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Idea for NiP
Norway HelikopterrrN 
Now as NiP confirmed threat will be the IGL, I think some of the NiP players change roles. GeT_RiGhT - Lurker as usual f0rest - awper Friberg - support xizt - entryfragger Pyth - Rifler / secondary awper Just an idea tho, as I think they should change Fribergs task. Also read somewhere that xizt had better successfull entryfrag percentage
2016-01-04 15:56
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Wow i bet they didnt think about it you solved the all problems,nip top1 gj
2016-01-04 15:57
2016-01-04 16:00
Yeah, but why make Friberg support? He's best as entry.
2016-01-04 16:24
He hasnt been doing his job in 2015 very good lol
2016-01-04 16:34
You are probably new to cs. He's best as an IGL, and the reason he hasn't played good lately is due to team coordination, which means you can blame it on the whole team. And if he doesn't want to play entry, they might as well kick him and get another one. Remember, there is a reason NiP is deciding that he's still playing Entry, and not support. I guess they are the ones who know best right?
2016-01-04 17:08
Yeah, they dont adapt to the meta and never change their style of play, they know best. LMFAO
2016-01-04 17:35
They do. Just not as good as other teams.
2016-01-04 17:36
Exactly, they dont know best.
2016-01-04 17:57
Friberg changing role wouldn't be good. And I am sure they have tried it out.
2016-01-04 18:16
Replacing friberg with rain would be good. They dont know best, my point still stands.
2016-01-04 19:22
Yes, or maybe even twist. Because right now, NiP doesn't have a dedicated awper. So it would be: -allu +twist -friberg +pyth and then they can change eachothers roles.
2016-01-04 21:24
idea for nip - kill all your dumb fans
2016-01-04 15:58
Idea for NiP- Disband.
2016-01-04 15:59
El Salvador belaC
noh pls i die
2016-01-04 16:00
World Noldi_alb
nt Typical Burger
2016-01-04 16:08
lol, why? ez money, ez life, ez top8 every major
2016-01-04 16:29
why the fuck didn't they consult you in the first place??
2016-01-04 15:58
f0rest should never AWP, secondary AWP as most. His rifles are too good for it. His rifles are needed more than ever in a shit team with friberg,xizt and pyth.
2016-01-04 16:01
World Buick
IGL stands for in-game leader threat wont actually be playing cs. hes just the coach.
2016-01-04 16:02
Hes still calling strats and all that. Basically hes doing what xizt did before, so now xizt can finally be usefull
2016-01-04 16:03
Hungary Shaperz
FUCK SAKE HelikopterrrN, thanks for solving the case, you da real MVP
2016-01-04 16:02
Europe skelteR
Did NiP confirm threat will be used as an igl in-game?
2016-01-04 16:03
xizt said on twitter that they will use threat atleast a tac caller. However, I dont know if hes going to do the mid-round calls
2016-01-04 16:03
Yes, confirmed by Xizt on twitter.
2016-01-04 16:04
f0rest is one of the best riflers in NiP, if he's an AWPer they lose his rifling.
2016-01-04 16:06
I think he will only pick up the AWP when needed. Not sure though. Or he will just become a fulltime AWPer cause i saw on his stream that he used an AWP 80%Of the rounds he played in FPL when he had the money too.
2016-01-04 16:18
Well I feel like if Friberg doesn't just go in by himself then the team can improve. I feel like they just throw him out there and he never gets anything accomplished.
2016-01-04 16:07
Xizt is not an entry fragger lol, pyth will entry frag alongside friberg and f0rest.
2016-01-04 16:17
Xizt wont be the IGL. THREAT is the strat caller so Xizt will get a diffrent role. Not sure what though but i think he is going to be the entry and friberg gets moved to support.
2016-01-04 16:19
I'm aware threat is the IGL for NiP but Xizt is better at midround and is a consistant clutcher due to his calm/controlled nature.
2016-01-04 16:20
Yeah i know. I just thought he would take the hit cause he was the entry in Cluj(?) and he did really well.
2016-01-04 16:21
Get_Right - Lurker f0rest - Rifler / secondary awper Delpan - Awper Twist - Rifler / secondary awper robiin - entryfragge
2016-01-04 16:19
delpan = inactive aka most likely going to be very inconsistent Twist = good choice, but I heard rumours somewhere he didnt want to join NiP, think someone on hltv claimed JW said that. Robiin has a VAC ban i believe
2016-01-04 16:36
thanks for the input guys, i'll pass it on stupid plebs
2016-01-04 16:22
Portugal Zedonp
Idea for nip: DISBAND /close
2016-01-04 17:10
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
What about: GeT_RiGhT: Player Xizt: Player f0rest: Player friberg: Player Pyth: Player
2016-01-04 17:38
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