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Portugal mikeb 
2015-12-22 20:46
Portugal mikeb 
For better experience, watch it in 144p lel
2015-12-22 20:48
It's beautiful.. why are you laughing?
2015-12-22 20:49
looks like shit if you don't have a 8k monitor
2015-12-22 20:52
It looks normal to me. Pretty beautiful. I guess 8k adds some extra effect to it?
2015-12-22 20:53
hoooooooooooly shitt
2015-12-22 20:53
,,almost like skyrim with graphic mods,, 10/10 IGN
2015-12-22 20:53
norway is SUPER beautiful but the problem with this country is it lacks diversity
2015-12-22 20:57
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