bullshit that u just said? wtf
2015-12-09 17:02
well, im pretty sure that Poland would win with Portugal now lol.
2015-12-10 18:49
Navas, Marcelo, Carvajal, Ramos, Varane, Modric, Kross, James, Bale, Benzema... not sure if trolling or just stupid
2015-12-08 23:06
they dont play like a team , they are awesome players but they dont know what is team play , when ancelotti was there , you saw , they won the champions league and cr7 was a beast in that season . Now they dont play like a team , only individual performances , that is not a team , that is what im trying to say , pls dont be stupid
2015-12-08 23:09
They dont play like a team mainly beacause Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema think they are GODs and don't help at all defensively. And please define "beast" please. By beast you mean 17 goals in champions league, cause he already has 11 this season, thing is 2 matches against PSG, 0 goals.
2015-12-08 23:16
they dont play like team? XD Ronaldo cry every time when Real scores a goal and its not ronaldos goal. Please.
2015-12-10 18:50
2015-12-08 23:11
i am a fan of my country ? that is a really awesome thing LMAO barcafan ?
2015-12-08 23:15
No, it is: JAJAJA PORTUGAL, FANBOY SPOTTED you can't say cr7 is better than messi even if you are retarded lol
2015-12-08 23:17
2015-12-09 00:26
Sweden Donger89 
2015-12-08 23:04
2015-12-08 23:06
Argentina YH!one 
Me and my friends would do better against RM than this swedes that they are not even amateurs, fucking 8-0 hahahahahahahahaha keep playing CS ROFL.
2015-12-08 23:15
So why aren't you and your friend playing in Champions fucking league, the most prestigous league/cup in the world? You could be making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year then, like our players in Malmö.
2015-12-08 23:43
Argentina YH!one 
Football is not about money for me first of all, but if I'm supposed to represent a "professional" team I'm gonna give it all and more, I'm not gonna play like an amateur team like Malmo and the ones I play for love and passion for football in the park. Champions league the most prestigious cup? ROFL, no sir that's the World Cup and the Intercontinental/Club World Cup that have the winners from the Libertadores, Champions League among others competing for it. Boca already won 6 Libertadores and 2 Intercontinentales btw, and 1 of the Intercontinental we won was 2-1 against Real Madrid. Your team can do that? No, sorry but Malmö only know how to get rekt 8-0 against RM :D
2015-12-09 00:38
What do you mean play like a n amateur team? The differences between the worlds best teams and teams that can barely qualify for CL or EL is huuuuuge. They did what they could. We have many players that really fight, you would know if you've followed malmö since the qualifier this year at least.
2015-12-09 00:39
Argentina YH!one 
So you think because your team managed to qualify you're among the best teams in the world? Lol no, we have other concept of football here we play to win and to be the best not only to qualify and fill a spot. And if they truly wanted to win today, it was the less thing that they tried to show today, they were there standing in the field doing nothing while getting stomped playing horrible football like amateurs. Like I said above we play to win and we show it to people in the field, we don't fill spots to do nothing like amateurs.
2015-12-09 01:18
Are you stupid for real? I said that the best teams are far better than teams like malmö. It's not like they're amateures just because they aren't as good as the best teams in the world.
2015-12-09 01:26
Argentina YH!one 
The only stupid that don't get my pov and mentality is you. If a professional player thinks such a thing like Barcelona and Real Madrid being better than you idk wtf are you doing playing football, we have the mindset and the desire to win here, we don't go to the field previously thinking something like what you stated of "they're better than us, we are dead weight" NO dude, that's is just plain wrong is like playing CS with fear... You go to the field to win, not pre thinking you're going to lose. Such a pussy mentality and lack of understanding, they were there just only to fill a spot (Like Bravado in the major) they didn't even make a plan game of how to play against them, and that's why I call them amateurs, they were horrible in all the possible aspects.
2015-12-09 16:11
But you dont know anything about malmö so stfu. Malmö went in to win, mike they do in all games. You dont know shit about our mentality
2015-12-09 17:07
Argentina YH!one 
I don't need to know about a club to realize if they're utter shit or not if I watch a game and they don't even know the basics and how football should be played like it was the case. Your Malmö team is fucking dog shit like your biased opinion without fundament. Bye bye kiddo.
2015-12-09 18:27
You're a fucking joke, we beat teams like Cetlic and Salzburg in the qualifier and we won the home game against Shaktar donetsk in groups. So those teams and dogshit too? The only teams that aren't dogshit are the 20 best teams in the world or what? Gtfo kid
2015-12-09 18:33
Argentina YH!one 
You rate your team success in the qualifier matches but in the actual CL they didn't do shit so what's your point? Malmö got demolished 8 fucking 0, omg they are so good lmao, gtfo already biased prick.
2015-12-09 22:03
You are unreasonably stupid, I'm trying to make you understand, but you just fall back on the same idiotic statement "if you lose big to the world best team, you're trash and not even trying". No matter how hard I try, I can't understand who you come up with such a retarded conclusion. Last time a Swedish team reached CL before 2014 was in 2000. Malmö has done it two years in a row now. Yes we got demolished in the groups both times. Last year we got the finalists Juventus in our group and the quarter finalists Athletico Madrid. Now we got PSG and Real. Malmö tried their best against these teams, but couldn't do it. Not all teams are as good as the worlds best. We were 1 point from getting third in our group so we could go to EL, but sadly we failed. Better luck next time. Now stop being a prick
2015-12-09 22:06
Argentina YH!one 
Again with the same bullshit, you're so fucking incapable of getting it. In a football game anything can happen and if you really want to win you would try your best to do it playing and shown it to people, once you're in the field such a thing like the better team doesn't exist because you need to prove to the other you're better than them, you don't have the match won without even playing it if you are Real Madrid or Malmö, we are gonna see who is better and manage to prove it in the field on the actual match where it counts and I'm gonna repeat you anything can happen. You only understand football as an spectator, not as a player. And the guys from your team did nothing to prove they deserve it the victory, it was only mistakes and awful football from their part and no one can deny this. Of course you're biased and you would search some rhetoric useless excuse to try answer me, but I really hope you can fucking understand and admit for once that they didn't do nothing to prove it.
2015-12-09 23:08
Yes, anything can happen. You say it like that's not something Malmö believes in. You don't know shit about our history, but we've always done the impossible so if anyone knows this shit it's me. What's your point though? You've watched one game of malmö, you can't judge the players. Do you want me to admit that the played bad yesterday or what? Because I already did. And I can say it again, Yes they played bad yesterday. But don't come and talk your shit about the players giving up or not trying, because that is the exact opposite of what these guys have done for our team.
2015-12-09 23:17
Argentina YH!one 
Like I said you above you would come up with some other offtopic shit and you did it with the "history" of your team, hahahaha you're funny :D
2015-12-09 23:30
I'm saying you don't know shit, so why are you talking like you know something about malmö?
2015-12-09 23:56
Argentina YH!one 
No one was talking about history of Malmö so no point in arguing with you, you're so biased also, have a good night :D
2015-12-10 00:01
Judging how a team plays after only watching one game is ridicolous. (especially a game between a multi billion dollar club and a small club like malmö)
2015-12-10 00:01
Never argue with lowlifes on hltv. He's just an argentinian lowlife kid
2015-12-10 02:53
city > all
2015-12-08 23:21
so what after 8:0 fans still singing and having a good time in Bernabéu every other team supporters would just leave the stand after 5:0 and go home and cry
2015-12-08 23:32
or suicide like in brazil :D
2015-12-08 23:43
video ?
2015-12-09 00:15
ty <3 over 20 minute after the game ended:
2015-12-08 23:45
are they shouting malmo?
2015-12-09 00:08
"We love malmö clap clapclapclap clap clap"
2015-12-09 00:13
true supporters
2015-12-10 18:13
people actually watch football? lmao nerds
2015-12-08 23:42
2015-12-10 17:59
Sweden X-rAy 
#56 true swedistan be like no virtual reality - no good
2015-12-08 23:44
You can just reply to him dude. Also from who did you buy this acc lmao. 4k userid and acts like a 12 year old troll with words like "swedistan"
2015-12-08 23:58
Why you mad? We all know you are Swedistan from now on.
2015-12-09 17:06
Im not mad. What is that supposed to mean?
2015-12-09 17:13
8-0 down away still more noise from the 2k man strong away end than 80k + rma supporters , i dont support Malmö but thats terrific lol.
2015-12-09 00:46
Ireland Intrilo 
RIP [*] dreams
2015-12-09 02:30
2015-12-09 16:12
2015-12-10 03:00
River Plate > Real Madrid kappa
2015-12-10 03:06
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Yeah, tell me a good Norweigan club lol "Rosenborg" you probably will say, but they are shit, Norweigan/Finnish football is shit, Swedish/Danish football is nice.
2015-12-10 03:10
You miss the Kappa
2015-12-10 03:14
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Ehm? NT random arab country, Norway/Finland have the shittiest teams in Scandinavia/Finland, Denmark have FC Köpenhamn/Kobenhavn, Randers FC, FC Nordsjælland. Sweden have AIK Stockholm, IFK Gothenburg, IFK Norrköping, Norrköping won the league this year, Gothenburg finished 2nd and AIK Stockholm 3rd.
2015-12-10 03:22
Great teams, much wow. Stick to the hockey and cs pls.
2015-12-10 03:28
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Ehm they are great teams? Gothenburg won the UEFA Cup 2 times. AIK have played against Barcelona/Bayern Munich/Ajax/PSV/Napoli/Dnipro/Manchester United and alot of more times from Champions League/Premier League/La Liga and so on. IFK Norrköping is a decent team, this is the first time since 1980~ they won the title, and they are going to play CL.
2015-12-10 15:37
uefa cup 2 times, much wow. AIK played against good clubes so they're good. potato logic.
2015-12-10 17:28
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Retard, they made good results against good clubs, as the teams i wrote above, Barcelona etc, they even won against Barcelona/Bayern Munich/Ajax/PSV and played 1-1 against Manchester United.
2015-12-10 17:55
Like malmo, they qualified for champions its a good result. 8-0 Kappa
2015-12-10 18:49
F.C København achievements the past 10 years internationally: 1-0 Manchester United (CL) 1-1 FC Barcelona (CL) 0-0 Chelsea (in CL Playoffs) 1-1 Juventus F.C (CL) 3-1 Panathinaikos (CL) 2-0 Panathinaikos (Away, CL) 2-0 Ajax (Away, CL Qual) 1-0 Galatasaray (CL) 2-0 FC Dnipro (CL Qual) 0-0 Benfica (CL) 3-1 Celtic (CL) 1-0 LOSC Lille (EL) 1-0 APOEL (Cl Qual, Apoel made it to quarters that year) Top40 club for several years in the world
2015-12-10 18:24
And many many loses, 1-5 Torino, 0-4 Brugge.. This was last year. top40? BabyRage
2015-12-10 18:51
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
lol, so? AIK stockholm won against Barcelona and alot of more teams, every team loses sometimes, FC Kobenhavn have still tied against Barcelona/Chelsea/Juventus..
2015-12-10 19:14
Sweden logics. I bet you still think NIP nr 1 because of the 87-0
2015-12-10 19:22
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
I love NIP, even if they lose i still love them.
2015-12-10 19:23
Like malmo or those swedish teams. But please dont say that they're good.
2015-12-10 20:35
2015-12-10 03:26
2015-12-10 18:01
GuardiaN | 
Sweden kvNr 
MalmÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ din norske faen :P
2015-12-10 18:14
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