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Razer DeathAdder vs. Kinzu v2 Pro
Finland jiuop|fahlaN 
Hi I know u love this threads, so xD tell me whats better....... i think Kinzu v2 Pro.
2011-12-28 16:46
noone knows yet
2011-12-28 16:47
United States criimson 
i do know pal and to be honest I've tried them both how? well the kinzu v2 pro was sent to me because i bought it from an asian friend in taiwan and let me tell you that the sensor of the kinzu v2 is just FLAWLESS, its awesome and the best of all small-hand gaming mice around...
2011-12-29 22:00
Denmark Zeov 
2011-12-28 16:49
France sof^ 
depends on your hand, how you take the mouse ....
2011-12-28 17:06
2011-12-28 17:23
Sensor-wise, DeathAdder is unbeatable. E.O.D.
2011-12-28 17:27
but Kinzu v1 have a good sensor too :)
2011-12-28 17:38
2011-12-28 17:48
2011-12-29 00:09
What's wrong with it?
2011-12-29 10:53
United States criimson 
nothing they're are talking about kinzu's negative hardware acceleration but the sensor its very good actually.
2011-12-29 22:02
Other M30- 
It has a heavy prediction (even heavier than the MX518) . There's also hardware acceleration. I don't know what you mean by "very good". It's very bad in my opinion compared to leading gaming mice in the market today.
2011-12-30 01:31
Hahaha, don't make me laugh.
2011-12-29 10:16
deathadder, xai, ie 3.0, kinzu, ec1/2 and mx518 are the best mice, at least cs wise. choosing between them is personal preference.
2011-12-28 17:49
razer mamba 4g 2012 edition the best mouse today...
2011-12-28 22:30
not for counter-strike
2011-12-29 00:12
so say me why do u need this stupid lights, high dpi and not necessary features? it doesn't cost itself. wireless? haha) ofc you will play in wireless mode at lans) :D this "improvements" from razer are n0thing. imho
2011-12-29 10:17
For me the best mouse is SS Sensei.
2011-12-30 01:07
2011-12-29 00:11
2011-12-29 06:28
ba the next one will be "n" ^_^
2011-12-29 06:45
hahahhaha :DDDDDD
2011-12-29 10:13
Deathadder probably outperforms kinzu badly, shape is preference.
2011-12-28 18:14
i wanna buy kinzu v2 or razer DA .. i don't know guys
2011-12-28 22:20
buy bouth !
2011-12-28 22:34
as far as i know, kinzu v2 hasn't been officially tested yet. between those two i would choose deathadder, althoguh imo xai is the best mouse ever. choosing between those two is personal preference (as i have stated in #8)
2011-12-29 00:11
buy mX518, for sure the best choice :)
2011-12-29 00:16
deathadder infinitly better
2011-12-28 22:37
my deathadder jumps by it's self >.< and everything is up2 date
2011-12-28 23:01
Pakistan ismi 
same here and clik probs too ?
2011-12-28 23:55
no just jump because i have it bound to scroll
2011-12-29 02:22
7h usb is way better
2011-12-29 00:06
stop drugs
2011-12-29 06:28
2011-12-29 10:39
2011-12-29 18:12
=))))) Trolling was on my mind ! Sorry Guys
2011-12-29 19:35
hahahaha ... see the topic
2011-12-29 06:43
i have kinzu v2 pro and i tryed da so its realy simple kinzu works on qck heavy and i hope other pads :)) but not un qck + , navi fnatic tyloo eg or eny other in this class and is very good for small hand da is perfect for big hand so the only criteria is haw big is your hand :D (in my oppinion)
2011-12-29 00:10
nu mai face senzoru ca toate alea pe paduri negre ?
2011-12-29 00:12
pe qck heavy nu mai da erroare
2011-12-29 16:00
i have the 2 :D DA is nice because the buttons side, but kinzu its really confortable, you can hold the mouse with diferent ways, its cool, i love the 2 but i play now with DA :)
2011-12-29 02:37
2011-12-29 02:47
kinzu ;)
2011-12-29 04:16
2011-12-29 06:41
lock this thread. ofc DA
2011-12-29 07:12
Kinzu :) steelseries quality is good!
2011-12-29 07:37
in CS you won't feel defence
2011-12-29 07:49
2011-12-29 07:50
United Kingdom dzrr 
i have a da and i am very pleased with it but i can't compare it to something i didn't use yet
2011-12-29 09:39
DA much better then this is shit
2011-12-29 10:17
I still don't know if the Kinzu v2 is good, but if you have big hands I would recommend the Razer DeathAdder and if you have small the Kinzu v2.
2011-12-29 10:46
kinzu ofc
2011-12-29 11:18
Other rss___ 
xai >>>allll
2011-12-29 11:36
2011-12-29 12:30
Slovakia 851 
DA is very heavy, bad mouse for high sensitivity players :)
2011-12-29 13:45
high sensitivity players don't move the mouse that much so hows DA bad for high sens players ???
2011-12-29 18:11
Slovakia 851 
of course they move
2011-12-29 21:18
I am happy owner of zowie am, and it beats Deathadder in my opinion, sensor have very similar performance. AM's shape is better, LOD is better. The only advantage DA has over AM is scroll which is superior in DA.
2011-12-29 22:34
I'm played on deathadder for ~2years, now i'm playing on kinzu and i think kinzu>deathadder
2011-12-30 02:00
kinzu optical
2011-12-31 20:15
deathadder hardware and life >>>>> kinzu..... DA is ergonomic and little bigger....
2011-12-31 20:18
United States mvpLanDSLiDE 
death adder
2011-12-31 20:19
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