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GuardiaN vs KennyS
GuardiaN | 
Germany GrayDuck 
Don't care shit about rating, don't care shit about score. Opening kill is what counts for awpers since that is what your team wants from you. At this event: Total AWP kills GuardiaN (Natus Vincere)125 FalleN (Luminosity)64 kennyS (EnVyUs)35 device (?)34 olofmeister (fnatic)33 Total opening kills GuardiaN (Natus Vincere)38 olofmeister (fnatic)32 flamie (Natus Vincere)27 device (?)27 Edward (Natus Vincere)26 At cluj: Total AWP kills GuardiaN (Natus Vincere)148 kennyS (EnVyUs)101 allu (No team)76 fox (G2)70 jdm64 (CLG)57 Total opening kills GuardiaN (Natus Vincere)56 fox (G2)41 apEX (EnVyUs)37 Happy (EnVyUs)32 kennyS (EnVyUs)31
2015-12-13 07:10
Romania dEkO.O 
kennyS can't compete against GuardiaN anymore my friend.
2015-12-13 07:13
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
mouse accel and 800x600 too strong for redditors
2015-12-13 07:16
Sweden Stag 
GOD OLOF confirmed. 33 total awp kills, 32 opening kills. The rest of the primary awpers always get a million 0 impact awp frags at the end of the round, like kenny, guardian, and happy.
2015-12-13 07:22
It's not like it means his 32 openings kills were with awp tho...
2015-12-13 07:26
GuardiaN | 
Sweden kvNr 
no one has a chance against guardian when he goes full terror
2015-12-13 07:23
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
BOT allu > kennyS
2015-12-13 07:27
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