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Thorin and Anders in action
Thorin and Anders in action
Russia F4ce_ 
is it Rodman jersey?
2013-07-13 15:32
Chicago Bulls, I think. He was asked the same question at the latest [POD]cast. I'm unsure if it is the same, but I presume it is.
2013-07-13 17:17
Russia F4ce_ 
Yes it is a bulls jersey I saw number 9, and I thought that it is Luol Deng's, but he is not the most popular Bulls' player, that's why I assumed it is Dennis Rodman's one with double-digit #91
2013-07-13 17:43
Oh, I thought you meant a team. I have no idea about basketball XD
2013-07-13 22:17
It's Rodman's jersey, not Lt. Deng!
2013-07-14 00:07
probably hasn't seen a Bulls game in his life.
2013-07-13 23:22
Basketball is terrible. That might be why.
2013-07-14 02:36
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