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New SteelSeries mouse on the rise?
New SteelSeries mouse on the rise?
woow nice
2011-07-22 15:51
2011-07-22 16:59
Its not.
2011-07-22 17:11
It is a new mouse from steelseries or it is xai moded?
2011-07-22 18:27
If nix said that its not a Xai what do you think? :)
2011-07-22 19:21
So ,that mouse is not released by steelseries.
2011-07-22 19:25
Maybe yes... maybe not :)
2011-07-22 19:27
If you tell me you`ve gonna kill me?
2011-07-22 19:28
Most likely :)
2011-07-22 19:33
United Kingdom ioi 
it isn't released yet and markeloff (the owner of this mouse) can't tell anything about it.
2011-07-22 21:36
After his todays performance, many kids will buy it :D
2011-07-22 22:24
Its a Xaing-Ling
2011-07-23 17:34
Edward and Zeus say its a XAI (
2011-07-23 00:18
What am I looking for, at the link you showed me?
2011-07-23 00:19
2011-07-22 17:34
you fail not me :)
2011-07-22 17:45
SteelSeries Sensei
2011-08-12 09:40
very nice mouse ;o
2011-07-22 16:13
nice one, who is using this?
2011-07-22 16:17
2011-07-22 16:28
ceh9 and markeloff
2011-07-22 17:11
Poland d5 
2011-07-22 16:17
World ciot@ 
: o
2011-07-22 16:25
Algeria Woozi 
Beautiful <3
2011-07-22 16:26
what is the name of the mouse ?? ?
2011-07-22 16:27
Kazakhstan LeeroyJenkins 
Xai exclusive mod =)
2011-07-22 16:36
i think it's xai with a new design
2011-07-22 16:40
Nice Mouse!
2011-07-22 16:42
sick *_*
2011-07-22 16:43
It's edward mouse!
2011-07-22 16:45
No he has kinzu on this tournament, its markeloff's
2011-07-22 17:23
awesome ... :D
2011-07-22 16:56
niceeee :$
2011-07-22 16:58
amazing :d
2011-07-22 17:05
I think it's own made tuning by some guy who is good in this.
2011-07-22 17:42
It's not.
2011-07-22 19:34
So nice, SS made an exclusive version for pro players ;) or maybe Chinese replica with that design.
2011-07-22 19:59
It's look like Xai but it's not what you said, so MM 1.1 isn't too. SteelSeries made mouse designed for pro players or what?
2011-07-22 20:02
Considered that Na´Vi could be testing their upcoming products?
2011-07-22 20:18
I think that it's not the new SteelSeries MeetMouse 1.1 when will be released in later year. So it may be mouse only for pro player.
2011-07-22 21:00
Or maybe something that has not been announced yet?
2011-07-22 21:01
Ok, but that will be strange, because it's not in their style.
2011-07-22 21:05
Wouldn't it be logical to make the SteelSeries sponsored team test their upcoming products, before the announce them?
2011-07-22 21:09
you are so arrogant..seriously take a chill pill i don't understand why you won't give these guys the name of the mouse. and if you are not in the measure of giving this information, at least don't talk to them like : "haha i know what mouse this is and you don't. i'm above you" ...
2011-07-22 21:08
I have not taunted anyone. Don't know how you got that impression, I wrote no such words or close to what you mentioned.
2011-07-22 21:12
check out your reply to micronn. why would he know that natus vincere are testing their upcoming mice? is it against the law not not to know this fact?
2011-07-22 21:23
I guess it does not seem logical to the some, but a SteelSeries sponsored team, with a SteelSeries product not in their product line? I mean I would think a little and consider, maybe it is something yet to be release?
2011-07-22 21:28
anyways, i come in peace, sorry if i made it look otherwise. enjoy your stay @ bilbao :D
2011-07-22 21:52
2011-07-22 22:01
Oh come on. You clearly were arrogant in few of your comments.
2011-07-23 17:10
Maybe he think that I'm retarded polish guy or what? I want only to know what is that mouse, imo it's not MM 1.1 and I think it's redesign Xai for pro players nothing more to add.
2011-07-22 21:13
I certainly do not. It's not the 1.1, as it will look like -
2011-07-22 21:29
I know that it's not MM 1.1 because I wrote that?
2011-07-22 21:51
You wrote "imo", so I just confirmed to you, that is not it.
2011-07-22 22:02
I wrote it some time ago. And I think about that Na'Vi may test the upcoming one, but I've answered myself that it's not in their style, because they hid their new mouse MM 1.1 some time ago from potential buyers, and they don't give it to test for any team but this one they did, strange. So that's why I wrote "I think it's own made tuning by some guy who is good in this."
2011-07-23 04:18
i dont think any player would consider testing a new product at such a tournament.
2011-07-23 19:55
Sweden oBZ! 
i will get it:)
2011-07-22 19:52
nice, nice, nice
2011-07-22 20:59
perhaps yegor will have problems whith ss, that he show this mouse?
2011-07-22 21:05
2011-07-22 21:07
2011-07-22 21:20
Chile Ganb^ 
:O Nice Xai
2011-07-22 21:12
Sweden JAMV 
give me =<
2011-07-22 21:22
Looks pretty sexy.
2011-07-22 21:35
During the last years , SS designs were made in collaboration with pro players , and this is the way that they are testing it. What would you expect from SS , to take the whole Na'Vi guys , put them in a top secret lab to play CS and test a freaking mouse ? It's the normal way of testing , in official tournaments. Markeloff agreed to test the mouse. Keep in mind that this mouse could fuck up Markeloff's game during the tournament , so from his point of view was somehow a little gamble. It's not a big deal ,SS questioned Markeloff if he would agree to test it during a tournament and he agreed. What would it be the best method to test a mouse if not in a real tournament ? Grow up kids . Nix0n is there so he knows something about it but he can't say it. It would ruin his relationship with SteelSeries. Since it has the same scroll button like the 1.1 , it's the new 1.1 or a beta version. endofstorykidsgrowup
2011-07-22 22:34
what the fuck are you talking about dude? -.-' he probably have been playing with it for months now, thats why he brought it to a international tournament. Duno why so many supositions lol.
2011-07-23 02:44
What can't he say, the model or what?
2011-07-23 04:22
awesome mouse O_o
2011-07-22 23:29
do jaja :D
2011-07-22 23:32
Serbia cWN^ 
2011-08-03 03:04
looks like a left-handed xai ? since buttons are on the right side (like left-handed DA)
2011-07-23 00:00
Xai is both-handen. It has the same button on each side.
2011-07-23 00:40
This one is ambidextrous, like the Xai, 2 side buttons on each side.
2011-07-23 03:48
Russia Zhan 
2011-08-03 02:43
Probably its SS Xai 2.
2011-07-23 06:50
This is SteelSeries Sensei,about her say e-sports commentator TAFA.
2011-07-23 07:35
hmmm, looks interesting...
2011-07-23 10:37
2011-07-23 15:25
I expect a new sensor from SS, because the one on XAI is really bad
2011-07-23 19:53
yea, it's so bad that markeloff & delpan are using it :o
2011-07-24 08:04
have you played with it? don't think so
2011-07-24 11:59
who cares, you - noone, delpan & markeloff - someone
2011-07-24 15:58
I don't give a fuck if they play with A4Techs, SS mice SUCK, maybe the next one will be the best, but those that are selling right now - they suck, so if you didn't use them, stfu.
2011-07-24 16:00
I use kinzu and it's great, used xai before but I like optical more because it's 0ldsch00l
2011-07-24 16:03
2011-07-24 16:05
is a test mouse from navi
2011-07-23 20:06
2011-07-24 02:41
Serbia posS 
maybe xai optical =D
2011-07-24 11:19
2011-07-24 13:58
it's xai.
2011-07-24 14:26
deathadder is better
2011-07-25 00:39
this xai all bugs is fixed and i think they put a new skates on it , and why only markeloff the one who will test this mouse -.-
2011-07-25 01:22
Algeria ZetX 
mmmmmmmmmmmmm diablo !! No ?
2011-07-25 11:25
I think it's called Sensei...? Anyways: SteelSeries + Razer = Xai with fancy glowing lights and s**tty glossy plastic. SteelSeries: You're doing it wrong.
2011-07-26 04:14
Look at this german online shop: "SteelSeries Kana, SteelSeries Legendary, SteelSeries Sensei" (Btw, "kana" is finnish and means "chicken")
2011-07-26 15:49
Russia Zhan 
dont see that :(
2011-08-03 02:45
SENSEI... :))
2011-08-11 18:33
2011-08-11 20:56
NiKo | 
Romania TiNNkER 
2011-09-12 15:29
steelseries sensei
2011-09-16 19:40
Steel Series: sensei tested by Markeloff-King
2011-09-17 20:29
Sensei.. i must have this mouse <#3333
2011-10-30 02:10
Sensei <3
2011-12-04 18:13
This is not sensei xD
2012-03-06 16:42
markeloff's Sensei probably.
2013-03-02 19:57
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