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Xizt's setup
2014-03-14 03:00
friends list is in only 1 row, like before the update. How can you make that?
2014-03-14 03:27
I suppose it's because Valve can provide a special version of the game for tournaments.
2014-03-14 03:31
might be, if you browse more pics in this galery, you can see there is like "new lobby" for them, like matchmaking where you can chose a team against you wanna play or something like that. And one more thing, they dont have a rank (skill group) in the top left corner, it's shows up when they're in lobby + there is a team name above the picture (avatar)
2014-03-14 13:13
They also only have people from the tournament in their friendslist
2014-03-14 15:15
Brazil JH0N 
I think it's because resolution 1024x768 and aspect ratio 4:3
2014-03-14 03:47
i play on 800x600 4:3, 2 rows by me
2014-03-14 13:09
it happens to me when I dont have plenty of friends online. I play same res as xizt and it only happens to me when I have less friends online.
2014-03-14 04:59
I never get 2 rows, I'm on 1920x1080 16:9
2014-03-14 07:20
steelseries Ikari mouse O.o a.k.a led brick
2014-03-14 09:31
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