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Only xizt uses that weird keyboard position
2013-11-30 14:26
what about trace, ex6 and shoxie ?
2013-11-30 14:36
Well trace and ex6 using arrowkeys, understandable.. not sure about shox tho
2013-11-30 14:52
2013-11-30 14:56
Well that's a standard gamer style you know :D Everyone plays like that
2013-11-30 15:04
everyone has his own style, but that's very weird to me, xizt's position though isn't strange at all for me.
2013-11-30 15:07
Hahaha xDD yeah I guess you're right, we're all different
2013-11-30 15:12
Delpan back in 1.6 used to put books under the desktop for a better "view".
2013-11-30 20:58
Yeah I've seen that, the amount of books he putted when he was at Gamegune was hilarious :P
2013-11-30 21:13
Philippines j4miR 
Im using same way with xizt. haha.
2013-11-30 14:37
2013-11-30 17:27
2013-11-30 18:08
Sweden usee 
I think it has to do with his push-to-talk, if im not mistaking he uses caps-lock for push-to-talk. So that would make sense.
2013-12-01 11:22
Europe xfg 
and he has that siberia elite... I WANT IT, NOW!
2013-12-01 16:43
what weird position? he isn't even playing on this pic, his stuff is just all over the table...
2013-11-30 15:23
Setup of Fifflaren newbies ;) hahaha
2013-12-01 16:20
Not enough place on LAN :)
2013-12-03 13:33
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