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Croatia Luka95 
bind "i" "volume 0" bind "o" "volume 0.1" I use those komands every time I die, so I can tell my firends in quiet where was I killed. Also very useful when U play DM and you can MUTE/UNMUTE sounds.
2012-01-02 23:28
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nice ,i will use it thank you a lot!!!!!!
2012-01-02 23:36
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and you are using TS? hahaha ;P
2012-01-03 00:22
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fake nicker -_-'
2012-01-10 17:53
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? :-/
2012-01-10 19:41
bind "[" "messagemode name" bind "]" "messagemode record" bind "l" "stop" these binds are really usefull for me
2012-01-03 00:18
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What are those binds for?
2012-01-03 06:51
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to change name and record pov demos without console
2012-01-03 08:05
These are the coolest binds. Thanks.
2012-01-03 16:15
when u type "stop" it stops recording the pov right? so what is "stoprecord" ? is it the same?
2012-01-10 10:29
bind "MOUSE4" "weapon_smokegrenade" bind "MOUSE5" "weapon_flashbang" ^_^
2012-01-03 00:33
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same and T binded for sound stoping
2012-01-03 08:17
I use those. Saw them from cArn.
2012-01-03 16:44
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wannabe. :D
2012-01-10 10:30
bind "c" "weapon_smokegrenade" bind "x" "weapon_hegrenade" bind "z" "weapon_flashbang" bind "MOUSE4" "drop" :D
2012-01-03 00:37
bind "h" "say_team NEED DROP <------ <>[]"
2012-01-03 00:50
Userconfig this one: alias "+silentdefuse" "+use;wait;-use;wait;+use;wait;-use;wait;+use;wait;-use;wait;+use; alias "-silentdefuse" "-use"; bind "e" "+silentdefuse";
2012-01-03 00:53
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Pretty funny...
2012-01-03 02:01
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I don't avocate the use of this bind, I'm just letting it out there, just sharing. And if you don't feel guilty or you don't give a shit, feel free to use it. It's kinda crazy that it actually works, but it's not a program or a script that you run wich doesn't make it a cheat... I guess.
2012-01-03 02:16
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I just don't see the point in sharing something you don't think people should use but fair enough.
2012-01-03 02:18
it's illegal script
2012-01-05 12:19
How does this work?
2012-01-10 17:12
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1 - copy and paste on you userconfig 2 - go to a planted bomb 3 - press "E"
2012-01-10 17:26
gotta love how many ninja defuses I made with it :D
2012-01-12 02:23
Finland ZoqFotPik
bind "y" "stopsound" i hate the additional sounds like the one in nuke ct spawn. pressing "y" takes care of that :)
2012-01-03 00:59
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bind "mouse2" :D
2012-01-03 01:01
bind on buy keys, for example bind "F1" "ak47;m4a1;priammo;stopsound"
2012-01-03 01:55
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Finland ZoqFotPik
yeah that sounds smart
2012-01-03 02:31
Finland FRGVN
except i use stopsound all the time during the rounds too when i want to hear my teammates more clearly and i'm out of opponents range.
2012-01-05 14:02
Serbia corererere
bind "capslock" "stopsound" :)
2012-01-03 02:56
bind h quit.Its good when you rage
2012-01-03 01:37
bind "KP_HOME" "hegren" bind "KP_UPARROW" "flash" bind "KP_PGUP" "sgren" bind "KP_LEFTARROW" "deagle" bind "KP_5" "awp" bind "KP_END" "famas; galil" bind "KP_DOWNARROW" "usp" bind "KP_PGDN" "m4a1; ak47" bind "KP_ENTER" "vesthelm; vest" bind "KP_SLASH" "_buy_allnades" bind "KP_MINUS" "defuser" bind "KP_PLUS" "vest" bind "MOUSE3" "weapon_flashbang" bind "MOUSE4" "weapon_smokegrenade" saves me alot of time buying and if I want to SPAM this is much faster/easier
2012-01-03 01:45
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stupid.. it's take 3sec without binds
2012-01-10 17:26
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3 sek and 20 clicks i buy all needs eq. in 1 sek and 5 clicks
2012-01-10 18:30
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15 clicks nothing changes and if u can't use your oryginal cfg u won't buy something
2012-01-10 18:49
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I do :) but with binds its easier and faster
2012-01-10 19:02
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not really
2012-01-10 20:53
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yes rly :p
2012-01-11 00:35
bind "MWHEELDOWN" "+duck" or bind MWHEELUP "cl_righthand 0" bind MWHEELDOWN "cl_righthand 1" :D
2012-01-03 01:59
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why changing hands?
2012-01-03 02:41
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If you change it fast enough it looks like you have gun in each hand. Like fucking Rambo.
2012-01-03 02:53
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I hope you're right! but now seriously!!
2012-01-03 03:01
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just for fun, nothing more, nothing less
2012-01-03 13:56
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maybe there is some difference between them too... Some time ago (few years) I heard that are differences but not sure if it's true. Like viewsize, some people says yes some no. oh well...
2012-01-03 13:59
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In some corners you can hide your head while still watching the enemy depending on which side you have your weapon.
2012-01-03 14:31
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cl_righthand has absolutely no effect on the appearence of a player's model to others. cl is for client-based commands only (thus only reflected on your local screen. cl_righthand 1 or 0 does not adjust how well you are hidden to others.
2012-01-05 01:31
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2012-01-05 02:10
Finland FRGVN
as #75 said it doesnt affect your models either way.. it's always righthand corner that you see other guy's model before he does, BUT you have more view to the left if you have cl_righthand 1, but when it's 0 you can see more to the right because your weapon model isnt on the way. personal preference.
2012-01-05 14:06
me too.
2012-01-03 15:03
lold so hard :D
2012-01-10 19:43
Ukraine chuckyou
2012-01-03 14:18
wheeldown on duck is banned..
2012-03-26 22:00
You shouldn't unbind your sound man, a lot of moments where you are in deathcam and you hear a other enemy running..
2012-01-03 02:01
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Yeah, and maybe if you listen to them, you would know how many they are, and even the direction of your opponents
2012-01-03 15:20
bind f1 stopsound bind kp_home "cl_crosshair_size small" bind kp_uparrow "cl_crosshair_size medium" bind kp_pgup "cl_crosshair_size large" bind kp_plus "cl_dynamiccrosshair 1" bind kp_enter "cl_dynamiccrosshair 0" bind mouse5 "cl_righthand 1" bind mouse4 "cl_righthand 0" ^_^
2012-01-03 02:21
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you use a lot of different cross hairs in the game?
2012-01-03 02:41
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2012-01-03 15:06
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and you don't become like instable?
2012-01-03 15:32
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2012-01-03 15:53
I must say that not changing them from time 2 time makes me instable ;p
2012-01-10 17:34
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you alternate wich sizes?
2012-01-10 18:32
Romania puNkiTW
it is actually quite useful...small crosshair for pistols and large or medium for guns...
2012-01-05 00:40
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yes, but I think the majority of the people use the same crosshair the all time.
2012-01-05 15:04
2012-01-05 22:20
i use the different crosshairs coz when you ar whith pistol its better when you have small cross,when you have m4a1 its better to use large cross,for ak47 its better to use mediom cross :PpPpP
2012-01-11 21:33
bind "CONTROL" "weapon_smokegrenade" bind "ALT" "weapon_flashbang" bind "SPACE" "+duck" bind "MWHEELDOWN" "+jump" FTW
2012-01-03 02:24
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omg fuckin sucks
2012-01-10 10:32
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blablabla I'm sure you could get used to it if you'd want to.
2012-01-10 13:42
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after playing with my own Exact style for somethin like 7 years? well I dont think so.
2012-01-10 13:59
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so how do you know it sucks? At least try it. I could say your own exact style sucks too, but I won't because I haven't tested it yet. See the difference?
2012-01-10 16:46
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sometimes ur really not able to use the wheel for a jump(for example to use glock while jumping, u cant attack+jump with mwheel at the same time) so its needed to binded on a button on keyboard. Anyways cool if u can play well wth those settings, hf
2012-01-10 16:59
bind "MOUSE5" "say_team BOMBA DROP! ;needbackup" bind "F1" "cl_crosshair_size small" bind "F2" "cl_crosshair_size medium" bind "F11" "chooseteam" bind "RIGHTARROW" "say olha isto" ahaha ahaha bind "*" "awp" bind "h" "m4a1 ;ak47" bind "i" "defuser" bind "j" "stopsound" bind "MWHEELUP" "+jump" bind "MWHEELDOWN" "+duck" Well, a question too. I have duck in wheel but I don't use it for Russian walk it's just for ducking when jumping in boxs and etc, it's like illegal also?
2012-01-03 02:51
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Yes, it's illegal.
2012-01-03 06:56
Its illegal only at events. No rules online
2012-01-03 06:56
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thank you both (#33)
2012-01-03 12:34
its illegal bind mwheelup +jump? if yes, just a question: how the pros @lan make bunnyjump?
2012-01-08 19:03
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this is not illegal :)
2012-01-08 20:08
only "ducking" on mwheel is illegal, not jumping.
2012-01-10 14:00
Algeria DeyMed
You know that you can do it with crtl and it's really easy, so why put it on MWHEEL!
2012-01-05 13:09
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Because jumping to a box, for me, it's more easily, inst easily the word but it's more simple and fine for me
2012-01-05 15:07
It's generally used for G-Strafing, otherwise Control is just as easy for bouncing.
2012-03-07 02:27
crouchhop: alias +d1 "+duck;wait;-duck;wait;+duck;" alias -d1 "-duck;" bind capslock "+d1;" yes it's illegal but i'm not a pro. and dont want carpul tunnel tomorrow autobuy in pubs: bind "F8" "vesthelm;ak47;m4a1;primammo;defuser;hegren;flash;flash;sgren" instant nade selection: bind "4" "weapon_hegrenade" bind "5" "weapon_flashbang" bind "6" "weapon_smokegrenade" bind "7" "weapon_c4" //yes i like my bomb there pistols always use small crosshair: alias crosshairSize "cl_crosshair_size 3" bind "1" "slot1;crosshairSize;" bind "2" "slot2;cl_Crosshair_size 1;" bind "3" "slot3;cl_Crosshair_size 1;" cycle thru netgraphs: alias netgraphx "netgraph1" alias netgraph1 "net_graph 1;cl_showfps 0;alias netgraphx netgraph2" alias netgraph2 "net_graph 2;cl_showfps 0;alias netgraphx netgraph3" alias netgraph3 "net_graph 3;cl_showfps 0;alias netgraphx netgraph4" alias netgraph4 "net_graph 4;cl_showfps 0;alias netgraphx netgraph5" alias netgraph5 "net_graph 0;cl_showfps 1;alias netgraphx netgraph6" alias netgraph6 "net_graph 0;cl_showfps 0;alias netgraphx netgraph1" bind f2 netgraphx cycle thru updaterate setting ex_interp to 0 each time: alias updatexx "update101" alias update101 "cl_updaterate 100; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update90" alias update90 "cl_updaterate 90; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update80" alias update80 "cl_updaterate 80; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update70 alias update70 "cl_updaterate 70; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update60" alias update60 "cl_updaterate 60; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update50" alias update50 "cl_updaterate 50; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update40" alias update40 "cl_updaterate 40; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update30" alias update30 "cl_updaterate 30; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update25" alias update25 "cl_updaterate 25; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update20" alias update20 "cl_updaterate 20; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update101" bind f1 updatexx crosshair color cycle (colors i like).. inside the cfg files is cl_crosshair_color 255 255 255 for whatever color.. cuz uc an't use it in an alias... alias chcolorxx "chcolor1" alias chcolor1 "exec chwhite.cfg; alias chcolorxx chcolor2" alias chcolor2 "exec chred.cfg; alias chcolorxx chcolor3" alias chcolor3 "exec chgreen.cfg; alias chcolorxx chcolor4" alias chcolor4 "exec chblack.cfg; alias chcolorxx chcolor5" alias chcolor5 "exec chyellow.cfg;alias chcolorxx chcolor6" alias chcolor6 "exec chpurple.cfg;alias chcolorxx chcolor7" alias chcolor7 "exec chcyan.cfg; alias chcolorxx chcolor8" alias chcolor8 "exec chinvis.cfg; alias chcolorxx chcolor1" bind backspace "chcolorxx" and demos: alias dempause1 "dem_pause 1;bind pause dempause2" alias dempause2 "dem_pause 0;bind pause dempause1" alias demforward "dem_jump 5;dem_pause 0" alias dembackward "dem_jump -5;dem_pause 0" feel free to steal em all..
2012-01-03 07:20
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Can you please tell me what the first bind is for? ty
2012-01-03 07:26
so many people using "stopsound" what does it really do? it only stops the sound when I press it Why would you use it?
2012-01-03 08:49
13 replies
for example after awp shot you can use it, and hear his footsteps
2012-01-03 09:27
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but you can use it to exit annoying sounds too:p
2012-01-03 12:52
in nuke is useful
2012-01-03 13:53
4 replies
On aztec and prodigy you can't play without.
2012-01-05 10:38
3 replies
true. But in Portugal "we don't play" those maps anymore
2012-01-05 15:05
2 replies
Like in France, but in germany and in some ladder in ESL we play those maps.
2012-01-05 16:36
1 reply
like in entire world :P
2012-01-08 20:13
It just stops all the sound you hear when you press the key. For exemple I use it a lot when everyvody's launching nades, with all the "FIRE IN THE HOLE" thing I can't hear anything, thanks to this its just "FI..." silence...
2012-01-03 16:16
2 replies
2012-01-05 01:34
1 reply
I usually flee outside.
2012-01-05 09:53
blaq | 
Denmark Enk3lt
in train it's usefull :)
2012-01-05 13:37
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well, it depends, because of the plane sounds and the dog. Thise two sounds it's very useful!
2012-01-05 15:06
Norway billson
I press it like every 10 seconds, so use to it, you hear only footsteps.
2012-01-05 15:16
bind "l" "cl_dynamiccrosshair 1" bind "i" "cl_dynamiccrosshair 0"
2012-01-03 14:14
bind "v" "stopsound" - quite handy 'cause when you're teammates are trowing nades you can't hear footsteps 'cause of "Fire in the hole" sounds so you simply stop them :)
2012-01-03 14:26
2 replies
And when you stop the sound you can't hear footsteps...
2012-01-03 16:54
1 reply
Yes, that's true, but if i press one time i will stop one step and if my opponent is running I'll definitely hear him.. I mean, if he is gonna make only a single step and i don't hear it because of stopsound then it's a bad luck..
2012-01-03 17:34
here are some of mine: Ingame crosshair size changes: bind "t" "cl_crosshair_size large bind "f" "cl_crosshair_size medium bind "v" "cl_crosshair_size small fast grenade swithces: bind "MWHEELUP" "slot4" bind "TAB" "weapon_hegrenade" bind "Capslock" "weapon_flashbang" bind "Shift" "weapon_smokegrenade"
2012-01-03 16:05
bind "'" "rcon exec esl5on5.cfg" bind "/" "awp" bind "UPARROW" "defuser" bind "DOWNARROW" "flash" bind "LEFTARROW" "hegren" bind "RIGHTARROW" "sgren" bind "END" "disconnect" bind "KP_HOME" "usp" bind "KP_UPARROW" "deagle" bind "KP_LEFTARROW" "buyequip" bind "KP_5" "vesthelm; vest" bind "KP_END" "buy" bind "KP_PGDN" "buyammo2" bind "KP_ENTER" "famas; galil" bind "KP_INS" "m4a1; ak47" bind "KP_DEL" "buyammo1" bind "MWHEELDOWN" "+jump" bind "MOUSE4" "weapon_flashbang" bind "f" "stopsound"
2012-01-03 16:11
Bind "l" "stop; record new_rec; sv_restart 1" Bind "h" "stopsound; Cl_righthand 1) (mainly used after switching to desktop and then back in cs again, it sometimes goes to left hand, and also you can use this in game to stop annoying sounds. bind shift duck Bind ctrl walk.
2012-01-03 16:20
1 reply
bind ctrl +speed u had to mean
2012-01-10 14:02
bind "UPARROW" "hegren" bind "LEFTARROW" "flash" bind "RIGHTARROW" "sgren" bind "DOWNARROW" "defuser" bind "*" "hegren; flash; flash; sgren"
2012-01-03 16:55
bind "KP_DOWNARROW" "vest;vesthelm;m4a1;ak47;buyammo1;buyammo1;buyammo1;hegren;sgren;flash;flash" this is one is SO USEFUL
2012-01-03 17:11
3 replies
smoke before flash? :D
2012-01-05 00:49
1 reply
smoke is the most usefull nade tho
2012-01-10 17:58
2012-01-05 14:12
Use Pita's bindings very
2012-01-05 11:35
2 replies
bind "DEL" "cheatsoff" bind "HOME" "cheatsoff" it's a joke or it gives something?
2012-01-05 11:46
1 reply
It's definitely a cheat
2012-03-07 02:52
Joke ofc...
2012-01-05 12:08
my BIND bind mousewheelup +duck bind space +jump bind ctrl +duck
2012-01-05 12:20
alias statusscreen "toggleconsole; w10; w10; w10; status; w10; w10; w10; snapshot; w10; w10; w10; toggleconsole" alias smokescreen "say thetime; w10; net_graph 3; w10; w10; +showscores; w10; w10; snapshot; w10; w10; -showscores; w10; w10; net_graph 0;" bind "F3" "statusscreen" bind "F4" "smokescreen" bind "KP_MINUS" "_cl_autowepswitch 0" bind "KP_PLUS" "_cl_autowepswitch 1" For pistol round I have 1, to make sure, when my USP/glock is empty I can pick up new one quickly, for the rest of the rounds I switch to 0, to make sure, when I have DECO for example, that I wont pick up AK when shooting. Also switch back to 1 when playing DM.
2012-01-05 12:38
bind "MOUSE3" "weapon_c4" bind "MOUSE4" "weapon_flashbang" bind "MOUSE5" "weapon_smokegrenade" bind "f" "weapon_hegrenade" bind "v" "hud_Saytext" bind "RIGHTARROW" "cl_righthand 1" bind "LEFTARROW" "cl_righthand 0" bind "F1" "hegren; sgren; flash; flash; defuser" bind "F2" ";deagle; buyammo2; buyammo2; defuser; vesthelm; vest" bind "F3" ";m4a1; ak47; vesthelm; vest" bind "F4" ";awp; vesthelm; vest" bind "F5" "famas; galil" bind "F6" "famas; galil" bind "F11" "cl_crosshair_size small;cl_dynamiccrosshair 0" bind "F12" "cl_crosshair_size large;cl_dynamiccrosshair 0"
2012-01-05 13:13
dynamic duck - best bind ever alias +dduck "+duck;cl_dynamiccrosshair 1" alias -dduck "-duck;cl_dynamiccrosshair 0" bind ctrl +dduck
2012-01-05 13:14
6 replies
why dynamic crosshair while ducking?
2012-01-05 14:15
5 replies
I don't know too, but inst the first time I saw this one.
2012-01-05 15:09
because dynamic crosshair is good when you're ducked but bad when you run / jump
2012-01-05 16:47
3 replies
Still don't understand but I'll give it a try :)
2012-01-05 17:01
2 replies
what exactly don't u understand :D it is good to have dynamiccrosshair when u duck because the crosshair becomes smaller. but you don't want to have dyn 1 when running and jumping because it becomes larger, understand? so this bind makes it active only when you duck, simple
2012-01-05 22:16
1 reply
this could be interesting, will try it.
2012-01-10 03:01
bind "v" "stopsound" bind p "cl_righthand 1". THAT's IT
2012-01-05 13:29
this is my userconfig with all my binds and alias alias go_slot1 "weapon_mp5navy; weapon_m4a1; weapon_m249; weapon_p90; go_slot1b" alias go_slot1b "weapon_scout; weapon_awp; weapon_g3sg1; weapon_sg550; go_slot1c" alias go_slot1c "weapon_sg552; weapon_aug; weapon_tmp; weapon_mac10; weapon_ak47; go_slot1d" alias go_slot1d "weapon_ump45; weapon_xm1014; weapon_m3; weapon_famas; weapon_galil" alias go_slot2 "weapon_usp; weapon_glock18; weapon_deagle; weapon_p228; weapon_elite; weapon_fiveseven" alias 00 "volume 0.00" alias 01 "volume 0.01" alias 02 "volume 0.02" alias 03 "volume 0.03" alias 04 "volume 0.04" alias 05 "volume 0.05" alias 06 "volume 0.06" alias 07 "volume 0.07" alias 08 "volume 0.08" alias 09 "volume 0.09" alias 10 "volume 0.10" alias 11 "volume 0.11" alias 12 "volume 0.12" alias 13 "volume 0.13" alias 14 "volume 0.14" alias 15 "volume 0.15" alias 16 "volume 0.16" alias 17 "volume 0.17" alias 18 "volume 0.18" alias 19 "volume 0.19" alias 20 "volume 0.20" alias 21 "volume 0.21" alias 22 "volume 0.22" alias 23 "volume 0.23" alias 24 "volume 0.24" alias 25 "volume 0.25" alias 26 "volume 0.26" alias 27 "volume 0.27" alias 28 "volume 0.28" alias 29 "volume 0.29" alias 30 "volume 0.30" alias 31 "volume 0.31" alias 32 "volume 0.32" alias 33 "volume 0.33" alias 34 "volume 0.34" alias 35 "volume 0.35" alias 36 "volume 0.36" alias 37 "volume 0.37" alias 38 "volume 0.38" alias 39 "volume 0.39" alias 40 "volume 0.40" alias 41 "volume 0.41" alias 42 "volume 0.42" alias 43 "volume 0.43" alias 44 "volume 0.44" alias 45 "volume 0.45" alias 46 "volume 0.46" alias 47 "volume 0.47" alias 48 "volume 0.48" alias 49 "volume 0.49" alias 50 "volume 0.50" alias 51 "volume 0.51" alias 52 "volume 0.52" alias 53 "volume 0.53" alias 54 "volume 0.54" alias 55 "volume 0.55" alias 56 "volume 0.56" alias 57 "volume 0.57" alias 58 "volume 0.58" alias 59 "volume 0.59" alias 60 "volume 0.60" alias 61 "volume 0.61" alias 62 "volume 0.62" alias 63 "volume 0.63" alias 64 "volume 0.64" alias 65 "volume 0.65" alias 66 "volume 0.66" alias 67 "volume 0.67" alias 68 "volume 0.68" alias 69 "volume 0.69" alias 70 "volume 0.70" alias 71 "volume 0.71" alias 72 "volume 0.72" alias 73 "volume 0.73" alias 74 "volume 0.74" alias 75 "volume 0.75" alias 76 "volume 0.76" alias 77 "volume 0.77" alias 78 "volume 0.78" alias 79 "volume 0.79" alias 80 "volume 0.80" alias 81 "volume 0.81" alias 82 "volume 0.82" alias 83 "volume 0.83" alias 84 "volume 0.84" alias 85 "volume 0.85" alias 86 "volume 0.86" alias 87 "volume 0.87" alias 88 "volume 0.88" alias 89 "volume 0.89" alias 90 "volume 0.90" alias 91 "volume 0.91" alias 92 "volume 0.92" alias 93 "volume 0.93" alias 94 "volume 0.94" alias 95 "volume 0.95" alias 96 "volume 0.96" alias 97 "volume 0.97" alias 98 "volume 0.98" alias 99 "volume 0.99" alias 100 "volume 1" bind b "say_team !!!GO GO GO - JONAS!!!; go" bind KP_END "ak47;m4a1" bind KP_DOWNARROW "famas;galil" bind KP_PGDN "mp5" bind KP_5 "awp" bind KP_LEFTARROW "scout" bind KP_HOME "glock" bind KP_UPARROW "usp" bind KP_PGUP "deagle" bind KP_SLASH "hegren" bind * "flash" bind KP_MINUS "sgren" bind KP_PLUS "vesthelm;vest" bind KP_ENTER "defuser" bind KP_INS "buyammo1" bind "RIGHTARROW" "buyammo2" unbind 1 unbind 2 unbind 3 unbind 4 unbind 5 unbind 6 unbind 7 unbind 8 unbind 9 unbind 0 bind "f10" "slot10" bind "f1" "slot1" bind "f2" "slot2" bind "f3" "slot3" bind "f4" "slot4" bind "f5" "slot5" bind "f6" "slot6" bind "f7" "slot7" bind "f8" "slot8" bind "f9" "slot9" bind 1 "go_slot1" bind 2 "go_slot2" bind 3 "weapon_knife" bind f "weapon_c4" bind mouse5 "weapon_flashbang" bind 4 "weapon_hegrenade" bind c "weapon_smokegrenade" bind MWHEELDOWN "+jump" unbind MWHEELUP bind mouse4 "stopsound" alias "+unbind" "unbind MWHEELDOWN; +use" alias "-unbind" "bind MWHEELDOWN +jump;-use" bind "e" "+unbind" cl_corpsestay 0 net_graph 0 con_color "0 175 255" cl_corpsestay 0 rate 25000 cl_updaterate "101" cl_cmdrate "101" ex_interp "0.01" _cl_autowepswitch "0" net_graphwidth 275 graphheight 30 brightness 10 gamma 3 // Client settings by ESL( net_graph "0" cl_movespeedkey "0.52" cl_pitchspeed "225" cl_showevents "0" cl_showerror "0" cl_pmanstats "0" cl_lc "1" cl_lw "1" d_spriteskip "0" gl_max_size "512" gl_monolights "0" gl_picmip "0" s_show "0" s_a3d "0" lightgamma "2.5" texgamma "2.0"
2012-01-05 13:42
1 reply
some of them is really usefull (unbind, and alias volume)
2012-01-05 17:13
bind "f9" kill :D
2012-01-05 14:04
bind x "hud_saytext 1" - pres x to enable/disable text ingame :D cool for DM i dont have to see lame retard text ;)
2012-01-05 14:07
2 replies
Actually why would you want text in a normal game? Some enemies try to annoy you by typing in a 1on2 or something... really sad but it happens.
2012-01-11 01:12
1 reply
yeah but alot of players use it :P to see team's text :P I just use it on DM :) Enemy's cant annoy me :D
2012-01-11 13:15
bind "F1" "m4a1; ak47; primammo; defuser" bind "F2" "flash" bind "F3" "hegren" bind "F4" "sgren" bind "F5" "deagle; secammo; defuser;" bind "F6" "vest; defuser" bind "F7" "vesthelm; defuser" bind "F8" "famas; galil; primammo; defuser"
2012-01-05 14:14
bind "mouse5" "slot3;slot2;slot1" automatically gets out your strongest weapon and sets your quickswitch "q" to your second strongest.
2012-01-05 15:08
bind ";" "volume 0" bind """ "volume 0.2" bind "MWHEELUP" "+jump" bind "|" "hegren; sgren; flash; flash; defuser"
2012-01-05 15:18
bind "KP_HOME" "hegren" bind "KP_PGUP" "sgren" bind "KP_LEFTARROW" "mp5" bind "KP_5" "deagle" bind "KP_RIGHTARROW" "flash" bind "KP_END" "m4a1; ak47" bind "KP_DOWNARROW" "awp" bind "KP_PGDN" "famas; galil" bind "KP_INS" "vesthelm; vest" bind "KP_DEL" "defuser" bind "MWHEELDOWN" "+jump" bind "MWHEELUP" "invnext" bind "MOUSE1" "+attack" bind "MOUSE2" "+attack2" bind "PAUSE" "pause"
2012-01-05 16:53
alias +s "net_graph 3; +showscores" alias -s "net_graph 0; -showscores" bind "tab" "+s" bind "e" "+use" bind "e" "+unbind" alias "+unbind" "unbind MWHEELDOWN; +use" alias "-unbind" "bind MWHEELDOWN +jump;-use" alias sm0 "alias num0 sm00;alias num1 sm01;alias num2 sm02;alias num3 sm03;alias num4 sm04;alias num5 sm05;alias num6 sm06;alias num7 sm07;alias num8 sm08;alias num9 sm09" alias sm1 "alias num1 sm10;alias num1 sm11;alias num2 sm12;alias num3 sm13;alias num4 sm14;alias num5 sm15;alias num6 sm16;alias num7 sm17;alias num8 sm18;alias num9 sm19" alias sm2 "alias num0 sm20;alias num1 sm21;alias num2 sm22;alias num3 sm23;alias num4 sm24;alias num5 sm25;alias num6 sm26;alias num7 sm27;alias num8 sm28;alias num9 sm29" alias sm3 "alias num0 sm30;alias num1 sm31;alias num2 sm32;alias num3 sm33;alias num4 sm34;alias num5 sm35;alias num6 sm36;alias num7 sm37;alias num8 sm38;alias num9 sm39" alias sm4 "alias num0 sm40;alias num1 sm41;alias num2 sm42;alias num3 sm43;alias num4 sm44;alias num5 sm45;alias num6 sm46;alias num7 sm47;alias num8 sm48;alias num9 sm49" alias sm5 "alias num0 sm50;alias num1 sm51;alias num2 sm52;alias num3 sm53;alias num4 sm54;alias num5 sm55;alias num6 sm56;alias num7 sm57;alias num8 sm58;alias num9 sm59" alias sm6 "alias num0 sm60;alias num1 sm61;alias num2 sm62;alias num3 sm63;alias num4 sm64;alias num5 sm65;alias num6 sm66;alias num7 sm67;alias num8 sm68;alias num9 sm69" alias sm7 "alias num0 sm70;alias num1 sm71;alias num2 sm72;alias num3 sm73;alias num4 sm74;alias num5 sm75;alias num6 sm76;alias num7 sm77;alias num8 sm78;alias num9 sm79" alias sm8 "alias num0 sm80;alias num1 sm81;alias num2 sm82;alias num3 sm83;alias num4 sm84;alias num5 sm85;alias num6 sm86;alias num7 sm87;alias num8 sm88;alias num9 sm89" alias sm9 "alias num0 sm90;alias num1 sm91;alias num2 sm92;alias num3 sm93;alias num4 sm94;alias num5 sm95;alias num6 sm96;alias num7 sm97;alias num8 sm98;alias num9 sm99" alias sm00 "onSmEnd;say_team $0 (din mor)" alias sm01 "onSmEnd;say_team $100" alias sm02 "onSmEnd;say_team $200" alias sm03 "onSmEnd;say_team $300" alias sm04 "onSmEnd;say_team $400" alias sm05 "onSmEnd;say_team $500" alias sm06 "onSmEnd;say_team $600" alias sm07 "onSmEnd;say_team $700" alias sm08 "onSmEnd;say_team $800" alias sm09 "onSmEnd;say_team $900" alias sm10 "onSmEnd;say_team $1000" alias sm11 "onSmEnd;say_team $1100" alias sm12 "onSmEnd;say_team $1200" alias sm13 "onSmEnd;say_team $1300" alias sm14 "onSmEnd;say_team $1400" alias sm15 "onSmEnd;say_team $1500" alias sm16 "onSmEnd;say_team $1600" alias sm17 "onSmEnd;say_team $1700" alias sm18 "onSmEnd;say_team $1800" alias sm19 "onSmEnd;say_team $1900" alias sm20 "onSmEnd;say_team $2000" alias sm21 "onSmEnd;say_team $2100" alias sm22 "onSmEnd;say_team $2200" alias sm23 "onSmEnd;say_team $2300" alias sm24 "onSmEnd;say_team $2400" alias sm25 "onSmEnd;say_team $2500" alias sm26 "onSmEnd;say_team $2600" alias sm27 "onSmEnd;say_team $2700" alias sm28 "onSmEnd;say_team $2800" alias sm29 "onSmEnd;say_team $2900" alias sm30 "onSmEnd;say_team $3000" alias sm31 "onSmEnd;say_team $3100" alias sm32 "onSmEnd;say_team $3200" alias sm33 "onSmEnd;say_team $3300" alias sm34 "onSmEnd;say_team $3400" alias sm35 "onSmEnd;say_team $3500" alias sm36 "onSmEnd;say_team $3600" alias sm37 "onSmEnd;say_team $3700" alias sm38 "onSmEnd;say_team $3800" alias sm39 "onSmEnd;say_team $3900" alias sm40 "onSmEnd;say_team $4000" alias sm41 "onSmEnd;say_team $4100" alias sm42 "onSmEnd;say_team $4200" alias sm43 "onSmEnd;say_team $4300" alias sm44 "onSmEnd;say_team $4400" alias sm45 "onSmEnd;say_team $4500" alias sm46 "onSmEnd;say_team $4600" alias sm47 "onSmEnd;say_team $4700" alias sm48 "onSmEnd;say_team $4800" alias sm49 "onSmEnd;say_team $4900" alias sm50 "onSmEnd;say_team $5000" alias sm51 "onSmEnd;say_team $5100" alias sm52 "onSmEnd;say_team $5200" alias sm53 "onSmEnd;say_team $5300" alias sm54 "onSmEnd;say_team $5400" alias sm55 "onSmEnd;say_team $5500" alias sm56 "onSmEnd;say_team $5600" alias sm57 "onSmEnd;say_team $5700" alias sm58 "onSmEnd;say_team $5800" alias sm59 "onSmEnd;say_team $5900" alias sm60 "onSmEnd;say_team $6000" alias sm61 "onSmEnd;say_team $6100" alias sm62 "onSmEnd;say_team $6200" alias sm63 "onSmEnd;say_team $6300" alias sm64 "onSmEnd;say_team $6400" alias sm65 "onSmEnd;say_team $6500" alias sm66 "onSmEnd;say_team $6600" alias sm67 "onSmEnd;say_team $6700" alias sm68 "onSmEnd;say_team $6800" alias sm69 "onSmEnd;say_team $6900" alias sm70 "onSmEnd;say_team $7000" alias sm71 "onSmEnd;say_team $7100" alias sm72 "onSmEnd;say_team $7200" alias sm73 "onSmEnd;say_team $7300" alias sm74 "onSmEnd;say_team $7400" alias sm75 "onSmEnd;say_team $7500" alias sm76 "onSmEnd;say_team $7600" alias sm77 "onSmEnd;say_team $7700" alias sm78 "onSmEnd;say_team $7800" alias sm79 "onSmEnd;say_team $7900" alias sm80 "onSmEnd;say_team $8000" alias sm81 "onSmEnd;say_team $8100" alias sm82 "onSmEnd;say_team $8200" alias sm83 "onSmEnd;say_team $8300" alias sm84 "onSmEnd;say_team $8400" alias sm85 "onSmEnd;say_team $8500" alias sm86 "onSmEnd;say_team $8600" alias sm87 "onSmEnd;say_team $8700" alias sm88 "onSmEnd;say_team $8800" alias sm89 "onSmEnd;say_team $8900" alias sm90 "onSmEnd;say_team $9000" alias sm91 "onSmEnd;say_team $9100" alias sm92 "onSmEnd;say_team $9200" alias sm93 "onSmEnd;say_team $9300" alias sm94 "onSmEnd;say_team $9400" alias sm95 "onSmEnd;say_team $9500" alias sm96 "onSmEnd;say_team $9600" alias sm97 "onSmEnd;say_team $9700" alias sm98 "onSmEnd;say_team $9800" alias sm99 "onSmEnd;say_team $9900$ or more" alias nothing "" //alias onSmEnd "alias num0 smstart;alias num1 nothing;alias num2 nothing;alias num3 nothing;alias num4 nothing;alias num5 nothing;alias num6 nothing;alias num7 nothing;alias num8 nothing;alias num9 nothing;" alias onSmEnd smstart alias smstart "alias num0 sm0;alias num1 sm1;alias num2 sm2;alias num3 sm3;alias num4 sm4;alias num5 sm5;alias num6 sm6;alias num7 sm7;alias num8 sm8;alias num9 sm9" bind KP_INS num0 bind KP_END num1 bind KP_DOWNARROW num2 bind KP_PGDN num3 bind KP_LEFTARROW num4 bind KP_5 num5 bind KP_RIGHTARROW num6 bind KP_HOME num7 bind KP_UPARROW num8 bind KP_PGUP num9 Any questions, then ask. :)
2012-01-05 18:56
22 replies
how to use this binds?
2012-01-08 18:02
10 replies
Open your config.cfg and at the bottom of the text add text "exec userconfig.cfg" without "". Then in your cstrike folder, you should be a file named "userconfig.cfg" if you haven't that kinda fi;e,then make it. Then just copy this text to "userconfig.cfg". It's all. :)
2012-01-08 19:59
9 replies
how to use in game ??
2012-01-10 20:59
8 replies
Money script you can use with numpad. Just push the first two numbers of your money, example,you have 4000$, push 4 and 0 , and on the screen in the team_say chat you will get $4000.
2012-01-10 23:36
7 replies
ok, 1 question. What when I have $2.600 for example
2012-01-10 23:49
6 replies
I pus 2 and 6 ?
2012-01-10 23:51
5 replies
just push 2 and 6 and numpad,easy! :D
2012-01-11 00:32
4 replies
it doesn't work ! any button I pres it doesnt work -.- when I pres forr example 5 and then 6 in my console writs "unknown command num5" "unknown comand num6"
2012-01-11 20:51
3 replies
Did you copied this files to "userconfig.cfg" ?
2012-01-11 21:19
2 replies
hmmm I looked something. When I copy it in usercfg it doesnt work,but when I copy it in config.cfg it works :D
2012-01-11 21:22
1 reply
You need add the text at the bottom of config.cfg. Text is: exec userconfig.cfg
2012-01-11 21:28
for what ''alis'' serve ?
2012-01-08 20:20
8 replies
first: Binds a key to show net_graph and scoreboard at the same time second: Unbinds scroll when you defuse (to avoid the jump bug) third: Money Script via numpad (52 = "team_say $5.200" - 12 = "team_say $1.200" etc.)
2012-01-08 20:48
7 replies
Dude i have a query, when i use his(n0thing's) Money binds i can't buy from keypad :( what should i do? i want them to happen simultaneously :s
2012-01-10 04:34
6 replies
You think - You can't buy with numlock?
2012-01-10 07:21
3 replies
Keypads bro, before i used to buy from keypad but not now due to the bind scripts. I want to use them both simultaneously, any idea?
2012-01-10 08:05
2 replies
Exactly what kind of binds? Of that what i copied here? The money ones? Personally i have not any problems, about the money scripts. Did you copied the binds to userconfig.cfg ? and in config.cfg at the bottom you add the text "exec userconfig.cfg"? Maybe just little issue :D ( I know my english isn't the best, but i will fix it someday :D)
2012-01-10 19:00
1 reply
leave it my question was dumb, i wanted to work the money scripts together with my binds on the keypad. That is just not possible so i have to remove money scripts from my config and keeping my keypad binds proper. ty anyways! :D
2012-01-11 04:16
I use the same binds :) but I put this binds in (kp_slash,kp_enter,kp_plus,f3,f4,f5,capslook,alt) :P
2012-01-11 21:24
1 reply
I have a bind for vest, vesthelm, all primary weapons and deagle.. even for grenades too :D so it's kinda impossible for me to fit every individual weapon on the remaining keys XD so i keep that money option out of it. :S
2012-01-12 06:14
so, I have to only do userconfig.cfg and copy binds to this file and that is all ?
2012-01-11 21:28
1 reply
Yes !:) But remember, at the bottom of config.cfg you need to add "exec userconfig.cfg".
2012-01-11 21:30
this is my binds: bind ";" "say *Have a Nice Day, Dudes! :D*" bind "j" "say (\(\" bind "k" "say (=':')" bind "l" "say (..('')('')" bind "KP_END" "m4a1; ak47" bind "KP_DOWNARROW" "deagle" bind "KP_PGDN" "famas; galil" bind "KP_ENTER" "hegren; flash; sgren; flash" bind "KP_INS" "vesthelm; vest" bind "KP_DEL" "defuser" bind "CAPSLOCK" "+use" bind "MWHEELDOWN" "invnext" bind "MWHEELUP" "+jump" bind "MOUSE1" "+attack" bind "MOUSE2" "+attack2" bind "MOUSE4" "+use" bind "PAUSE" "pause"
2012-01-05 23:05
Anyone know how to bind rcon as messagemode?
2012-01-08 20:11
4 replies
bind "key" "messagemode rcon" I don't know,maybe it will work,maybe it won't. :D
2012-01-10 07:30
1 reply
I already tried that, since it seemed obvious. But it doesen't work :/ thanks though
2012-01-10 07:38
bind "key" "messagemode rcon_password"
2012-01-10 07:51
1 reply
If this will work,then anyway it doesn't make any sense,because if he will write rcon password and he will push it again (the binded key),then messagemode will request it again (the rcon):D Anyway he will need to open the console.
2012-01-10 18:46
bind "MOUSE3" "stopsound" bind "MOUSE4" "weapon_flashbang" bind "MOUSE5" "weapon_smokegrenade"
2012-01-08 20:53
bind "KP_HOME" "m4a1; ak47" bind "KP_PGUP" "awp" bind "KP_LEFTARROW" "deagle" bind "KP_5" "famas; galil" bind "KP_ENTER" "hegren" bind "KP_INS" "flash" bind "KP_DEL" "sgren" bind "KP_SLASH" "defuser" bind "KP_MINUS" "vest" bind "KP_PLUS" "vesthelm; vest" bind "MWHEELDOWN" "+jump" bind "MOUSE1" "+attack" bind "MOUSE2" "+attack2"
2012-01-08 20:53
1 reply
Azerbaijan Talley
bind "MOUSE1" "+attack" Oh really? Teach me master
2012-03-26 22:11
bind "MOUSE1" "quit"
2012-01-10 10:31
1 reply
2012-01-10 14:04
bind "w" "heartbeat"
2012-01-10 14:05
This thread is really useful
2012-01-10 19:37
bind "q" "weapon_flashbang" bind "r" "weapon_hegrenade" bind "MOUSE3" "weapon_smokegrenade" bind "MOUSE4" "slot2" bind "MWHEELUP" "+jump" bind "MWHEELDOWN" "slot1" bind "F1" "messagemode record; clear" bind "F2" "stop; speak ok" bind "PGDN" "volume 0.01" bind "PGUP" "volume 0.1"
2012-01-10 19:39
it last a usefull fucking thread ;d
2012-01-10 19:55
3 replies
2012-01-10 21:11
2 replies
bind "p" "<3 POLSKA"
2012-01-11 21:26
1 reply
2012-01-11 21:35
bind "mouse4" "stopsound" bind "mouse5" "weapon_smokegrenade"
2012-01-10 21:15
binds like bind c weapon_smokegrenade bind f weapon_flashbang is it legaL?,, some time ago i ´ve heard something that ppl can not use that kind of binds on gameplay,,,
2012-01-10 21:57
1 reply
it's legal
2012-01-11 21:27
bind MOUSE2 +attack Yeah i'm shooting with mouse2 button :D
2012-01-10 22:05
bind "j" "say_team DROP DROP DROP!!!!!" bind "l" "say_team ---> good job =D <---" bind "=" "needbackup;say_team c4 here!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEED BACKUP!!!!!!!" bind "n" "say_team they got awp!~" bind "pgup" "messagemode name" bind "pgdn" "messagemode record" bind "f1" "vest;ak47;m4a1;vesthelm;buyammo1;buyammo1;defuser;buyammo2" bind "f2" "usp;buyammo2;buyammo2;buyammo2" bind "F4" "deagle;buyammo2;buyammo2;buyammo2" bind "*" "hegren;defuser" bind "/" "famas;vesthelm;buyammo1;buyammo1;defuser;secammo" bind "UPARROW" "vest;awp;defuser;vesthelm;buyammo2;buyammo2"
2012-01-12 04:38
bind mouse4 "cl_crosshair_size 2" bind mouse5 "cl_crosshair_size 1" xD and ofc buy items, i cant buy without binds :D
2012-01-12 07:14
default only bind v buyequip :D and bind mwheeldown +jump
2012-01-12 07:15
Brazil 1kuNg
bind "ALT" "+voicerecord" bind "MOUSE3" "slot5" bind "SPACE" "stopsound" bind "k" "messagemode volume" and CapsLock for teamspeak anyone have a bind/alias for "host_framerate" that works?
2012-01-12 08:29
Brazil 1kuNg
I found what you're looking for! just put this on your userconfig.cfg // Alias below are used for demo playing // Bind J to "Slow Motion" playback alias +slowmo "host_framerate 0.001" alias -slowmo "host_framerate 0" bind j "+slowmo" // Bind L to "Fast Forward" playback alias +fastforward "host_framerate 0.01" alias -fastforward "host_framerate 0" bind l "+fastforward" // bind K to Pause the demo alias stopplay "host_framerate 0.00000000001" bind k stopplay //bind I to Normal alias normalplay "host_framerate 0" bind i normalplay
2012-01-12 10:17
crouchhop: alias +d1 "+duck;wait;-duck;wait;+duck;" alias -d1 "-duck;" bind capslock "+d1;" this basically makes crouching hopping 1 keystroke instead of 2... holding down capslock will keep you ducked until release.. so the rhythm to "silent" walk effectively you hold down capslock for a tad less than 1 second...let go then immediately hold down capslock for less than 1 second again... and go on for as long as u like... if you're moving too slow your rhythm is off. use the sound of ur footsteps to find the rhythm to be as quiet as and fast as possible and to crouchhop peek you just strafe out hitting caps lock once obv... how long u hold it down.. determines how fast you'll come to a stop... experiment... enjoy...
2012-01-12 10:41
2 replies
thats really useful, makes me think how pro players do it without that bind
2012-01-20 20:24
is this allowed on lan tournaments?
2012-03-07 23:06
Hello all, i read all thread and it's very useful :) But i have a question, any one know's how can i put Mouse2 only for burst, scoup and of course knife? Sometimes, i put silencer for no reason and it's fucked up :\ Something like [bind "MOUSE2" "No fucking idea what to put here"]
2012-01-12 21:54
2 replies
its not possible
2012-03-26 21:40
its doable with ILLEGAL commands, so dont! i suggest u to change your mouse. seems small to ur hand if u have that problem often.
2012-03-26 21:59
can someone please tell me the alias that,when u duck the crosshair turns very small (like when you have for example ak or colt)when you have pistols ?
2012-03-07 01:39
1 reply
cl_dynamiccrosshair 1
2012-03-07 01:49
Azerbaijan Talley
bind "F1" "deagle;secammo" bind "F2" "ak47;m4a1;vesthelm;primammo;defuser"
2012-03-26 21:27
Mousewheel down : Jump , have fun with the bunnyhopping
2012-03-26 21:31
Azerbaijan Talley
bind "MWHEELDOWN" "weapon_flashbang" bind "MWHEELUP" "+jump" bind "MOUSE3" "weapon_smokegrenade"
2012-03-26 22:03
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