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Why there are so few viewers?
2011-06-26 14:57
Bosnia and Herzegovina vdrn 
CS isn't that popular on this competitive level in our area, in fact no video game is :D Hope it will change at least a little bit after this event.
2011-06-26 16:01
Hmm, thanks for answer.
2011-06-26 16:39
They waiting the finals :D FNATIC AND NA ' VI NA ' VI WIN :D
2011-06-26 15:18
Serbia cWN^ 
I really thought there were more spectators.. :S
2011-06-27 17:36
almost like IOL final
2011-06-27 18:48
There am I. I'm so proud of myself <3
2011-06-29 21:06
Russia St3w0 
Championship took place on the basketball court?
2011-07-03 10:13
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